1. Icebloo says

    The Democrats now officially support full equality for gay people. Emmett Burns Jr is claiming to be a Democrat. If he is not willing to support the official Democratic platform then he should be thrown out of the party. You are either a Democrat or you are not – you can’t pick and choose the pieces you want to support.

    The Democrats should refuse to fund his re-election campaign.


  2. John says

    Go to the Vikings Official Website and donate just a dollar (or more) to the “Children’s Fund” in Chris Kluwes name. It’s a small way to thank him, he deserves it.

  3. jason says

    Emmett Burns is indeed a Democrat but that doesn’t mean he has to agree with the so-called party platform. There’s lots of Democrats – including blacks – who are quite conservative on this issue.

  4. MaddM@ says

    he’s free to support whatever views he wants, but as an independent. The world is moving forward and if he wants to be stuck in the 50’s he’s free to do it… himself, without the backing of a major political party

  5. Bob says

    Some of the comments are odd — this Uncle Tom Ho may be pleasing his constituents, which he is free to do. However, the image of Black church people in Maryland is in the toilet, with many of us, and he does it no good.

  6. Dynex says

    We need to get all our LGBT reps in public relations shedding more light on this story and exposing Representative Burns for who he is. It will most definitely help our side as the public, on virtually all blogs and sites are overwhelmingly supporting Ayanbadejo speaking in favor of gay rights. So many straight people on facebook who were indifferent toward marriage equality are expressing far more support because they are outraged by what Burns did. We need to get the spotlight on this story even more so! Come on LGBT camp. Expose the true freedom stoppers. And show the hetero atheltes fighting for us in their face.

  7. says

    I think this is a key opportunity for pro LGBT groups to use this story, and the well known and well liked football players who are pro gay in it, to tap into a target demographic we’ve had trouble with: but could easily garner more support from: older heterosexual Middle America men. Most of them can be positively influenced and seeing a narrow minded politician attempt to stiffle the freedoms of their beloved hetero atheletes all for showing compassion for us, at the very least will make them think. I think this is a golden opportunity for the movement, and I can only hope and pray it won’t be a missed opportunity.

  8. Steve-ATL says

    A lot of people on social media, from the dozens of comments sections on articles this has been posted in to twitter and even you tube, are incredibly on the side of these football players and are attacking conservatives. Heck, I honestly can’t remember reading so many positive supportie comments for us and our allies. This really could be our answer to the Chik Fil A mess and we wouldnt have make a case either, just share the story. The facts speak for themselves and make a positive impact.

  9. Miakal says

    Can you even imagine if the roles were reversed? Two public figures speaking against gay marriage then having a politician contact their employer and tell the employer to make sure it never happens again because it’s a bad influence on the company? The right wing would run with that and make themselves the biggest martyrs ever, and sadly win impressionable minds with their calculating media ploy.
    Why our organizations haven’t called out Emmet Burns Jr. And/or publically praised these two footballers at the same time is beyond some of us. I guess they are busy organizing a dinner party with celebrities?

  10. says

    An elected official who has said his religion dictates his decision making as a policy maker in Maryland, who is against gay rights, vocally badgering a private citizen for expressing support of gay rights, then same said elected official touching base with the person’s employer to get them punished for expressing their opinion for equality……. Are we in the United States still? No really. Are we? This seriously can’t be 2012.

  11. Michelle says

    I read the letter from House delegate Emmett Burns JR and am truly shocked. Did he really write that and send it to the NFL? That’s both frightening and disturbing. He not only spoke on behalf of the wishes of all his constituents in it. He not only clearly requested the athletes rights be limited. He also made the bold claim that it would jeapordize the reputation and status of the Ravens football team. It not only read like a violation of constitutional rights but almost came off like a threat to the team. I can assure you burns violate his ethics code contract he signed before becoming a delegate, which disables delegates from carrying out such conduct. Hope this isn’t just brushed off, because we’re no better than the most militant communist country when our house delegate are sending letters to our bosses with bold false claims all to silence us. That’ll be a scary future folks. I agree- Burns needs to be exposed

