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Creation Museum 'Science Guys' Rebut Bill Nye: VIDEO


On Thursday, Andrew posted an excellent "Big Think" video from Bill Nye, in which the scientist and educator riffed expertly on evolution via natural selection, and suggested that warping kids' worldviews with creationism amounts to a kind of child abuse.

The vid's gone viral, and now Ken Ham and the folks at the Creation Museum have issued a rebuttal. The two people talking in the video are supposed to be scientists, but they give up the game at the 2:10 mark. See how AFTER THE JUMP ... 



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  1. really don't want to watch the vid and getting pissed off this early on a it would be greatly appreciated if you would do a little transcript of the 2:10 reveal they aren't scientists part

    thanx in advance if you do :-)

    Posted by: say what | Sep 1, 2012 12:14:17 PM

  2. "How they got here depends on our world view"? NO NO NO IT DOES NOT. Our "view" has NOTHING to do with stars or fossils.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Sep 1, 2012 12:20:33 PM

  3. Whenever I see a video that has disabled the commenting and like features, I automatically know that the creators of the video know that they have lost. If you have to hide that nobody likes your video to keep it's credibility, well. Do I even need to finish???

    Posted by: Ryan | Sep 1, 2012 12:27:47 PM

  4. These folks are deluded. It's really sad and pathetic. It pity them.

    Posted by: RWG | Sep 1, 2012 12:36:59 PM

  5. In the case of those who believe in Creationism, I believe in reverse evolution. Intelligent humans have turned into Neanderthals.

    Posted by: gr8guya | Sep 1, 2012 12:39:58 PM

  6. Smugness in their own notions, patronzing to those whose views contradict theirs, utterly lacking in either curiosity or skepticism. What kind of life is that? It seems so scared and sad.

    Posted by: Jeff Kurtti | Sep 1, 2012 12:45:23 PM

  7. I don't understand these people. Do they underestimate their god so much that they don't think he was smart enough to come up with evolution?

    Posted by: OKEYDOKEY | Sep 1, 2012 12:48:33 PM

  8. These people are idiots. I'm not a big church goer now, but I was when I was a kid. My pastor put it simply in regards to Genesis. Who are we to state what the definition of a "day" is for God. If a "day" was defined as millions and million of years, then evolution is covered in the bible. That was his work around and it allowed us to be one with God and also fully embrace science within our church.

    Posted by: Jono | Sep 1, 2012 1:01:13 PM

  9. While I completely disagree with what they are saying, I honestly thought you were intimating that these folks were frauds--not real scientists--but actors portraying scientists. Also, I'm not sure what the big reveal is supposed to be at 2:10? That they start weaving the Bible into their commentary? I'm just now having my daily coffee, so maybe this post will make more sense after I finish it.

    Posted by: Harry Saxon | Sep 1, 2012 1:03:25 PM

  10. Do they really have PhD's? I bet their programs are red-faced!

    Posted by: KevinVT | Sep 1, 2012 1:05:59 PM

  11. @ SAY WHAT:

    The pertinent section begins at about 1:55, where Georgia Purdom, a "scientist" from the creationist ministry "Answers in Genesis" is drawing a false distinction between observational and historical science:

    "Historical science deals with the past, and both evolution and creation fall under that category. We cannot test, observe, or repeat them. Yes, we do see fossils and distant stars, but their history of how they got here, really depends on our world view.

    Do we start with man's ideas about the past, who wasn't here during the supposed billions of years of earth history, or do we start with the Bible, the written revelation of the eyewitness account of the eternal God who created it all? Rather than being inconsistent, as Bill Nye states, observational science confirms the literal history in Genesis."

    Of course, this is very silly indeed, but perhaps is not even the silliest portion of this clip.

    Posted by: Vint | Sep 1, 2012 1:07:12 PM

  12. If 40% of the general population question evolution, how does that invalidate it?

    I don't believe I heard this:
    "Do we start with man's ideas about the past who wasn't here during the supposed billions of years of earth history, or do we start with The Bible, the written revelation of the EYEWITNESS account of the eternal God who created it all."

    So much for science.

    In addition, she claims that observational science confirms the literal history of Genesis!?!

    Citations, please. Oops! I'm asking for scientific evidence.

    @OkeyDokey: Yes, they do. They love to order God around and tell God what God did, is doing, and shall do.

