1. yonkersconquers says

    Thieves, murderers, play producers. It’s puritan England circa 1640 in Uganda I take it. What do they plan to do, burn him at the stake?

    What an insufferable spectacle. Ugandan’s should be ashamed of their judiciary and political leaders.

  2. Paul says

    The UN and the US State department need to seriously consider sanctions against Uganda for severe civil rights violations.

    If the right wing gains more power here in the US, however, we could be facing oppressive new laws, similar to the ones in Uganda. Very, very sad.

  3. graphicjack says

    Disgusting. Thank you, David Cecil, for bravery beyond anyone’s capabilities. You are a hero and I hope you somehow get out of this mess. My thoughts are with you.

  4. Jackck says

    Wait. But what if the government arrested him because his play would have caused anti-gay Ugandans to riot and murder gays?

    Then it would OK with some of you, right? Or is that only when the person producing a play (or movie) says something you don’t like?

  5. "The Gay" says

    Jesus, locked in a f*cking cargo container for a week…

    Look at what this guy is willing to do for gay people…

    Kinda makes insisting on a picture to validate opinion posts look like catsh*t on a stick, doesn’t it ?

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