1. jaragon says

    Interestingly weird- bits of Dali, Bunuel, Cocteau and leather porn- not sure if this is going to sell any perfume.

  2. V-8 says

    the first thing u see in the video is the word “warning”…

    it is my interpretation that the warning spelled out with images, reads as follow:

    “you are about to waste 5:30 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back”

    what a waste of money…. she truly has a face made for radio…

  3. Tallulah says

    I got a sample of Fame from Sephora. It was cloying and I wanted it to go away.
    I enjoyed the way Justin Bieber smells. And who wouldn’t?

  4. Miguel R. says

    Aesthetically incoherent. Let’s take the “film” on its own terms. It is very spatial. Yet, try to imagine the topography of the “fame” landscape. You can’t. Because it is a random set of images shot in a studio. I’m not saying that every video has to have a topography, but the cruvilinearity of the forms, the monumentality of the Gaga sculpture, invites a certain topographical thinking, that is then disavowed. You can’t propose a set of untenable terms and demand that you be taken seriously. The video is incoherent, at every level. The worst part is the juxtaposition of the pompous nude sculpture (which has a certain appeal) with the silly flag drill team dance she does. What type of world are you imagining Gaga? I don’t think that you even know.

  5. Miguel R. says

    Gaga- Your pseudo-performance art hucksterism bores all of us, officially. It entertained some of us for a bit. But we are all bored.

  6. Miguel R. says

    Gaga- Your pseudo-performance art hucksterism bores all of us, officially. It entertained some of us for a bit. But we are all bored.

  7. CD says

    Someone has watched MirrorMask, Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White and the Huntsman way too many times.

  8. Jason R. says

    I have to agree with Miguel R. I can see a reference to Narcissus and how that might coordinate with the fame experience, but overall the imagery is just incoherent. I feel like I can usually follow the symbols Gaga uses, but this just seems random. The worshiping at the altar of Gaga is evident with the crown and crawling men (more fame). She declares herself as “mother monster” (in German)–more fame. But everything else is too abstract, assuming she was actually trying to convey anything.

  9. Edd says

    I’m still waiting for the music to start.
    I honestly didn’t realize it was for perfume until the very end.

  10. Boop says

    It’s an extended Madonna fart that grew a life of its own, became the demiurge, then enslaved all the narcissists into supporting the dying race of retarded humans that value image over depth while pretending the image holds depth by not holding it.

  11. Poob says

    This is what we would call a masturbation session in which the only person that orgasms can’t feel. Commonly known as Narcy on Parade. Now let’s grab our jockstraps and start climbing!

  12. C says

    I’m not sure it’s intended to make sense in the usual way. It’s mostly just supposed to be memorable, no? Personally I thought it seemed to recount her path in the spotlight so far, and definitely evoked thoughts of mirrors, Narcissus, dark parts of oneself, creativity, Terminator, potential regrets, and dubious power. It also possibly envisions the threat of a dark and lonely future.

    The dancer in black at about 1:00min was cool b/c I couldn’t tell what it was at first. I like how the claws on the mirror became complete with their reflections (1:43). Is that caviar (3:20)? Totally recognize those pecs (3:40) … Alejandro 1:50, no? (Okay, that’s absurd!) In the end, it was all just a dream (5:20)!

    Anyway, the important part is did I see naked manflesh? Oh, okay then. I’m sold. ;p

  13. Tim says

    The only part that made sense was when the S&M shop assistant Gaga slapped the faces of the men she passed. That is exactly what it’d be like walking into a shop to buy this garbage and actually giving someone money for it!

  14. says

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  15. Christopher says

    It’s a way to copy Madonna, again, by throwing in a little Marilyn Manson and Jed Clampett. Let’s me know that her fragrance is like black gold, Texas tea! Then the next think you know Olde Gaga’s Millionaire, kins folks said, “Hey move aways from there!”

  16. Markt says

    It means: Fame hasn’t changed her one bit; and if you buy the perfume you’ll smell just like an innocent italian girl from the Upper westside before it was fashionable.
    I really enjoyed that. It really took me away and had a fun vintage quality.

  17. johnny says

    Very Dada-esque. It’s not supposed to make sense. When you have that freedom and that much money, it doesn’t matter. Basically a visual feast, complete with caviar.

    Sorta dark, though. Petrochemical nightmare.

    Nice effects.

