1. K in VA says

    I would add that every member and friend of the LGBT community who does not vote for Obama this year is, implicitly, casting a vote for Romney-Ryan and a vote for turning back the progress we’ve made in the past few years.

  2. says

    Not only that, K, but they’re casting a vote to further screw over the real hard-working American People.

    It’s amazing how the GOP has convinced their base to vote against their own best interests, time and again. It’s amazing that they’re still called “fiscal conservatives” when a GOP admin has NOT put the country in debt in D E C A D E S.

    And for the first time in American History a sitting President and his administration not only vocally and visibly support Equality for LGBT people but they’re making that Equality a part of their party platform.

    You know they’re doing the right thing when the Gay Republicans freak out. It’s like when you buy a new pair of jeans and your parents don’t like them – that means they’re awesome. Are gay conservatives pissed off? Great – that means the liberals are onto something.

  3. gregory brown says

    Any Black clergy who urge their people NOT to vote simply because the choice is between a malicious rich cultist who is ready to send them into new servitude and a flawed President who offends by wanting to extend equal rights to everybody are blind, a fraud, paid off by the white Theocrats, senile or voluptuously self-important. They are Pharisees who want the outward appearance of goodness by abiding by “rules”.
    The wonderful women with their Sunday Crowns should rise up and force their pastors and bishops and whatever they call themselves to deal with the real world where freedom and dignity trump some notions of spiritual purity.

  4. Caliban says

    FYI, Roland Martin is EXTREMELY homophobic and an epic piece of sh*t so don’t trust anything he says. His wife runs, or at least used to run, an “ex-gay” ministry.

    One of the major reservations I had about voting for Barack Obama in 2008 was that one of the people he called a “spiritual advisors” was a RABIDLY anti-gay black Chicago pastor (and IIRC an elected official) who has the dubious distinction of being one of few black people called a Hate Group Leader by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He’s THAT bad.

    Guess who was one of his faithful congregants. Roland Martin. I suppose Roland Martin COULD be a bigger piece of sh*t but it would requite a sh*toplasty.

  5. Caliban says

    You know, even when I knew I would vote for Obama I didn’t much like Michelle. At the time she seemed entitled and angry, not without reason but somehow unpleasant. It seemed to me she had a chip on her shoulder and no matter how that chip got there, whether it was deserved or not, it’s not appealing.

    I really think being First Lady has brought out the best in her.

    So now these 3-plus years later I think she’s great, possibly the most natural, intelligent, and warm “First Ladies” we’ve ever had. Whether it’s just doing silly dance steps (practically doing the ‘Bat-usi’) with kids or speaking to a crowd (like here) every time I see her I respect her more. She’s a huge asset.

    Unlike Whiny Snatch McGillicuddy, aka Mrs Mitt Romney, who can barely manage to be civil. “How very DARE people have negative opinions about us! Mitt is bestowing a gift by running!”

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