1. AriesMatt says

    Good grief. I hope that Victoria and “dumb dude with the cap” have not had any children in their respective relationships. This people are truly frightening.

    The gay rights guy is very sexy. Yum.

  2. Stephen says

    Being gay isn’t about having sex. Straight people have gay sex, it’s about love. but she wouldn’t understand that. I feel like this woman would go away if she was ignored. the more attention she gets, the more she is likely to continue. I’d be happy not to see anymore of her name or posts.

  3. anon says

    I don’t think you can be fired for being Christian because under Federal law religious views are protected. However, there are exceptions for hiring if the hiring entity is itself religious (obviously). I’m not sure that can be twisted into her statement in any reasonable way though.

  4. Matt26 says

    Is she serious? Can’t believe she really is.
    “I don’t believe in homosexuality.” So illogical. Not matter of believe.
    The gay guy wont the debate easily. Logic wins.

  5. Thomasina says

    Nobody has ever been able to explain to me what “choice” has to do with whether or not gay people deserve civil rights. So what if being gay *were* a choice? Converting to Christianity is a choice, and as the man correctly points out in the video, Christians and adherents to other religions are protected from discrimination in the US. So why does the conversation about rights seem to hinge so often on first figuring out whether or not being gay is a choice? Can someone give me a serious answer to this?
    Also, something doesn’t necessarily have to be genetically determined for it to not be a choice. Maybe this lady thinks that anything that isn’t a choice must be genetic because she doesn’t know anything about science, but a characteristic or trait can be congenital (that is, developing or existing in utero or as a result of birth) without being genetic.

  6. says

    y’know, i’ve had these “talks” with “concerned parents” at meetings about introducing LGBT-diversity dialogues and education in schools. These people don’t seem to realize that no matter how anti-gay they are, or how much they dont’ want their kids to “learn about” homosexuality it does not mean that they’re children are straight.

    their kids are hearing their words. it won’t make them straight. it will only cause incredible damage to their sense of self-worth and their entire concepts of Love.

    the children of parents who “don’t want their kids to learn about homosexuality” are the ones who most need early education and who and what LGBT people are. it’s their friends. it’s their friend’s parents. it’s their friend’s siblings. it’s them.

    that guy is smart and on the point. which makes him even more scruff-tastic. woof, baby.

  7. says

    Oh and that guy who joins is an idiot. At no point in history has a family ever been broken up or destroyed because a family member Came Out. They only get destroyed and broken up because of the anti-gay prejudice those other family members refuse to work on and get over. it’s literally that simple. easy? no. but simple.

  8. Gigi says

    She’s for real. I read an interesting article by a guy called Dan Steadman in which he talked about being friends with both Jackson and Kirk Cameron. He said in the article: “Early on, I came out about my sexuality, and she was quite loving and accepting about the issue. She had questions for me, but she didn’t seem to judge. She’d spent decades in show business, so I certainly wasn’t the first gay friend of Victoria Jackson.” Cameron too knew Steadman was gay and didn’t have a problem with it. He’d been over to his house many times, played with his kids and drank wine with them and chatted about anything and everything. Never once did Kirk tell him that he was “unnatural.” In both cases he found out about his friends’ “opinions” about homosexuality in the media. Somewhere along the line…things changed. Cameron’s not at batshit as Jackson but they’re both possessed by Jeebus.

  9. Francis says

    People like her help us in this culture war. She’s so blatantly insane that only REAL trash like that white hat dude who probably was a plant to put the gay activist on the defensive, could possibly agree with her.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Steve: You’re right. If she’s so serious about Leviticus, she should not have a tattoo. Unfortunately, some Christians still believe that tattoos are forbidden, and will not accept someone who has one. WWJD?

    @Knucklehead: The Religious Right takes as an article of faith that homosexuality is a choice and they have “evidence” that backs up their view. (If you want to ruin your day, view “homosexuality” on It’s the conservative answer to wikipedia.)