    For me, it’s Gaga killing Madonna and replacing her in an oily tableau. A couple of times that half-face under the hat looked just like Madge, no?

  18. TedEBear says

    At any moment I expected the man in the black rubber suit from American Horror Story to appear. It also triggered an intense acid flashback.

  19. hotbeef says

    really gaga guns I really thought that brought the “film” down. I liked some of the imagery but meh

  20. Velocifero says

    Fame is a cheap “eu de toilette” water made by a company that also makes a line of cosmetics that you can by at Walmart. Fame is a forgery perfume that was already done in the 90s. Nine year old girls and their mothers will buy Fame, then the same mothers will go vote for Romney. The world stinks right now and we don’t need a cheap dime store perfume to remind us how crass mass marketing and cheap crap sold at box stores is killing our cities and enabling the 1% whom Lady Xerox gladly champions like all political animals.

  21. Matt says

    I’m pretty sure this is the gay apocalypse Republicans imagine will be the penultimate goal of the second Obama term.

  22. Paul says

    I love her as a “live” act – she blows the competition away with her voice and energy. But this stuff is silly and really detracts from the amazing talent that she is.

  23. Jason Stefani says

    All of you criticizing Lady Gaga better stop it. Little monsters can get your iP address and we will punish you.

  24. Shannon says


  25. Craig says

    It feels like a serious nod to Terry Gilliam and H.R. Giger. Watch a Terry Gilliam movie (Brazil, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, 12 Monkeys, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) to see it.

    And remember art is completely subjective.

  26. jhr459 says

    well then V-8, maybe you should try multitasking since your time seems so valuable. Maybe next time watch it while you are ____________. (Fill in the blank – the possibilities are endless)

  27. Johnnie says

    Nazi, battlestar galactica and early aught’s pornographic video game imagery recycled in the service of narcissism. What’s to explain?

  28. Tired of her says

    Does this famewh0re talk about anything else besides FAME?! My god, the way she talks about fame all the time and uses the word “fame” in all of her projects shows how much she craves it.

  29. Freeride says

    Occasionally some of Gaga’s youth shows through (for being what 25? she is quite an adult). In certain people she chooses to work with (you have to consider this was done with Steven Klein… photographers don’t make great directors sometimes….this was a big step above alejandro which I thought was terrible)

    The video is edited terribly in my opinion. And I think Gaga could pull back a little on so much dark imagery.

    I would assume the video has something to do with battling the dark parts of yourself (the whole thing has the feel of the fame monster era).

    She initially wanted it to smell like her blood, the liquid is black, and all the black liquid in the commercial can be interpreted as blood, I assume. Toss in some Dali references, some fame references, some kitsch references, and some bondage references, add Steven kleins fashion photography take and Tada.

  30. Lady Gargoyle says

    Rubbish. Poor make-up and hair. SFX are very weak. Seems cobbled together as yet another piece of over-indulgent tosh from a mediocre rancid fame-whore.

  31. Bob says

    I think she should start a TV channel with Martha Stewart and Heather Mills. They could take it in turns to re-enact pivotal scenes from TV shows of yesteryear such as “Hill Street Blues” or “Who’s The Boss?”.

  32. Graphicjack says

    I sort of see Tamara Di Lempika influences in the sculpture and let’s not forget that Madonna used DI Lempika paintings in her Open You Heart video… Can Lady Xerox PLEASE do something original? Madonna puts out a perfume so guess who has to do the exact same thing… Really, it’s getting pathological…

  33. Joe De Hoyos says

    Clearly this is a lady who is REALLY into her own image, even if it is totally fake. Unfortunately if this is supposed to look like “performance art”, it only comes across looking like a desperate plea for attention.

  34. velocifero says

    Why are you continuing to promote this video? Is it to increase hit’s to your blog? Fame is a rip off of another cologne. Another copy and paste job by Lady Gaga Inc. A woman who definitely thinks corporates are people.

  35. Bryan says

    Oh please, since when has a Lady Gaga video had a coherent or decipherable storyline? She’s like 95% visual stimulation and she does that well again in this vid. I think the images are beautiful and well done.

    Can I make out a story? No. But it looks good and I think for a perfume commercial, that’s enough.

    PS: I see Velocifero or whatever his name is, remains obsessed with Gaga, you can be sure to at least find one comment from him in 8 out of 10 Gaga related articles here. Here’s an advice, if you dislike her so much and think she’s evil, ignore.