Clint Eastwood Speaks Out, Calls Obama ‘The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on the American People’


Clint Eastwood is speaking out in his first interview since his disastrous RNC speech in which he spoke to an empty chair.

Said Eastwood to the Carmel Pine Cone: “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. Romney and Ryan would do a much better job running the country, and that’s what everybody needs to know. I may have irritated a lot of the lefties, but I was aiming for people in the middle.”

Eastwood, who supports marriage equality, is pro-choice, and disagrees with Obama mostly on economic issues,  says he only decided 15 minutes before his speech to use the chair:

“There was a stool there, and some fella kept asking me if I wanted to sit down. When I saw the stool sitting there, it gave me the idea. I’ll just put the stool out there and I’ll talk to Mr. Obama and ask him why he didn’t keep all of the promises he made to everybody.”

Eastwood said he wasn't vetted because he didn't know what he was going to say: “It was supposed to be a contrast with all the scripted speeches, because I’m Joe Citizen. I’m a movie maker, but I have the same feelings as the average guy out there.”


  1. AngelaChanning says

    Mr. Eastwood, if you are trying to appeal to independents, calling the president a hoax instead of using reason is not going to win them over. Slowly but surely he is going to seal his reputation as a babbling old man. What a shame.

  2. mickey squires says

    I hated THE HEREAFTER and now i know why besides being out of date with modern film making he is a bumbling old fool…Grandpa Eastwood!…belongs on THE SIMPSONS with Grandpa Simpson in the Springfield Retirement Castle

  3. says

    No. You are the hoax…..with your faux political analysis, your lazy assumption that you can talk to a chair and because you were an actor we should all worship your brilliance !

    Your hollow few minutes in the limelight at the RNC were simply embarrassing…..nothing else.

  4. Matt says

    Um, Clint, I wouldn’t say you irritated us. It was more like a combination of confusion, pity, and scorn (with a little nostalgia for the Sergio Leone days thrown in).

  5. candideinnc says

    What is amazing to me is that much of what this old man complained about with regard to Obama is the same stuff we progressives complain about. He continues the pointless war in Afghanistan and hasn’t closed detention camps for alleged terrorists, and fails to prosecute those people in a court of law. Fine. Just criticism of Obama. But what is stupefying is that he actually believe the rethugs would do a better job with this or the economy or ANYTHING! Senility has definitely set in.

  6. Kevin says

    Eastwood is “Joe Citizen”??? He & Mitt have no idea the struggles dealt with by the average citizen. I suggest they work the line at a soup kitchen or health care fair to get a clue.

  7. Jack M says

    He shouldn’t even be given the remote control to the TV set, much less be in front of the camera giving a speech he hadn’t even thought up until 15 minutes prior. Tragic.

  8. Blake says

    What object did he give this statement / interview to?

    I blame his handlers for letting him speak in public, because he is clearly suffering from dementia and they should be preserving his dignity!

  9. Ken says

    I was never a big fan of Clint Eastwood. I had hoped that in his golden years he would mellow out. Unfortunately he seems to want to be know as the United States official Old Fool!

  10. stranded says

    Calling Obama a hoax while supporting the most blatantly venal of empty suits has blown out my irony meter. Never liked the guy but at least I thought of him as one of the saner Republicans. Guess not. Victoria Jackson must have been unavailable.

  11. StillMarriedinCA says

    He doubled down on the crazy. He thinks he is “Joe Citizen”, (ummm yeah, if every citizen was a household name and was worth tens of millions of dollars) and he calls Obama the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on America. (ummmm that would be maybe, the Iraq war? Maybe the wall street shenanigans that got us here….?). He thinks he was speaking to the moderates but was as cray cray as any tea bagger at any batshit rally. Yuck.
    He took the cue from Tom Cruise: find a way to use some furniture to change the way the world looks at you forever and ruin your box office numbers. Mission Accomplished.

  12. Bob R says

    Eastwood is talking to a pine cone now? I guess he gave up on the chair. Oh, the Pine Cone is a local paper? Well, with Clint you have to make these things clear, he’s known for mumbling to inanimate objects.

