1. richard says

    hopefully this touching film will bring an increased sense of awareness to the autrocities committed by this shallow minded country.It is hard to believe that one of the oldest civilizations can be this uncivilized, barbaric.

  2. Andrew says

    While Christianity and Judaism have been mostly defanged, with the exception of fundamentalist Christianity in the USA, Islam is still a virulent homophobic force on the world stage. Make no mistake about it, if you favor equality for women and sexual minorities Islam is your mortal enemy.

  3. AriesMatt says

    Very moving and sad. The young actor reminds me of Chris Colfer a little. This story needs to be told, but doubtful it will make much of a difference to the intolerance in Iran. Sad truth.

  4. SayTheTruth says

    And in today’s world, where Islam and its tenets fight to get civilization back to the middle ages, if you openly state it you can be called islamophobic. Yeap, they learned the lesson: take the western freedoms to preach the hate, play the victim when pointing it out.

  5. Anon says

    SayTheTruth that sword cuts both ways. If anyone dares to criticize any aspect of Israeli policy, they are branded an anti-semite. And let’s not forget, just a few short years ago, if you criticized any of GWB’s policies, you would be called anti-American.

  6. Regan DuCasse says

    Here in Los Angeles, about three years ago, I saw a play based on these poor boys called “Haram Iran”. It was produced and presented at the Celebration Theater.

    It was SO hard to watch, but important to do so. What happened, reminded me a lot of how black males would get lynched in the Jim Crow south, on the flimsiest of accusations of sexual congress with a white female.
    A mere accusation, without evidence or the motive to make that accusation can and has lead to these kinds of incidents that our nation or any nation should be condemning and forcefully.

    The defamation and hyperbole that’s spread about gay people is obviously dangerous. So much so that not even children are safe from it.
    Lawrence King, after all, was only 14 when he was executed outright in his classroom by another boy his own age.

    Such an atmosphere that teaches that gay people are not only worthless, but threatening, makes casual contact impossible without physical threat to gay people.
    For all their talk about how civilized, moral and virtuous they are, religious fundamentalism is anathema to all that.

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