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Brian Brown Predicts Hate Win In Potential SCOTUS Cases

ScotusWith the Supreme Court ready to announce whether it will hear a case on California's Proposition 8, a ballot measure that revoked marriage equality, as well as other marriage-related lawsuits,  Brian Brown, president of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, told radio host Michelangelo Signorile that he thinks SCOTUS will hear the case and rule in his group's favor.

"I’m confident -- I’m very confident -- that they will take the [Prop 8] case… I don’t think the court is going to find some hidden right to same-sex marriage deeply embedded in our Constitution. So, I think we’re going to win."

He also said he anticipates a win with regard to a case about the third section of the Defense of Marriage Act, a section barring federal recognition of same-sex marriages. "The DOMA cases too, I think we’ll win,” he said. “This needs to be resolved at the federal level.”

Brown's confidence doesn't end there: he thinks equality will be defeated in the four states voting on it this November: Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington State. Finally, Brown told Signorile he thinks that inclusion of marriage equality in the Democratic Party's official platform will become "an absolute disaster for the future of the party," a statement that ignores the increase of equality support that has steadily spread from coast-to-coast.

Just because you say something will happen doesn't mean it will, Mr. Brown, especially when the facts of reality are against you.

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  1. Where has the thread on Melman gone ?
    Has it been censored ?
    Did we commentators offend some sensitive people ?
    Who could they be ?

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 24, 2012 5:48:00 PM

  2. : Sargon Bighorn :
    yeah, "how you gonna come ? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun "
    The Clash had the answer years ago.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 24, 2012 5:50:08 PM

  3. I can't wait to see his face when the supreme court bends his ideology over and rip it a new one.

    Posted by: Garst | Sep 24, 2012 8:34:50 PM

  4. Brian asked, "I'm probably wrong about this but, doesn't the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution. Say a legal contract in one state is a legal contract in all states"

    What the clause says literally is "Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof."

    So, the idea that a contract valid in one state is valid in another is the default, but congress can modify that. For marriages, there have been cases involving the age at which individuals can marry or how closely related they can be. These differ slightly from state to state, so there were court cases about how to resolve the differences. Of course, any law congress passes limiting contracts must also be constitutional.

    Congress passed DOMA in part to deny same-sex married couples a legal argument based on the "Fair Faith and Credit" clause. DOMA of course
    is being challenged in court, and the outcome is not certain (if only due to the high number of 5-4 or 4-5 decisions in recent Supreme Court cases).

    Posted by: Bill | Sep 25, 2012 2:52:43 AM

  5. Of all people, William F. Buckley, Jr. had to admit that it took judicial activism to bring us out of Jim Crow. While LGBT people may not think marriage equality is judicial activism, the Religions Right sure does. It is to our advantage that some consider Chief Justice John Roberts a judicial activist, as he does not seem to let precedent get in his way.

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Sep 25, 2012 8:15:51 AM

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