Gay Rights Activist Destroys Wingnut Victoria Jackson and Random Bigot in Sidewalk Debate: VIDEO


SNL-alum-turned-conservative-crackpot Victoria Jackson posted this video she shot of a 'debate' she had with a gay rights activist wearing an HRC t-shirt on the sidewalk outside the DNC last month.

I guess she's proud of it?

She writes:

A Gay Rights Activist in a yellow Tshirt, (his gay activist group all wore matching yellow Tshirts), approached me on the street at the DNC and said "in 29 states, you can still be fired if you're gay or lesbian," I replied that one can also be fired for being a Christian.

A stranger approached and joined the conversation saying that 13 year olds are being confused and taught to embrace homosexuality, and then he added that his mother had become a lesbian and that it had hurt his family... "My Mom's hurt my're's not even funny...."