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Hong Kong Billionaire Offers $65 Million to Any Man Who Successfully Woos His Lesbian Daughter

A Hong Kong billionaire has offered a $65 million bounty to any man that can woo and marry his lesbian daughter, Business Insider reports:

ChaoProperty magnate Cecil Chao Sze-tsung announced the HK$500 million reward this week after reports that his 33-year-old daughter Gigi Chao, a University of Manchester graduate, had married her long-term female partner in France.

"I don't mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind-hearted," Mr Chao told the South China Morning Post, describing reports about his daughter's marriage as "false"...

He told the South China Morning Post the prize money was "an inducement to attract someone who has the talent but not the capital to start his own business".

"Gigi is a very good woman with both talents and looks. She is devoted to her parents, is generous and does volunteer work," he added.

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  1. This seems like a fake story. Firstly, same-sex marriage is not legal in France.

    Posted by: jason | Sep 26, 2012 9:45:47 AM

  2. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for a nice gay man. 65 million will buy a lot of separate households.

    Posted by: Lymis | Sep 26, 2012 9:49:57 AM

  3. Jason: They're presenting a bill around the end of this year. However, are you this big of a troll to write this here on this segment? What is seriously so wrong with you. No one said it's legal there. It's just that they are very progressive and inclined towards equality and would likely pass the bill with majority. That's how the flow is going in France right now. Get a life!

    and yes, what a sad old fart this Asian is.

    Posted by: Lara | Sep 26, 2012 9:50:35 AM

  4. Sh!t, I'll do it.

    Posted by: Michael | Sep 26, 2012 9:55:37 AM

  5. Jason: She can marry there. It's not legal but then it's also not illegal. Legality leads to the government recognizing the marriage and while illegality aims at the prohibition. Since, it's not illegal, it's not barred and therefore, she could very much marry whosoever she wants irrespective of whether the State officially recognizes it or not. What a waste are you?

    Posted by: Pommie | Sep 26, 2012 9:55:52 AM

  6. Lara,

    Darling, I'm simply pointing to the fact that this story is fake. Fake, fake, fake. If the facts are incorrect, the story is fake.

    There is no such thing as gay marriage in France. Therefore, the story is fake.

    Posted by: jason | Sep 26, 2012 9:57:15 AM

  7. France is NOT a progressive place. In fact, it's very backward when it comes to male homosexuality.

    Posted by: jason | Sep 26, 2012 10:03:44 AM

  8. @Jason: Talking about correctness of facts? Yes, we know so, thank you. Now read these two articles and shut the F*ck up!

    Posted by: Lara | Sep 26, 2012 10:09:10 AM

  9. @Jason: Talking about correctness of facts and France not being a progressive state? Yes, we know so, thank you. Now read these two articles and shut the F*ck up!

    P.S.: France is one of the most tolerating nation towards multiculturalism.

    Posted by: Lara | Sep 26, 2012 10:12:31 AM

  10. It's NOT trolling to say that same-sex marriage is yet to be legalised in France. They may have had some commitment ceremony for a civil union, but those are so weak in France compared to other countries that they don't confer much in benefits to foreign partners (e.g. no right to residency).

    Until quite recently France wouldn't even allow same-sex foreigners to get a civil union if their home country didn't offer a reciprocal arrangement.

    Until then "presenting a bill at the end of the year" does not mean something is legal or recognised in any form now by any civil authority in France, let alone in any other jurisdiction.

    Posted by: MikeW | Sep 26, 2012 10:13:51 AM

  11. Lara, grow up. Jason was just stating the obvious. Marriage is not legal in France no matter how you parse it. A story saying the daughter MARRIED her long time partner seems, therefore, likely to be false because that fact is wrong.

    Posted by: Stefan | Sep 26, 2012 10:26:15 AM

  12. All that money is going to do is encourage guys to harass or possibly rape his daughter to "turn" her straight. What a pathetic excuse for a father.

    Posted by: Graphicjack | Sep 26, 2012 10:31:34 AM

  13. And, as for France being tolerant, Lara: have you ever lived there? I have. Similar to many countries, once you get outside the more known cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice, Aix, Toulouse) and/or away from the south, you'll find a lot of Catholic conservatism. And gays are less accepted than lesbians and bisexuals.