    I’ve never been a big Eastwood fan. As an actor I thought he was a mediocre talent. Some of the films he directed were okay. I think he’s probably hurt himself in Hollywood and with the public at the box office. I’ll never pay to see another Eastwood film, but the only one I ever thought was worthwhile was “Letters from Iwo Jima”. What he did to “Heartbreak Ridge” was criminal and tragic.

    Clint’s well past his expiration date. He’s made a fool of himself and he just can’t see it. Time for some warm milk and a good book, gramps.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    “Eastwood, who supports marriage equality, is pro-choice, and disagrees with Obama mostly on economic issues…”

    Sounds like he is as effective as LCR and GOProud.

  14. PAUL B. says

    I hope my husband still loves me enough to pull the plug before I get up and make a spectacle of myself in public. I’m sure…Clint pooped his pants and wet his front bottom during that circus act too.

  15. MCnNYC says

    I guess we know where Mel Gibson’s PR reps ended up.

    Look he has a movie coming out and he wants to get the Chik-Fil-A bump.

    I never cared for this man as an actor, director or Icon.
    Now can somebody send Betty White over to his nursing home and slap some sense into him?

  16. Caliban says

    Well, ?, if Clint Eastwood’s performance at the RNC is any indication, maybe he SHOULD look into getting a teleprompter because most people are questioning his mental status.

    And when you think about it, would you EVER have imagined that Clint Eastwood would allow his family to take part in a reality TV show? I would have assumed that kind of attention-wh*ring was beneath him. So either I was wrong about him all along or that’s another sign his mind is slipping.

    Not that I ever thought he was a great guy. All you have to do is look his actions during his divorce from Sandra Locke to know the guy is a blue-ribbon pr*ck.

  17. RxR says

    Whatever Mr. Eastwood, please understand that although I used to respect you and your work, I no longer do. Your support of David Duke (AKA mittens) and his Lyin’ sidekick, who are both complete idiots and bigots and haters and isolationists and fascists crosses a huge line for me. Adieu to you Clint and anything I would have ever supported that you have been, or will be, involved in. Shame on you. Shame ON YOU

  18. jamal49 says

    I once lived in the Carmel area and I worked for The Carmel Pine Cone. At that time, Clint Eastwood as mayor of Carmel! Funny to remember.

    I think the “economic issues” thing (you know, pro-everything else but, well, Obama doesn’t, you know, GET it about the economy) is pure and utter b.s.

    Obama GETS it. It’s the republicons and poor, old, batty Uncle Clint who don’t GET it about the economy. Hell, they’re the ones who screwed the economy and they’ve got the nerve to blame Obama.

    Hey, republicons, whiny-cons and conserva-twits: MAN UP! Admit you screwed this country. Admit you’ve done everything you can to NOT help this country get moving forward. ADMIT IT!

    Then go f*ck yourselves and let the adults in the room get back to the business of making America great again.

    It will never happen if the republicons are elected.

  19. BRAINS says

    Somebody, please put a wet diaper in this fool’s mouth….!!!… he can SHUT THE F$CK UP!

    Preferably his own!

    Never liked him, and always thought he was a disingenuous A$$HOLE!

  20. Icebloo says

    Clint has always been an idiot. That’s why I have refused to watch his movies for 20 years.

    The more he speaks, the more of a mess he makes. His remarks just show he has NO CLUE about politics and who he is endorsing.

    It’s also typical of someone like him to claim to support the party of “family values” when he was allegedly (I have to say that word so I don’t get sued !) beating up his girlfriend Sondra Locke all the time as well as (allegedly) forcing her to have two abortions ! What an upstanding citizen !

  21. CKNJ says

    I don’t buy any of the BS about him being a marriage rights supporter etc when he runs so full hard-on for Myth Robme, and Lyin’ Ryan… he would ONLY have had credibility if he took them to task on those issues in addition to his insane and senile rant at Obama… he has lost me for good, that is for sure!

  22. says

    Clint’s performance perfectly encapsulates Mitt’s campaign: rambling, mixed-up, aimed at the imaginary, and ready to be put out to pasture. The only thing more out of touch with reality is the idea that this nonsense will help Mitten’s flailing candidacy anywhere. We all know that the “bump” Mitt got from his convention was a one-sided one: downhill.

