1. Pommie says

    I used to like Gaga as a person but now I see a pointless, point-blank fame whore in her.

    P.S.: I still very much like some of her songs though.

  2. endo says

    The new Pet Shop Boys album (which is mostly terrible) has a track called “Ego Music” that’s quite clearly about Gaga.

    The lyrics are spoken in first-person from a haughty pop star, and one of the lines might actually be “It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music.”

  3. says

    people die every year from alcohol and tobacco use. so far, cannabis use has not been the cause of death for anyone, and has yet to cause even one case of cancer.

    and yet….people are still up in arms about it. funny, that.

  4. Pommie says

    @BILLY CRYTICAL: Can’t say that for sure ‘coz in my college students who get recruited in law firms as big as Linktakers, Allen and Overy, to name a few, are all regular smokers

  5. andy says

    she’s English now apparently. Honey is you’re gonna copy Madonna leave out the bad stuff like fake accents.

  6. Mstone67 says

    Didn’t Streisand do this first, at her Forum concert in the 70’s? I think Gaga has spent a lot of time studying the archives of the Divas before her and is paying homage to them, by passing it off as “art.”

  7. Reppin2 says

    Well put MYSTONE67. Everything she has done has BEEN done before. Us older generation do not buy it…..but for the younger kids it is all “fresh”.

  8. Gabriel says

    This makes it on the site yet Beyonce’s fund raiser that raised 4 million for Obama doesn’t. Interesting indeed.

  9. says

    uh…but if you think La Streisand was the first artist to smoke grass onstage you’d be wrong, too.

    rather than all this “who begat what when who invented being whatever once upon a yesterday” why can’t we simply acknowledge that cannabis is awesome?


    some may be stunned to discover that Lady Gaga is not the first American to partake in the Good Green while in Amerstdam. Others will simply ask her to pass that dutch.

  10. nina says

    Nasty b!tch you weren’t born this way but to be honest, you only copied it all the way and whatever you didn’t is nothing but as sh!t as you.

  11. Pommie says

    I second Gabriel. They didn’t write anything on the apparel that a lot of celebs have designed for Obama’s campaigning.

  12. Comeonereally says

    Once and addict, always an addict. It’s not about the chosen substance, it’s about the addict mind.

  13. Frank says

    Stop busting on her accent. As someone who traveled all over Europe for months- you tend to mimic the speech of others. I was in Prague and Germany when a man asked me where I was from- I told him California and he said I didn’t speak like an American. My sister’s husband is English and she sounds like it every once in a while now.

  14. Rovex says

    She is so obvious and boring. Its all calculated and planned. Yawn. Go away dear, your time is well and truly up.

  15. ratbastard says

    Oh bull…her accent is an snotty affectation.

    And in Europe and the UK many people didn’t know I was American until I told them. My low brow hybred Boston/NY accent to them doesn’t sound American. They usually think I’m Australian.

  16. ratbastard says

    And please…WTF is the deal with weed? This is like freshman H.S. stuff, all that’s missing is the Beavis and Butthead giggling. Like most people I’m all for legalizing it, it’s already decriminalized in small personal amounts here in Massachusetts. Hopefully then the hardcore potheads will STFU. They bore the hell out of me.

  17. zeddy says

    Actually, I know a lot of people who smoke pot and pretty much waste their lives away. Sure they don’t kill anyone, but they hardly seem alive living in a purple cloud.

  18. MaddM@ says

    It would be very interesting to see Madonna smoke a blunt on her MDNA tour now to one up her.

    Gaga may copy but as they say good artists borrow, great artists steal- she’s done what she needs to do (a true hustler) to get to where she wanted to be, which was onstage with a piano being supported by her art

  19. says

    aint it funny, MaddM@? People kick and scream about Gaga and Madonna all the time, online.

    and last time i checked those two ladies weren’t hindered by it đŸ˜‰

  20. Michael says

    I hate when people say about any new starlet “oh, she’s the new Madonna”. Lady Gaga, I believe, hasn’t even come up with 3 sets yet and she’s already tired as f*ck.

    One great album does not mean anyone is the new Madonna. Sure, there are some of those who argue Madge is old and tired now but no one, and I mean no one, has even come close to matching what she has accomplished. And, btw, this doesn’t come from a die-hard Madonna fan.

  21. Closet Case says

    She’s such a pathetic attention seeker. She probably thinks she’s being trendy and cool but she’s just a famewhore (hence her titling all her projects with the word ‘fame’).

  22. John says

    I like Lady Gaga’s first two albums. Born This Way wasn’t my cup of tea. I wish Lady Gaga would churn out more music instead of constantly tour and merchandise stupid products. The 360 contract is gonna be the death of great popular music.

    I also hate the whole “born this way” concept. It’s very much the product of someone who was born in the mid-80s. Everyone is special! (Full disclosure: I was born in the mid-80s too and often succumb to the same “I am so special!” mentality as my generational cohorts.)

    But I truly much prefer RuPaul’s formulation of identity. “You were born naked and the rest is drag.”

  23. says

    As if we didn’t know she’s been high as a kite this whole time.

    I’m no prude, but nice role-modeling for the little monsters…like they’re not already incorrigble enough.

  24. anony6 says


    I have a feeling ARTPOP is going to be a continuation, and worse, of everything I didn’t like about the BTW era.

    I want to see her get down on the piano, and spend more time on her writing. Her music, live playing,writing, all seem to have been in decline since The Fame Monster album. The art part of her performances and music really seems to be missing now.

    No more noisy, over-produced, music for middle schoolers. I don’t want to hear anything else about high disney princess or mundane childhood references.