Nick Gruber: Calvin Klein Has Spies Watching Me

Former Calvin Klein boytoy Nick Gruber says that Klein has hired a private investigator to follow him around:

GruberFor the last month, Gruber says he and his boyfriend, John Luciano,
have been tracked by a cop-turned-gumshoe. Gruber tells Confidenti@l
that he believes the investigator, a well-known P.I., was hired by Calvin Klein to watch his every move.

But the investigator isn’t sleuthing around incognito. On Monday,
Gruber says the private eye got in a scuffle with Gruber and his friends
at Toy’s Avenue A Soundcheck party in the Meatpacking District.

He also says the investigator approached the former porn star’s table
and began shouting about how Luciano is connected to the mob and being
followed by Federal agents. Gruber says the gumshoe showed up to his
hotel yesterday morning as well.


Luciano said Klein probably misses Gruber. “I understand what it’s
like to be broken-hearted, and I’m sure Calvin’s heartbroken,” he said.
“Nick’s a great guy.”

He said that neither he nor Nick will take legal action against Klein or anyone hired to follow them.

Especially if they're carrying cameras for a reality show.


  1. luminum says

    Well, I’m sure in a few years when his career booms because of his reality TV show that we’ll all hate to love to watch, he can look back and thank Towleroad for contributing to the initial hype and press that put him on the map.

  2. CKNJ says

    Let’s see, Nick is writing a nastygram tell-all, and he expects Klein to sit back ignore it? I am not surprised that a gumshoe is following him! This really is, as Jack says, a gay train wreck!

  3. Elsewhere says

    Is there anyone who doubts that Gruber is responsible for hiring a “private eye” to “trail” him and his reality-tv “boyfriend”?

    I mean, if the private investigator wasn’t around, exactly what would the cameras be capturing for the “reality” show?

  4. Brian Phillips says

    Gumshoe? Really? What year is this, 1942?

    As for this whole topic, I think the above comments hit this right on the head. The attention you provide is the same that will turn him into a must-see trainwreck. Aren’t we tired of riding people to their ultimate deaths—Princess Di, Anna Nicole, Lyndsey (within the year), etc…….

    Why would an smart blog support that? Oh, wait, click-thru-rates. This is a business afterall. Never mind.

  5. TyInTennn says

    Here’s the deal Nick – when the 14 minutes of fame you have left are over, Calvin Klein will still be Calvin Klien and you’ll just be some guy who got his rosebud tickled by and 69’d with a 69 year old guy.

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