Courage Awards This Thursday Night Honoring Those Combating Anti-LGBT Violence

CourageAt the Courage Awards each year the New York City Anti-Violence Project honors outstanding individuals, organizations and corporations whose work on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and HIV-affected (LGBTQH) communities — particularly on behalf of victims and survivors of bias and hate violence, police misconduct, intimate partner violence and sexual violence — has made an impact.

Several years ago I was proud to be honored with several other LGBT bloggers for our work in raising awareness about violence against LGBT people.

This Thursday BD Wong, star of television and Broadway, and a tremendous, long-time spokesperson for and supporter of AVP; Verizon Wireless, for their support of AVP’s national work to end intimate partner violence in LGBTQH communities; and the Interbank Roundtable Committee, a networking group of LGBT leaders at financial services firms, are all being honored.  The evening will include a VIP reception, an awards presentation, and an after-party.

Towleroad is a media sponsor of the event and I would encourage any of you who are in NYC this week to buy tickets and support this important organization.

Tickets are available here.


  1. Yupp says

    Always another meaningless Awards ceremony with a bunch of useless clowns clapping for themselves. Maybe this time they’ll say ALL NYC gaybashings are by Hasidic Jews (instead of heir usual Irish Catholic culprits) just to be fresh.

  2. Dave says

    LGBTQH? Is this a joke? Are there no limits to this politically correct alphabet soup insanity?

    We spent decades teaching America that AIDS is not a gay disease and that it is wrong to conflate being gay with having AIDS. Now we lump all gay people and lesbians and bisexuals into a singular group with all people with AIDS? That means we have just incorporated into our “community” something like 10% of the entire populations of the Congo, Kenya and Uganda – virtually all heterosexuals. I hope they don’t get a vote at the next HRC board meeting because we might not like what they have in mind for gay people.

    This all started with “LGBT.” LGBT needs to die so that gays, lesbians and bisexuals can regain a focused, coherent movement.

  3. says

    Is Melman going to this ?
    Is Melman sponsoring this ?
    Can we comment about Melman ?
    Will this post remain up if we do ?
    What happened to the Melman party sponsorship that was posted yesterday ?
    What’s going on Andy ?

  4. says

    having attended this event before, it’s a wonderful thing indeed.

    and as usual, the complainers don’t have the balls to put a face to their comments.

    stop blaming transpeople for your own cowardly inability to live an open and authentic life, you dunces.

    and ROCK ON, BD WONG!

    you sexy beast.

    distancing yourselves from transpeople will not make you stronger. it just shows how weak you are.

    sorry. those of us with spines, hearts and orbs stand in solidarity with our trans brothers and sisters. those of you who lack all of the above scream furiously from your anonymous internet closets.

    suck it.

  5. Yupp says

    Yeah, well…kiwiperson….your hating on Catholics and traditionally-Catholic ethnicities at these events won’t make you into a classy WASP. It just shows how insecure you are.

  6. Yupp says

    kiwiperson : No, you’re not hiding behind an anonymous internet handle, and neither are Towle nor Belonsky. But that has nothing to do with the three of you criticizing those who think transfolk don’t belong linked with gays (at least I respect their opinions) when the three of you have purposely tried to hurt Catholics (even lapsed Catholics and those simply raised Catholic) because you think it makes you a classier Protestant (like so many gays do, as well as some heteros) at these comically-evil events. And you three won’t answer to it either.

  7. says

    how have i, or any others, specifically tried to “hurt catholics”?

    specifics, please. and the “i don’t want to support trans people” gays can die in their closets where they belong, the cowards.

    it’s not an opinion worth respecting. that’s why i (and others) don’t respect it.

    the “link” is that we’re all people are born into a culture that is predisposed to prejudice against us. united, we are strong.

    but hey, keep proving me right. rambling anonymously.

  8. Yupp says

    kiwiperson : I have no opinion on the trans issue. But on your anti-Catholic class-consciousness (like all gay out-of-towners who visit NYC), look up Colin Finnerty on Towleroad and see gays wishing death on him because he’s “another Irish Catholic” and neither you nor Belonsky nor Towle apologized when he turned out innocent of both gaybashing AND rape. Look it up. And then I’ll show you more and we can go on all night.

  9. Yupp says

    kiwi : But they don’t even have to necessarily be Irish and Catholic to be your “enemy”, right? There are degrees of evil? You and your Belonsky hate them even if they’re merely Caucasian (“mixed” or “pure”), if they’re traditionally herosexual/athletic types. You hate them for what they are, not for what they’ve done or haven’t done. And you decided that a long time ago.

  10. says

    I’m white. And I’m pretty darn athletic. What on earth are you talking about?

    jeez, talk about projection, Mary.

    i’m not sure what herosexual is but my lover is pretty darn heroic in bed so i’m not sure i’m discriminatory against them, either.

  11. Yupp says

    THAT doesn’t get you out of it, kiwi. There are black racists who sleep with whites, too. All kinds of sexual variations. We’re talking about trying to cause harm to others outside of the bedroom.

  12. Dan B says

    I took your suggestion and looked up Colin Finnerty on Towleroad. There were several ani-Irish-Catholic comments but none of them were from LittleKiwi. You appear to be painting with the same broad brush with which you accuse him of painting.

  13. Yupp says

    Thanks, Dan B., but…..though Kiwi might not have contributed to that particular thread, that thread is just one small example of the anti-Irish-Catholic-male sentiments (and activities) of the gay clique of the Belonskys, Towles, Kiwis (and a few others) who represent a huge portion of gay men overall. Then there are the other groups they’ve gone after (meaning innocent people within those groups). And, hopefully you’ll agree….that trying to purposely hurt innocent people (I have so many more examples) is pure evil ?