1. Brandon H says

    Isn’t she kinda tempting fate with lyrics like “die young”? Especially when her music advocates partying and drinking.

  2. Alexander says

    “Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young^_^” very much like britney spears’ dance until the world ends eh? I love it though.^_^

  3. redball says

    what’s up w/ this recent trend of lyric videos? seems like suddenly Pink started doing them and now Ke$ha and probably others i don’t follow. just wondering.

  4. ChristopherM says

    Why does she always look like she just rolled out of bed after being up all night at a ketamine and water sports party?

  5. G.I. Joe says

    I like her, if only because everyone hates her for no reason.

    I also think “Tic Toc” was a great song, too. Most musicians would kill for a single half as successful.