1. io caprone says

    so just how did spielberg work out the product placement of a Lincoln in Lincoln…guess I’ll have to go and find out

  2. jcmiles says

    “What a remarkable piece of crap this film is”
    And you base this what??? Oh you seen the movie??? Or you can just tell???

  3. UFFDA says

    This, if true to history, will be a killer as no one was more conflicted or appalled by what had to be done than Abraham Lincoln. I will watch with greatest, gravest interest.

    And, indeed, thank God there are no werewolves or vampires for the ghoulish, there will be slaughter enough.

  4. mld says

    i had such high hopes for this, i didnt realize its a spielberg film, he has lost all his credibility. therefor at its highest potential, this movie can only ever be as good as any single episode of full house.

  5. John Seaton says

    Another great history lesson. Keep it fresh so we don’t repeat history. Think about that for awhile.

  6. Jerry6 says

    There is no way THAT “trailer” will ever get anyone to decide that they MUST see the Picture. What a FLOP!