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Sep 1, 2012 1:15:16 PM

  13. Harry, Say What:

    Thanks for reading! The sentence that begins at approximately 2:10 goes:

    "Do we start with man's ideas about the past, who wasn't here during the supposed billions of years of earth history, or do we start with the Bible, the written revelation of the eyewitness account of the eternal God who created it all? Rather than being inconsistent, as Bill Nye states, observational science confirms the literal history in Genesis."

    I think this is telling, because it demonstrates that these "scientists" begin their study of biological history already knowing what conclusion the evidence will point to: Biblical inerrency. If they take Biblical inerrancy on faith, and judge the validity of all subsequent data by its compatibility with a Biblical worldview, then no irreligious hypotheses stand a chance of passing muster. Whatever this kind of thinking might be called, it's pretty much the opposite of science.

    - BKT

    Posted by: Brandon K. Thorp | Sep 1, 2012 1:17:45 PM

  14. Vint:

    Just re-watched the video. Wow. Just wow. "Supposed billions of years of Earth history"? I think that even though they apparently DO have PhDs, their respective alma maters should revoke those degrees.

    Posted by: Harry Saxon | Sep 1, 2012 1:18:59 PM

  15. I don't think being an animal is such a drag. These people want to elevate themselves to something other than that...and what's worse is that they want to force us to go with them on this journey into self-delusion. Being an animal must scare them. It was only a few years ago that we were hunting & gathering to stay alive...sort of like an animal...and that's just fine with me.

    Posted by: PAUL B. | Sep 1, 2012 1:20:43 PM

  16. BKT:

    Thanks for clarifying. I just re-watched the video. I completely agree with you! Glad the coffee finally kicked in for me!

    Posted by: Harry Saxon | Sep 1, 2012 1:21:07 PM

  17. First of all, the mechanism(s) for the transfer of genetic information, DNA, can be easily observed in a classroom study of microbiology. For example, even without a microscope it can be shown that a population of bacteria can gain the ability to metabolize lactose by the sharing of small pieces of RNA. Because bacteria reproduce so quickly, what takes generations happens in minutes instead of years. Even young children could safely follow the steps in this basic experiment to see for themselves.

    Secondly, the bible does not meet the standard for scientific observation.

    Posted by: Ben Brower | Sep 1, 2012 1:27:20 PM

  18. Creation Museum, an oxymoron that doesn't even deserve capital letters. What's next, Republican gay bars? Incontinent fishnet panties? Garlic flavored mouthwash? Chocolate lube? It's ironic, don't you think?

    Posted by: parkrunner | Sep 1, 2012 1:27:53 PM

  19. Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where at the Springfield Museum they had a section for "creationism". When they pressed the button on the display case the song "What A Fool Believes" comes on! Lol

    Posted by: OKEYDOKEY | Sep 1, 2012 1:37:14 PM

  20. That was just three minutes of scientific illiterates blabbing on about a subject they have utterly no understanding of. Also, wtf is that thing on her head?

    Posted by: Winston | Sep 1, 2012 1:45:39 PM

  21. These are the people taking over state legislatures. Here in Arizona, the Republicans have been trying various ways to funnel public school monies to schools that teach creationism and other garbage. So far it hasn't worked.

    Posted by: homer | Sep 1, 2012 1:54:08 PM

  22. It is even more scary that a few Republican candidates in the primary don't believe in evolution. Rick Perry is one of them.
    Richard Dawkins in an interview wondered why such people can rise to the top of US politics.

    Posted by: simon | Sep 1, 2012 2:06:29 PM

  23. @Parkrunner - It's a mad, mad world...


    Posted by: JohnAGJ | Sep 1, 2012 2:15:49 PM

  24. I believe Bill Nye was correct--and these poor people were the victims of child abuse by being taught creationism--this is evidence of the results.

    Posted by: Ty Nolan | Sep 1, 2012 2:26:16 PM

  25. There's a big difference between historical research and science. History is about exactly what happened, while science is about explaining what happened even if you don't know what exactly happened. This sounds wrong, but it's essentially true. History recorded what happened July 4th, 1776, etc. Science wouldn't really care, but may use the facts of that date to confirm or deny an existing theory. Science is also very careful about what constitutes valid evidence. Historians don't usually have the luxury of well coordinated evidence and so must couch their results in ambivalent language.

    So, science can't tell you exactly what happened July 4th, 1000000 BC, but can tell you to some degree what the world must have been like in general from all the available evidence and how it must have come to be like that. It admits to not knowing the details, but creates theories to fill in the blanks.

    Posted by: anon | Sep 1, 2012 2:32:13 PM

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