  11. says

    folks who are Christian enough to want their chosen religious views to affect how LGBT people live their lives, but not Christian enough to want their chosen religious views to mean that the poor, the sick, the dying, the elderly, the homeless, the destitute are provided with shelter, medical aid or money to get by.

    how odd yet typical.

    but this video is a terrific testament to why LGBT Education is necessary, at a young age – these bigots learned to hate before they learned to love. kids aren’t confused. kids are highly adaptable.

  12. Rob says

    This is sad to watch – like gawking at a crazy street person – because that’s what it is. She has no logical coherent point of view, all she does is repeat and claim that things happen to Christains too. While I’m sure she is a willing particpant in this; there’s just that creepy sense she is being exploited for that little glimmer of former fame.

    Please no more of her.

  13. PAUL B. says

    Every celebrity, real or imagined, has a schtick (spelling?)…but you know what it is.
    If the bimbo didn’t have that dumb voice, dumb blonde look combined with no brains…where would she be?
    A housewife from Kansas, milking chickens and collecting eggs from cows.

  14. says

    ok maybe they are able to post, is there a limit on post size maybe?

    what I said before:
    I’m a christian who is sick to death of the religious right and organized religion.
    The picking and choosing of whats right and wrong in the bible drives me nuts.

    They like to harp on Lev. I like to point out in the same chapter that homosexuality is talked about so is the fact that people eating shellfish, guys doing women on the rag can get you stoned (and not in a good way)
    Also fathers can sell their daughters into slavery.

    I also like to point out that Christ and his promises negate the old testament.

    ALL sin is equal according to Christ who you know.. Christian should be following.
    (even if you DO think homosexuality is a sin)So telling your mom her butt doesn’t look fat in that dress when you think it does or telling your sister that no you can’t go to that Tupperware party because your kid has a school thing when he doesn’t is no better or worse than homosexuality.

    That one really pisses my mom off who is a huge homophobe.

  15. says

    According to the church I was raised in gay people are going to hell.

    I want to know how they figure that one since John 3:16-19 (the cornerstone of Christianity) says that:

    16. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    17. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
    18. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

    I don’t see anywhere in that verse where it says except gay people because they are going to hell.
    It says to get everlasting life one needs to believe in Christ.

  16. Harry Joseph says

    He is a much better person then me. She is a vile human being period. I don’t want to label her as “crazy” or “mentally ill” because people with mental illness have a problem and they struggle with problems that are out of their control. She is a bigot that justifies her ignorance with “religious beliefs”. She is also desperately seeking attention because she is a talentless failed actress that can’t get work so she found this as a way to be on TV doing interviews and getting press. The irony of it all is she proved the point that people like her are hate mongers that feel the need to say uninformed ignorant comments to people of the gay community to further justify their hate and ignorance. She has every right to believe whatever she wants. She does not have the right to preach hate, intolerance, or harass anyone.

  17. says

    They will never believe that homosexuality is not a sin, it’s just not going to happen.
    But you can nail them with their own beliefs.

    I grew up in the church from a baby and then went to private christian school and then a christian university. I also have read the whole bible and take into account the whole bible, not just they bits they like to pick out and hold up as the Truth.

    Once I started thinking for myself I realized a lot of my views and beliefs were things that had been hammered into me since birth.
    I’m still very much a Christian, but I think organized religion is crap (and most other christians I have talked to lately are thinking that too)

  18. says

    Sorry for the long post but this subject and people like her really piss me off.

    Oh and my 17 year old son is gay and I think parents who kick out and revile their children for who they love are sick and never loved their children in the first place.

  19. says

    @littlekiwi I usually don’t disagree with you but this time I do. When that guy’s mom came out she was probably married to his dad at the time. Even in the best case scenario, his folks would have gotten divorced and it would have broken up the family. That’s traumatic regardless of how justified it may be. That doesn’t make him any less misguided in blaming lesbianism for his problems. And it certainly doesn’t mean his mother should have stayed in the closet. But coming out that late in life, after starting a family with someone of the opposite sex, is going to be very hard for everyone involved.