  12. SC David says

    I’m a Steelers fan, but I now have a new interest in the Vikes. For those not fans of pro football, kickers are often the free spirits of a football team (ex: Sebastian Janikowski/Raiders, Jeff Reed/Steelers, Garo Yepremian/Dolphins). Mr. Kluwe’s passionate, well-spoken and handsome self just picked up a new Twitter follower here, and I applaud John’s idea of making a donation to the team charity in his honor. At least we know a sure winner for the next GLAAD awards. :)

  13. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    @ Jason–yes, Jason, as you’ve made it quite clear in your postings for some time, you are ambivalent (to put it nicely) about gay people yourself. It must be difficult for you to live in that head.

  14. Den says

    If (hopefully when) the Minnesota anti-equality ballot fails then I seriously think America’s gay and human rights organisations should send a delegation to Maryland to present an award to Emmett Burns thanking him for his contribution to that victory. It would embarrass and annoy him but it would be a classy and stylish way of responding to his arrogance and wrongful behaviour.

  15. kp05 says

    What Miakal said. Huckabee would already have used up a good ten minutes of airtime trying to get people to buy Ravens tickets if Ayanbadejo were anti-equality and the situation were reversed. This is Chick-fil-A x 2 and no one on the right will hear a peep. So much for the power of the “librul media.”

    And while Burns is still a Democrat, I have a feeling we’ll see a party shift once we get our equality (which will be funny considering how many people left the party when *he* got equality).

  16. Kas says

    The Democrats are based off of coalition politics and cannot simply kick out people that don’t agree with every platform plank. It would destroy the party and set our cause back by decades. It is enough that the Dems are now officially in support of our causes. I think, however, that we should make sure the story gets as much publicity as possible.

  17. jason says

    Keep in mind that the anti-gay politician Burns is a black Democrat. This has been carefully hidden in most reports by the liberal mainstream media. I noticed that a lot of you fail to recognize this fact.

    At the end of the day, we need to be on guard against both Democrats and Republicans who would take away our rights. Be particularly vigilant of the homophobia of protected species like women and blacks. Both can be extremely homophobic. In fact, my theory is that women drive a lot of homophobia today.

    I know it sounds harsh but that’s my assessment. I’ve been around different social scenes for 24 years and counting. I’ve studied a lot of things.

  18. irisgirl says

    Thank you, Mr. Kluwe, for using your “celebrity” status in such an important way. I hope more sports figures choose to use their media platforms for such a vitally important issue as marriage equality.

    And wow, you are such a babe! [for me, that means intelligent, civic-minded, and Hottt!]

  19. Rick says

    As I type this, there are 30 comments on this story and only 4 or 5 of them even mention Mr. Kluwe–and 2 of those consist primarily of comments on his physical appearance.

    Imagine that some woman had done what he did, especially some pop star like Lady Gaga (who would only do the same thing out of self-interest rather than out of principle). You would have seen dozens of comments that amounted to a figurative lapping at her feet and gratitude being expressed in a virtual orgy of adoration.

    It is high time that gay men woke up and smelled the coffee, realize that straight men are changing and are our REAL allies–and indeed the only ones that really count, since changing the male culture is the key to eradicating homophobia……and embracing them as brothers. The past is the past–they are changing and you need to change with them and stop thinking of straight women as your friends (they won’t be when push comes to shove) and straight men as your enemies…..which is as outdated as an attitude as the culture of effeminacy is as a mindset.

    Actions like this matter 1000 times more than anything any woman any does or can do (disingenousness of her motives aside), no matter how prominent she might be…….

  20. Rick says

    Well, I may have spoken too soon. I did not see the previous story on Kluwe in which a lot of you did thank him.

    My bad.

    The larger point I made remains, however.

    Only men can change the attitudes of men and if the attitudes of men change, then all our problems fade away. If those attitudes don’t change, then nothing else will matter, including any amount of “sympathy” from women.