    Posted by: Stefan | Sep 26, 2012 10:34:06 AM

  14. So because the term "marriage" could have been used loosely to define an individual getting committed to her partner--much in the same way gays and lesbians in the US get "married" if they don't have the benefit of living or traveling to a state where it's legal--it is a "fact" that this story is fake?

    Jason, sweetheart, you stated that a term was used incorrectly. That's not the same as saying that it's a "fact that this story is fake."

    Posted by: luminum | Sep 26, 2012 10:36:00 AM

  15. Couples marry each other in their churches or synagogues or parks or in their living rooms among their friends in every country of the world. In most of those countries, the government will not give their marriage any recognition (and in some backward countries they will actually be prosecuted for marrying) if it doesn't approve of their gender.
    In some of those same backward countries, an opposite-sex couple's marriage is not recognized by the state if it disapproves of the couple's religion (for example, Baha'is have had trouble with this in Iran; They may be married in their temple and then be denied recognition by the government.)
    A couple of any gender combination may also be considered a common-law married couple in one jurisdiction and then cross a border and be treated as legal strangers.
    I've also known conservative Christians who did not have a marriage license from the state but considered themselves husband and wife in the eyes of their religion and in light of their commitments to each other because "nobody in the Bible had a government marriage license."

    If a couple considers themselves married, then as far as I'm concened they are married. Whether one government or another regards their mariage as deserving of fair treatment compared to their neighbors is a different question entirely.

    Posted by: GregV | Sep 26, 2012 10:39:06 AM

  16. This looks like more than a battle royal between father and daughter. I'd love to know the details and look forward to the father's complete laughing failure.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Sep 26, 2012 10:39:49 AM

  17. @Lara: "P.S.: France is one of the most tolerating [sic] nation towards multiculturalism."

    Hilarious. This is France who banned fellow Europeans the Poles from working there because they were terrified of Polish plumbers stealing all their jobs.

    You should sit in a prefectural office while they try to make sure that you're not a Muslim, and basically pick people out of lines to the counter in order of whiteness. Meanwhile the unfireable minor functionaries make all sorts of slanderous gossip about those on the other side of the counter. It's a very racist country.

    Posted by: MikeW | Sep 26, 2012 10:41:53 AM

  18. Daddy should use his billions to see a good therapist to try to come to terms with his relationship with his daughter. No "generous and kind-hearted man" would take him up on his offer.

    Posted by: Jack M | Sep 26, 2012 10:43:24 AM

  19. i'll do it!!!!

    for real. we can marry, have a totally acceptable life, and i'll provide her with the best carpet Canada has to offer.

    daddy will never need to know. over here, dude! this 'mo will take up your offer!

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Sep 26, 2012 10:45:05 AM

  20. Oh Stefan baby, marriage doesn't always have to be a Court Marriage. It could be a ceremony which doesn't need State's sanctioning. Anyone can get married if it's not explicitly prohibited. The issue is regarding it's validity and not commission.

    Posted by: Lara | Sep 26, 2012 10:46:33 AM

  21. "This is France who banned fellow Europeans the Poles from working there because they were terrified of Polish plumbers stealing all their jobs."

    Totally wrong. I'm French by the way. No EU country can ban workers from another EU country.
    As for the racist comment, there are as many or as less racists in France as in every other western countries.

    Posted by: oakpope | Sep 26, 2012 10:47:00 AM

  22. Imagine it. LITTLE KIWI posing as a man!

    Posted by: UFFDA | Sep 26, 2012 11:33:15 AM

  23. Lara,

    Please don't bother defending your country against Jason and his other aliases. He hates every country except the US, and says the same stupid thing about how homophobic they are, even though he's never been anywhere.

    Posted by: Brian | Sep 26, 2012 12:18:10 PM

  24. UFFDA : THAT was funny.

    Posted by: Yupp | Sep 26, 2012 12:28:09 PM

  25. Lara, honey, anytime you link to anything from FOXNews then you surely must know that the story is suspect. As it turns out, this was another FOX made-up story. It has been proven to be false.

    Marriage is not legal in France, although they do have a form of domestic partnership for same-sex couples.

    Jason is right. This story is bogus.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Sep 26, 2012 12:51:07 PM

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