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Full Press Conference Regarding Yunel Escobar's 3 Game Suspension for Anti-Gay Eye Black Slur: VIDEO


Here's yesterday's full press conference with Toronto Blue Jay shortstop Yunel Escobar at which Escobar gives his statement, announces his suspension, and takes questions from reporters about why he did what he did.

EscobarAs I noted yesterday, Escobar will receive a three-game suspension with lost salary going to GLAAD and anti-homophobia sports group You Can Play. Escobar will also undergo sensitivity training.

Said Escobar of the slur: "I'm sorry for what happened and I guarantee this will not happen again in my career. It was not something I intended to be offensive. It was nothing intentional directed at anyone in particular. I don't have anything against homosexuals....It's just something that's been said around other Latinos. It's not something that was meant to be offensive. For us, it didn't have the significance in the way that it's being interpreted right now."


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  1. If he and his temmates didn't expect anyone to see his odious remarks, why did he write them on his manly mascara? Doesn't anyone associated with the team (other than Escobar) realize that there is such a thing as television, which includes close-ups? Of course he wanted everyone, including the television viewers to see exactly what he had written.

    Posted by: Paul in Honolulu | Sep 20, 2012 4:44:21 AM

  2. Sports Stars are role models, and not the "hero's" they are made out to be. This scum needs to be banned from MLB for one full season with no pay. Then we will see how sly he thinks he is

    Posted by: Nait | Sep 20, 2012 8:19:03 AM

  3. I believe his apology entirely...with good reason. I have many English-as-a-second-language friends who use similar comments without realizing their impact when translated word for word to English. Including many French Canadians. Even in English the terms gay and faggot, while extremely offensive when used to negatively comment on ones' sexuality, are often used to express or imply perceived weakness of others in competitive situations. Including by my gay friends. In these situations the terms are meant equally offensively as weakling, dummy, stupid, etc. But no more so. This is a non-issue at this point, and it's time to focus on important things.

    Posted by: growup | Sep 22, 2012 1:06:04 PM

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