  23. Jersey says

    It just occured to me maybe he’s just a big racist. Has he put black people in any of his movies? You think hollywood is all liberal but then you find out about the likes of Mel Gibson, or Craig T Nelson or the old white guys who tanked Brokeback Mountain in the Oscars. Maybe he just hates black people.

  24. David says

    The zombies on here could not see or hear the best part of his speach, “We(the people) OWN America, they(the government) work for us!” Unfortunately, Mitt will win and the Mormons and Fundies will bring to us what they have been praying over 2,000 years for. Buh,Bye.

  25. Derrick from Philly says

    “Maybe he just hates black people.”

    Actually, Jersey, Eastwood is noted in Hollywood for putting many Blacks in his film projects–both in front and behind the camera. I guess it has something to do with his life long love for Jazz music. That’s what is so strange about his hatred for the President. For me, it’s kind of sad too.

  26. PAUL B. says

    Like my father, who could also afford to have “his people” advise him not to let toads escape his orifice in public…he chooses not to ask or not to listen to them. I guess in some ways it’s like representing yourself in court…you must think you’re so smart you don’t need expert advice. Sounds so republican, doesn’t it? In fact, I can’t think of a Democrat who has represented himself in court…but I can probably name a few repukes. You think it might have anything to do with common sense!!

  27. simon says

    I don’t see his appeal and never watched his movies. Perhaps Republicans like movies with people shooting one another with guns. That doesn’t seem to require any acting skills.

  28. andrew says

    He is pro choice, pro marriage equality and pro Romney.He just sounds like many multi millionaires who don’t want to pay higher taxes. It is too bad he is straight, otherwise he could be the leader of the log cabin republicans.

  29. Homer says

    I don’t really think it matters that the geezer’s Pro-Choice – the fact that he supports the other campaign means that he’s willing to trade-off principles in order to support something that he thinks may affect HIM personally. In the end, for him and others who say they’re pro-choice but support Romney and the Republicans, the bottom-line will always be the Almighty Dollar.

  30. Nino says

    Why no specifics, Mr. Eastwood? Romney and Ryan would “do a better job” than Obama? One can say that about anybody — if it simply comes from blind partisanship. And by the way, you and the Romney camp disagree on everything except the economy. You should look into that.

  31. FunMe says

    The Clint Eastwood we all knew and loved is gone. I have NO IDEA who this guy is. Sad. It’s probably dementia. Hope someone is taking care of him because it’s embarrassing.

  32. Thom says

    I found it strange that so many people in this country didn’t get the jest of what Clint Eastwood was doing. Is it any wonder we are in such troubled political times when the voters can’t understand half of what they see or hear? Additionally, I am amazed that so many people love to live in a political box! You HAVE to be against this or that to be Left or Right. This is nonsensical thought. You vote for the best person, not a specific party. I happen to agree that Obama didn’t do what he told us he would do. After 4 years we should be further down the road than we are. I don’t think 4 years is enough time to get the job totally done, but we should be much further along. Fact is, we are not better off! We are worse off, or at least just as bad off. It’s time to get a guy in there that can get the job done. Clint…thanks for standing up for everyone!

  33. andrew says

    I don’t like the many negative comments about Eastwood’s age posted on this site. I am Eastwoods age and like many my age have fought the progressive fight for many years. F*ck you twerps who don’t understand that you are standing on the shoulders of the progressives who have gone before you. F*CK YOU!!!

  34. FraudTech says

    Asking why so many American citizens still cling to President Obama’s words is akin to asking why so many people fall prey to our nation’s con artists. The only difference here is that most fraud victims usually discover they’ve been conned after the fact and are unlikely to repeat the same mistake. With Obama, he’s promised a lot and delivered nothing for four years, and yet his followers refuse to accept him for what he is….a con man, who like all con men can feign sincerity while making promises they have absolutely no intention of keeping. This brings to mind an old adage that says, “if you fool me once. then shame on you. If you fool me twice, then shame on me.”

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