  21. UFFDA says

    RICK – you’re half right (OK maybe 3/4’s) in saying that straight men are changing, that they are increasingly our brothers in arms, and that women don’t care as much. But lots of good women do care and the straight men who think they know what the Old Testament God wants will never be out friends until they get over themselves.

    I think Lady Gaga has made it more than sincerely clear that she is on our side, not that I care much about her music, or, heaven’s forbid, worship her.

    Best of all is that you continue undaunted to chip away at the culture of effeminancy among gay men which is both counter productive and entirely unnecessary, to say nothing of repellant bad form. Still, it’s true that many men with feminine characteristics are as natural and sweet as the masculine types. They are not putting it on, it’s who they are. I wish you could love and champion them. The intentional mincers attempting to be cute are the low lifes of the gay movement.

    Keep going, just include more of us.

  22. Rick says

    Or maybe I did not speak too soon–entirely. Just read the story on Ayahbadejo and a few individuals pointed out that not a single prominent gay organization or politician has come to his defense–only another straight football player has.

    Which begs the question of why.

  23. Rick says

    @UFFDA We will see how the straight women who have been “sympathetic” in the past react if and when we get to the point where homosexuality among men becomes entirely acceptable and/or is even considered “cool.”

    I have a sneaking suspicion–and there is lots of evidence to support it–that whatever sympathy straight women have had towards us was and is contingent on the existence of a homophobic male culture that ensured that straight men would keep gay men “in their place” and that there was no danger of male homosexuality ever becoming widely acceptable or even something that would be condoned by men in general.

    Under those circustances, straight women made gay men their confidantes, their social accessories, their sounding boards for their issues with men, their little “pets”…..but those relationships were rarely equal and typically accrued more to the advantage of the straight woman rather than the gay man. Gay men nevertheless latched onto them because it was all they had available to them, given the absolutely intransigent homophobia and hostility they encountered from straight men and the emotional indifference they often encountered from other gay men.

    How will these women react if the male culture changes in such a way that men become truly sexually and emotionally liberated and no longer are dependent on women as before–or at least not as much so–and their (the women’s) social power base is negative effected?

    I don’t know for sure any more than anyone does, but I cannot imagine that it is something they will welcome.

    And that is what I meant when I said that when push comes to shove, they will not be on our side. At the end of the day, a “liberated” man and a male culture that encourages such liberation is not in the best interests of women when it comes to the amount of social power they possess.

    It will certainly be interesting to watch how things evolve, one way or the other.

  24. Bart says

    Thank you, Mr. Kluwe.

    And to Mr. Emmett Burns, you want people to shut up…how about you first. You seem to be somewhat ignorant and creepy, I suggest you read the Constitution of this country and then apologize to all involved, then wake up to history. 50 years ago…you would not be holding your job.

  25. Ninong says

    Emmett Burns, in his official capacity as an elected government official, wrote a letter to an employer in his state demanding that the employer restrict the free speech rights of an employee. That amounts to government interference in free speech and is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

    Emmett Burns should be impeached!

  26. jason says

    How do you know Kluwe is straight? I know he’s got kids but how do you know he’s not bisexual?

    I suspect you call him straight because you need to fit him into your “straight ally” narrative. It’s a sad fact that many shallow gay guys need to have a “straight ally” narrative to bolster their egos. Sorry, guys, but it ain’t working with me.

    At the end of the day, just call him an ally. Why do you need to add the word “straight” in front of it? It’s unnecessary and pathetic. In fact, many of you are pathetic.

  27. UFFDA says

    RICK – Well it’s true we don’t know for sure and you make a kind of believable case. If we have to be “pets” I would much rather be one to a sympathetic straight man, or gay one, than any maladjusted woman.

    Still, there are all kinds of great people in the world, men and women, straight and gay, effeminant or not. I’m confident that the world to come will be better than the present which fades as we speak.

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