1. PixelWizard says

    His innate talent stood out way back in the otherwise-unfunny ‘Third Rock From the Sun.’ How nice he’s become superskilled, very handsome, and an LGBT ally. In that ‘daughter’ skit he delivered off-the-wall greatness – touching and comedic, both.

  2. emjayay says

    Actually I thought Third Rock was pretty amusing and smetimes even moving in its eccentric little way. And we got to watch J G-L grow up. He’s a good actor, but the SNL opening in particular and the guy from Receiving bit just didn’t work for me. The rapper one was OK, but the black guys carried it with J G-L holding up his end.

  3. R says

    I always liked JGL skinny… but damned if he isn’t getting buff… and it looks good.

    He has that wonderful kind of attractiveness where he’s a clear 10, but in such a way that exudes a boyish charm and approach-ability. He’s basically perfect.

    To top it all off, he’s one of the most likable and talented people in his entire industry. If I had to pick a fantasy celebrity crush, he’s easily the pick — and I don’t think he’d mind :p

  4. Randy says

    In Canada, Global has stepped up to … do, uh … umm … well nothing at all, actually.

    But you have to go to them if you want to watch NBC’s SNL clips.

    My Daughter:

    The Finer Things:

  5. SoLeftImRight says

    I JGL big time. The opening was so funny…I couldn’t believe they did that, and it worked. He is one of the few actors out there that make me immediately consider seeing a film that he’s in.

  6. Stefan says

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but as much as I love JGL even he can’t save an episode of SNL for me. It’s not funny. At all. I might smile a few times at best, and last night was no exception.

  7. Robert K. says

    Bravo, according to his Wikipedia entry, JGL is part of a Jewish family, although “not strictly religious.”

    And you shouldn’t have mentioned that fantasy involving him and Daniel Dae Kim, that is too hot for words!

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