  20. says

    I find this video so sad on so may levels but the one thing I take offense to more than anything else is the idea that sexual orientation is somehow a private thing.

    Our sexual orientations are THE most public identities that we have. It is very loudly and publicly exclaimed with every wedding, school dance, valentine’s day and New Year’s kiss. It is so ubiquitous that people only notice it when there are gay people around and I find that SO galling.

    People only discuss sexual orientation as a private matter when they talk about LGBTs coming out. If that were true though, then there would be no romantic comedies. If that were true, then dating wouldn’t be the central plot element in coming of age films and television for and about teenagers. Sex acts are private. Whether I blew a guy last night is private. Who I intend to marry, is not.

    This idea that our sexual orientation is a private matter is a lie told to us by people who want to pretend that we don’t exist. Every time we let them get away with it, we are diminished as individuals and as a people. I can no longer stand it!

  21. says

    @ Thomasina – I can explain it to you. The reason the “it’s not a choice” argument comes up is because once that is proven, there can be NO legal discrimination against the gay community. The entire premise against gays and lesbians is that we were behaving in a deviant, unacceptable way – akin to drug use or some other non-inate behavior. Once it is understood that one’s sexual orientation is as biological as the color of one’s eyes, then ALL the bigot’s arguments and reasoning for legal discrimination goes right out the window. It’s an incredibly powerful and useful point to make, and it needs to be pounded into the collective psyche of every bigoted homophobe.

  22. acevdo says

    I am so glad these HRC people are brave enough to get out there and do what they are doing. I was walking through downtown Boston last week on my lunch break and a group of adult straight men (not teenagers) were heckling them and giving them grief. I urge all of us to support them, sign the petitions, donate $$ if you can.

  23. Will says

    Religion is the basis for hatred. Religion is the one thing humanity needs to over come in this century. Religion is a backwards idea which has no place in a modern society.

  24. Andrew says

    The bible is ancient mythological B.S. It has no relivance to the real world. Its foundation is a supposed covenant the creator of the billion gallaxy universe had with an illiterate nomad thousands of years ago. The creator of the billion gallaxy universe accepted the nomadic Abraham’s foreskin as a sign of their covenant. If that isn’t bat sh^t crazy, nothing is.

  25. mark says

    Can Victoria Jackson really be that stupid? Its like Victoria Jackson is the only person who doesn’t know that Victoria Jackson is stupid.

    He’s treating her with respect, while she makes an ass of herself trying to talk down to him. All while making a mockery of her own beliefs.

    Belief in something without questioning is scary. Nothing is that simple. Does she do everything the bible says? Does she love her neighbor? What if her neighbor is gay? How does Victoria Jackson’s brain deal with inconsistencies? Does it shrivel or liquefy? She is so sure of everything. Does she even get it?

    When even sincere and misguided beliefs determine outcomes in the lives of human beings we are all in trouble. Who’s beliefs do we all agree to follow and why? I might not believe anyone could be as stupid as Victoria Jackson but that doesn’t mean I’m right. Beliefs are not facts. How many lives have been ruined because groups of likeminded people have tried to enforce Victoria’s beliefs on others?

  26. Houndentenor says

    Jackson was already like this when she was on SNL. Google for profiles (like the Dallas Observer article) that detail her run-ins with fellow cast members. I’m sure her Jewish colleagues didn’t appreciate being told they were going to hell unless they accepted Jesus or gifts of Bibles on Tape as Christmas presents (all returned). This isn’t new. She was always like this. She just didn’t have a microphone in front of her when she was ranting about stupid and crazy BS.

  27. FunMe says

    The beauty of the interaction is that the cute gay guy is respectful and in the process Victoria ends up looking just like what she is: a STUPID and crazy bigot.

    Cute gay guy pretty won the debate.

  28. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s interesting that the Religious Right seems to have let requiring “abstinence only” programs take a back seat to opposing “pro-LGBT” programs. Perhaps they have finally learned that “abstinence only” doesn’t work (such as Palin). How long before they also learn their opposition to “pro-LGBT” programs is similarly unfruitful?

