1. Iban4yesu says

    “one of the top 5 most annoying songs of all time ” ?

    I love Gary to pieces, but let’s not forget how hideous “Madonna-written” ditty on his solo debut album, Open Road, was !
    So, beautiful, shut up and sing (Not the one written by that insufferable hag, apparently, though…. )

  2. Mark P. says

    ‘She sings this song better than Cher.” So obnoxious. Why not simply say that she brought a new perspective to this song that make it her own. Cher’s version was very much a main stay in clubs when many of us were coming up. It was spirited and full of optimism. No need to pick sides.

  3. Ricco says

    This is why Cher is a great lady, and a true diva. She is so unlike Madonna, who cannot stand to see a young Lady Gaga have her day in the sun.

    Cher is not threatened by a young 16 year old girl and can and does give her total props . . . and she does not care what Gary Barlow has to say, someone who has a carreer that will never touch Cher’s career

  4. woodroad34 says

    Too much vocalizing….but I do love the plaintive melancholy of the song. And, while I like Gary Bowers, I think his comment was due to the fact that the song has been played relentlessly as an anthem. Basically, when a song is written well, it can be sung in several different ways and still have meaning; so Gary needs to get over himself or explain his critique a little better.

  5. Ricco says


    I totally agree. Waay too many riffs. I do not know why these young singers feel they have to riddle the lyrics, and weigh down the melody with these overworught vocalizations to prove they can sing.

    It was, for me, the only thing that distracted from an otherwise amazing performance. Watching it (I am about to show my age) put me in mind of that segment of the Sonny and Cher Show where Cher took a current pop song, or big band or jazz song, slowed dwon the tempo and did a ballad, that featured not vocal gymnastics, which cher is quite capable herself, but a beautiful melody, and great lyrics.

    Ella Henderson had a near, but not quite Cher moment. She did an amazing but not flawless job, and made the song her own; but I would not pay to hear the song, not with all the vocal somersaults anyway.

  6. Tim says

    Yes, the over singing did get a bit in the way, but Cher’s smart and knows this performance could give her song new life. Love her.

    And I blame Boyz II Men for starting this awful vocal acrobatics rage.

  7. NorthoftheBorder says

    i think her “riffing” was better, MUCH better, than Cher’s fake computerized voice transitions on the CD. This was a GREAT performances. you’re all such critical bitches.

  8. Ricco says


    Are you seriously going to call us critical bitches as you simultaneously CRITICIZE her’s rendition of her hit song, “Believe?”

    LOL – Okaay!

    The thing is we are not being critical. We are editorializing, something we feel young Ella could have donbe to make a great performance even greater.

    But the main thing we are pointing out is the inherent awesomess of a great singer – actor – performer . . . Cher, who is gracious enough to acknowledge this young performer, who is barely on the threshold of a possible career, perhaps boosted by Cher personally acknowledging her, and openly stating a willingnesss to share the song with Ella Henderson.

    With all the insecurity we see in Madonna vs. Lady gaga, or Aetha Franklin vs. Tina Turner . . . we are in awe of Cher’s generosity not only toward Ella Henderson, but Christine Aguilera, and others, over and over again.

    We are only stating an opinion about riffs. That’s all.

    And there might be something to what we say when you consider the comercial success of say: Dolly Parton’s, Emmy Lou Harris’, and Linda Ronstadt’s “Trio” album and the commercial bomb of a similar album done by Glady Knight, Dionne Warwick, and Patti LaBelle who spent more time trying to out-riff and screech each other then blend together.

    It’s an opinion . . . that’s all.

  9. Miguel R. says

    I really can’t stand that Believe song. But this performance was the first time I actually ever saw a singer on one of these singing shows touch the meaning of the lyrics, transform it, make it into something they sincerely believe and perform. Outstanding.

  10. Yawn says

    Not sure what you guys were listening to but I heard an extremely ordinary singing voice. I get the threshold is so low that anybody who performs above mere average is suddenly a “gifted singer”. This chick’s voice is one step above a karaoke singer. Nothing special.

  11. Randy says

    She shows much promise. I loved both her songs and she did well, but remember — she’s only 16 and still needs mentoring. I too didn’t care for the vocalizings, but that’s something that can be fixed. Her hair and styling aren’t great either, but they can be fixed too.

    The question is whether she has something, a talent or whatever, and whether that talent can be polished upwards to a professional level.

    I believe she can, but only time will tell.

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