1. says

    then no doubt he’s completely worried about the US fiscal policies which are a direct affront to what the Christ figure spoke about most – caring for the needy and destitute.

    dear conservative Christians, worry less about “the gays” and start being concerned that your country cares nothing for the poor and sick, whom Christ commanded you take care of, and realize that a country that keeps the poor at a low level is the real affront to your supposed “values.”

  2. Pommie says

    Bring some light fun Towleroad. Nobody cares what these pricks have to say. Atleast ppl are tending more not to care. So, our sweet blog please show us some light instead of letting us know the current views of the ones with ever changing views.

  3. Joe says

    Here in Canada we have no limits to abortion or same sex marriage and our economy has been out performing the US throughout the downturn and recession to present. If this guys “theory” is correct shouldn’t it be worse for us?

  4. Rick says

    So sad. Neither the Left nor the Right will confront the real issues for the social malaise of the West, namely feminism, which was spawned by the emotional and social dependence on women by men that a culture of “romantic love” entails.

    Soaring divorce rates, broken families, an epidemic of illegitimate births…..yes, the family structure is broken and society is paying a huge price for it……all of which occurred when society was still overwhelmingly homophobic…..

    But the Left ignores the obvious reasons for it…..and the Right does, too……and their reasons, ironically, are one and the same–they both continue to demand that men place women at the center of the social universe, with disastrous results for men and for children and for society as a whole.

  5. LiamB says

    Wow, what a complete and utter load of unsubstantiated BS, Rick. Seriously, I don’t know what sort of trauma you suffered, but this sick obsession of yours is not healthy. Get some professional help.

  6. Hue-Man says

    It would be helpful if they would put a timeline on these dire consequences, after all “You will all die” is true if your time scale is 100 years! True but irrelevant.

  7. says

    you gotta love the logic wherein these idiots are pretty much saying that “God is really angry that you’re embracing LGBT people, but God was totes cool with segregation, slavery and the extermination of more than 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.”

    all of that stuff? nothing to make God batt a luscious eyelash, apparently.

  8. Caliban says

    Barton is a complete hack, imposing his religious values and views on the “history” book he writes. Even his own publisher stopped printing his last book after it proved to be so full of errors and outright lies.

    Revisionist history seems to be a specialty of the Right though. You’re more likely to get accurate information from “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” than you are from Bill O’Reilly’s book on Lincoln.

    Plus all their rhetoric harkens back to an idealized Mayberry/Leave It To Beaver past that never really existed in the first place.

  9. says

    Steeped in Christianity, I believe none of us understand the heart of God. I don’t have the answers, but it makes my heart weep to listen to these men. Who are they sit in judgement? Where is their compassion? I’m sick to death of holier than thou Christians who throw stones at anyone who doesn’t believe like they do. At people who worship the Bible more than they do God. People who tread over and through the scriptures like it’s some worn out bridge, always using it to prove how right they are or to leverage their argument. Makes no sense. At all.

  10. cbhermey says

    Karnak the Magnificent has spoken! I just LOVE these pick-and-choose ‘christians’ and their bromides for what’s wrong with society. Must have been why ancient Israel failed… stopped making burnt offerings, booted out the priests in favor of rabbis, allowed women to wear red, started eating pork and shellfish…oh, WAIT! That describes Chrisianity, doesn’t it?

  11. DAN says

    Oh RICK take a day off! You are a two trick pony: women and effeminate men. “Paging Dr. Frued”. I’m beggining to think Rick’s mom was a working mom who wore the pants in the family and his dad was a girly man. In all seriousness, get some help.

  12. woodroad34 says

    Yes, Yes. I know. Republicans really hate being compared to Nazis…however, someone once made this quote (I forget his name; he had a little moustache) that applies to the GOP so perfectly:

    What luck for rulers that men do not think.
    Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945)

  13. anon says

    Uhm, “going down” and “bringing the nation to its knees” are not turns of phrase that I would use in this context. However…

    The list of nations that have never embraced evangelical Christianity is very long, and many have not suffered from the hand of God as far as we know. However, if you know exactly nothing about the outside world or how to rationalize your thoughts or take a skeptical position on what authority figures tell you then perhaps they make some sense.

  14. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Like Anon, I think it’s interesting how much these gay-obssessed nit-brained parrots use phraseology associated men having oral sex. I believe Freud might have something to say about it.

  15. PAUL B. says

    Yep…”feminism” did all that…and then some.
    It’s made a perfectly round planet into a flat one, caused the drought in the midwest, 1989 earthquake in S.F., my hair to fall out and my toenail fungus…just to name a few. If only it could cause someone special to disappear from Towleroad…it would have been worth it.

  16. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Rick can’t post without revealing his hatred of the feminine–whether it’s in men or in women. What a sick, insecure little pipsqueak. Rick, you missed an opportunity to lecture us once again on “traditional masculine values.”

  17. Rick says

    “Yep…”feminism” did all that…and then some.
    It’s made a perfectly round planet into a flat one, caused the drought in the midwest, 1989 earthquake in S.F., my hair to fall out and my toenail fungus…just to name a few”

    No, none of those things–I did, however, leave out one critical effect that it has had–namely, the plummeting birth rates all across Europe that–if they continue–will eventually result in the extinction of Western civilization altogether.

    You see, the Islamic jihadists don’t have to attack the West in order to obliterate it; they only need to stand back and watch it destroy itself through the self-inflected wound of feminism.

    Whether we all wake up in time to recognize feminism for the civilization-destroying ideology that it is and save ourselves from ourselves is an open question–but the truth will not go away, regardless.

  18. PAUL B. says

    “The extinction of western civilization…altogether”. OMG…you mean everyone, everywhere? Will the stars come falling from the sky, planets collide, wild animals rule the planet again? Please, enlighten us as to a time frame darling? We like to have our make-up on and hair done up big for the occasion.

  19. PAUL B. says

    @Jaragon…my father, the pope, newt, Maggie, Brian & Rick (who?)…just to name a few. Lucky for us, nobody else really listens.

  20. gregory brown says

    At odd moments–extraordinarily odd ones–I wonder how Ken copeland would look if he didn’t use lard on his hair. there’s no way he’s going to be attractive under any circumstance, but he might be acceptably interesting, maybe peering under a stall in a rest stop with a bit of bouffant.

  21. andrew says

    Just more biblical b*ll s*it. We have to do all we can to free 21st century folks from the shackles of that primitive book.

  22. Diogenes Arktos says

    Too many of the posters here underestimate the power these members of the Religious Right have on the general public and especially on the Republican party. If nothing else, just look at the states which have voted down marriage equality!