  29. says

    i know a great many Families who had a mother or father Come Out. yes, there was a divorce. yes, there was a period of hurt and confusion. but you know what? they did the right thing – they learned to understand.

    i was at a wedding a few years ago. lesbian couple. at the wedding was one of the women’s ex-husband, with his new wife. and all their kids.

    homosexuality didn’t break up the family. prejudice did. but LOVE put it back together, just in a different form.

  30. K in VA says

    Actually, you can’t be fired for being a Christian (or of any other belief). Religion is protected in our laws, as is gender and race and national origin. It’s only sexual orientation that has no protections in federal laws or in the laws of the majority of states.

  31. says

    Ha ha ha ; when I started watching the vid I thought this dumb cow was having a laugh. Then I went on, heard it all and read the comments !

    This sow has a TV show ? Incredible.

    That gay rights guy is of infinite patience; I would have exploded within the first minute.

  32. KP says

    honestly… why does anyone care what this moron thinks? why are we giving people with extreme, misinformed perspectives the time of day? this idiot? bryan fischer? all they want is attention and we keep giving it to them.

  33. kim i says

    those people who get so wound up by the kind of sex other people are having, or by the genders others ID with — isn’t THAT the real “perversion”? the whole obsessing about what someone ELSE is doing or not doing with his and/or her bits? i can’t imagine thinking that it’s any of my business, unless i’m invited to participate. … am i? any takers? lmao.

  34. Andrew says

    @Shelly: According to the very questionable NT, Christ was born a Jew. Lived his life and died as a believing Jew. He is quoted as saying he did not come to change a single word of the Law and the Prophets. He is just as much a part of the ancient mythological B.S. as Abraham and Moses et al, if they ever in fact lived. Toss it all out. It is ancient mythology taught by people who believed that diseases are caused by evil demons. That includes Jesus who is said to have “CURED” people of diseases by chasing out the evil demons. That stuff is bat s*it crazy. Join the 21st century!!!

  35. says

    I didn’t see or hear anything that “destroyed” Victoria. He should have called on her to quote the exact Leviticus verse that says mixing fibers in your weaving is punishable be death, like eating shellfish or “lying with a man as with a woman” and she can’t remember – meaning she hasn’t even read an entire chapter of just one book in a collection of books which she claims to believe in then I would say she’s destroyed. He should have asked her, too, why is she selective in enforcing the word of god? Why just homosexuality and not mixed fibers, shellfish, disobedient children (punishable by too), as well as the biblically sanctioned practice of slavery, especiallypeople whose “skins turned dark because of their sins?” Or have these yellow-Ts haven’t even read THOSE? In which case they’re not armed to deal with the enemy, who cannot be reasoned with but will entertain rebuttals based on the bible.

    If he asked her why is she selective

  36. Icebloo says

    She had better start believing in gays FAST because she NEEDS us. She is a train wreck – AWFUL hair, AWFUL make up, AWFUL clothes, HUGE bags under her eyes – HIDEOUS.

    If you’re not too fat Victoria, get on your bloated knees and pray for some gay friends to come and give you a makeover ! Just looking at you makes me want to vomit & your pathetic fake baby voice is like nails down a chalkboard. What a HIDEOUS mess !

    I pity her. She is desperately clinging to fame. She didn’t have the talent or the IQ to succeed in the entertainment business but she refuses to let go of the dream even after all these years of obscurity. Hardly anyone remembers her. I can’t remember any of her SNL appearances.

    She needs some genuine friends or family to tell her to MOVE ON. She obviously has no real people around her and that’s why she has gone off the rails.

    Victoria – you are not cut out to be famous. You need to accept it and get on with your life. You are embarrassing yourself.

  37. a different Tim says

    In Los Angeles you see many of these washed-out actors, people who were last year’s hit now scraping the bottom to maintain some semblance of a career. This one’s clearly working some angle to keep in the public eye. Is that really her, or is it a character she’s playing? If it’s the latter, she’s not going to get back in the limelight with this lame floundering.

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