1. Iban4yesu says

    Love her! Great artist, great mom, great woman( I was going with “great human being”, then, I remembered all those tucks and nips so… What?! A girl’s gotta have what a girl’s gotta!!!….LOL ), always has a sense of humor about her…

  2. Yawn says

    Cher is boring and hasn’t done anything interesting in a decade, and Kathy has gotten boring ever since she started befriending all the people she used to make fun of. They’re both irrelevant now.

  3. WOW says

    @YAWN: but the forty years of work she did before means she is irrelevant and should just be written off? As if she should stay locked up in her house so she doesn’t have to rub elbows with judgemental, whiny, prisses like yourself who probably haven’t had any success in your own life.

    While I’m hardly a big Cher fan, you have got to admit she’s accomplished more than any of the current flavor of the weeks (Gaga, Spears, Beiber) will ever and has been doin it for 50 freakin years (where will they be in 5 years?). That’s got to be worth something.

  4. Jan says

    We use to buy all Cher’s music loved to go to her concerts. After she joined Twitter and started spewing all that hate, we don’t even listen to her music anymore. We’ve never been fans of Kathy Griffin.

  5. DAVE says

    @JAN: who are the “we” you are talking about? What hate did Cher spew? Did she put a couple of religous haters in their place? If that’s so, I know now who the “we” you are talking about are and I don’t think she misses or cares that you aren’t listening to her music anymore.

  6. DAVE says

    OF course Jan hasn’t answered the questions. Like Markus and all of the other right wing haters who troll here, they like to spout off, but never stick around to explain their claims.

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