1. mike/ says

    they say they are transparent; what is transparent as @littlekiwi & @sylvatica point out above are there white sheets & poorly cut out eyeholed pointy dunce caps…

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    Mao’s cultural revolution?? That’s quite a read. I first thought Star Parker knew nothing about it. Then I googled her – she is old enough to have some lived memory of it (from the US perspective of Red China, of course). Hasn’t she been reading the mainstream media, which has questioned whether the youth will come out to vote for Obama in 2012, or be too disillusioned from 2008?

    Little Kiwi, I sure agree with you about the VVS and the KKK. Enough generations ago it would have been literally true:( As much as I hate to agree with the Religious Right, this certainly is an extraordinarily important election.

  3. Fahd says

    “Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Ollie North, Jim DeMint, Tony Perkins, Mike Huckabee, Steve King, Michele Bachmann, and Kirk Cameron…”

    -Sounds like the beginning of an evil incantation or spell that is snapped into effect with the ultimate evil:

    “Rick Santorum”

  4. Mike says

    This looks like one of the groups of Nazis who Hitler had help murder the Jews and Homosexuals and anybody they did not like, only today they are the New Nazis. Hope you suckers like being run by an insane Christian dictator like Hitler who was Catholic, these evil people will make life a living hell on earth.

  5. Caliban says

    That whole “summit” is like a Who’s Who of WTF?!

    There’s a line in the movie My Man Godfrey, “The only thing you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.” There is no clearer proof of that than the “Value Voters Summit.”

  6. Joe says

    Stupid ad. It is only a promise of a free lunch. One doesn’t need to look any further than Greece to what happens to countries that keep promising free lunches. Free lunch programs are why we are in the mess that we are in.

    And GM is a scam. The government has already lost $25 billion on the bailout and the losses are growing. (Say what you will about the Wall Street bailout, at least the taxpayer made money on the deal.) The Volt is a failure and much of its sails is a result of gimmicks like “channel stuffing”. Who knows what other kind of Lehman style accounting gimmicks the auto company is using to prop up their numbers. This failure can be seen in GM’s stock price, which is down by a third since the IPO. GM will probably be back begging for another bailout within the next five years.

    Both parties are immoral. The Democrats promote the “value” of dependency and the Republicans promote the “value” of hate. They can both go to hell.

  7. TomTallis says

    I’m embarassed to say that Star Parker was the Republican candidate for Congress in my district. I’m happy to say that she lost to the utterly incompetent Laura Richardson (Google her for some interesting tid-bits) by a landslide. We’ve been redistricted out of Richardson’s district, now, and we actually have good choices in November. Even the Republican (a current Long Beach city councilman) is in favor of DOMA repeal.

  8. Perky McJuggs says

    …if the VVS’s twitterfeed has it right, someone named Star Parker just suggested President Barack Obama’s popularity among young people might lead to something like Mao’s Cultural Revolution…

    Star Parker was the republican nominee for congress in my congressional district in 2010.

    She’s a right-wing whackadoodle who believes that gays can be cured of their illness.

    I think she got about 25% of the vote on election day.

  9. BobC562 says

    We also live in the district where Star Parker ran for Congress (and have been moved out of it). She is a horrible homophobe and carpet bagger who lost to a corrupt politician. Fortunately we have a better choice this year.

  10. Perky McJuggs says

    Tomtallis, bobc562 and I all seem to live in the Long Beach, CA area. I live in beautiful Signal Hill, happy to be rid of Laura Richardson, but fear that although our new district is about 52% democrat, we may get a republican representative. His literature shows support from many local politicians including the 3 gay Signal Hill councilmembers (I’ll never figure that one out)

  11. Caliban says

    “I always find it interesting that people that seem to love to announce that they have ‘values’ don’t seem to have any worth having.”

    That’s true, just as most of those who are “born again” are usually the people you wish hadn’t been born in the first place.

  12. GLAW2014 says

    Really Joe? “The values of dependency”??? There is nothing more American, than realizing that we help those in need when they need it and we give back when we make it. There is nothing more American than being a part of a community that purports the general welfare of ALL citizens and not just those who inherited their good fortunes.

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