1. Brian says

    Does he really believe that the government provides food, housing and healthcare for half of the population? And that the only reason people vote for Obama is to keep up all the freebies? And how does he explain that all these freeloaders live in the blue states, which overlap almost exactly with the wealthiest states in the country?

    So many questions, never any answers.

  2. bravecat says

    If you are so uncertain about the context of these remarks, or if they are in fact Romney at all, why are you posting them?

  3. i could go on, but I won't says

    These comments just beg for two observations:

    1. Corporate America has been the single biggest acceptor of gov’t aid.

    2. If gov’t benefits were seriously impacted the economy of the USA would collapse.

    But in the view of the elite these are both situations that are fine with them.

  4. NaughtyLola says

    “Entitled”? Yes, you bet. We are entitled, I fully agree.

    We are, as American citizens, entitled to an economic and well-being floor beneath which no American will be permitted to fall. We are entitled to a society that treats us with fairness and honesty, and we are entitled to a government that does the same. We are entitled to basic civil rights and a government that upholds them on our behalf. We are entitled to an infrastructure that benefits all, regardless of whether we personally need it “in the moment”.

    Yes, yes we are “entitled” — we are Americans, we founded this country because we were entitled to a civil society that respected both our individual rights and our collective well-being. Absolutely, we are entitled.

  5. Acronym Jim says

    Beautiful response, NaughtyLola. I continue to be dismayed by the twisting by the right of the original intent and meaning of words like “entitled” and “elite.” Thank you for reminding us of the actual definition. I swear if some of these people had been part of the British power class during the revolutionary war, they would have equated inalienable rights as “entitlements.”

  6. kp05 says

    The assumption that 47% of people are voting for President Obama simply because they are heavily reliant on government assistance, is completely, pathetically, utterly false.

    If that were true, RMoney would lose the election by a LANDSLIDE. If that were true, ONLY rich people would vote for him.

    A solid share of those 47 percenters are anti-gay, pro-Christian-zealotry, pro-personal-arsenals, and anti-anything-from-the-black-President. They willingly vote against their own best interests so they can cling to their “religious freedom” that’s supposedly being violated.

    You’re right though, if this is Mitt (sounds just like him), he DID sound completely genuine. In other words, every time he’s in front of an audience, he’s putting on a face like a corporate exec on his call to the Street. I’m not saying everything President Obama says is coming from the heart, but his sincerity is a bit easier to detect. When it comes to asking for our votes, Mitt is NEVER sincere with his claims.

  7. Joseph says

    What NaughtyLola said. We are “entitled” to certain basic rights because the government is for, and by, “We, the People.” Something Romney and his cronies have forgotten.

  8. VDUFFORD says

    And many of the folks that vote would vote for Mitt. When they get sick they end up in the ER uninsured because they say its their right whether or not they purchase Health Insurance. Then we all pay for that their right not have insurance now thats…entitlement!

  9. Randy says

    Maybe I am being to sensitive about this issue, because I do depend on the government for alot. And when people throw are the facts that some americans live off others hard works kind of bothers me. The fact is, I went to Iraq and got injuried and I get a disability check from the government. But everytime someone mentions that because I get a government check, I am lazy, no good person who wants to just lay around and get freebies. I had to give up a $50k a year job because of my injuries of war. And I have worked since I have been 10 years old and I am now 51. I am far from being lazy. I would much rather still be making $50k a year then the 11K a year I get from the VA. And maybe I fall into a different catagory, and maybe I am sensitive about this issue, but I still feel guilty that I have to live off the government.

  10. says

    I’m sure Romney’s idea of dealing with unemployment will be let the unemployed die. It will probably be the same strategy for the sick as well.

  11. Uisce says

    It is called the social contract, you Mormon mofo. We forgo the option of running lawless in the streets in exchange for order and protection from enemies foreign and domestic. And we will even pay you the government for the privilege. Poverty and illness are the most rampant enemies we have. They ruin the pursuit of life and happiness more than any terrorist going. So get the population healthy, happy and educated and we’ll do the rest, you idiot.

  12. Graphicjack says

    So he’s basically saying let people starve on the streets, right? Welcome to the Marie Antoinette school of belief.

  13. Sam says

    I just think how that many red states take the most government assistance as a % of their GNP and if you were to take that away from them, they would be on level with second world countries at best.

  14. millerbeach says

    @Randy…if no one has thanked you yet, let me be the first. Thank you for what you did for our nation, for your sacrifices, both mental and physical. I appreciate what you did for this country, as I still believe it is the best nation on earth, and most worthy of defense. I am sorry to hear of your current financial status. Ironically, last week, I was in a doctor’s office, talking to a vet, who was having equally hard times, who fought for this nation, but was afraid to speak aloud as to who he was going to vote for in the next presidential election…it is Obama, someone who he felt would take care of the vets. Politics aside, it is shameful the way this nation treats its vets. They fight and sacrifice, and this is how they are treated? Barely kept above the poverty line? Shame.

  15. MaddM@ says

    I want to say thanks to Randy too, and I wish more people in your situation would speak up. I think there are many that are not happy to be on government assistance but do as a final barrier to being out on the streets. From a party that loves to trot out the troops and practically tattoo an american flag on their foreheads, you would expect a little more generosity when it coms to vet benefits but they want to drain those, maybe because they know their policies are going to cause the number of dead and wounded troups to baloon.

  16. D. W. Skinner says

    It’s actually alarming to see how the Republican party has self-destructed… it’s like watching someone committing suicide. Every stupid act that caused their calamity, and the collapse that is most assuredly coming, was a willful choice on their part. Instead of creating a platform telling us what they intended to do, we got one that was filled with who and what they hated. Instead of marching forward with the music of the future, they dialed the radio back several decades to dance completely out of step with the world. When their numbers began dwindling in their party they chose not to embrace others in this melting pot of a nation, but to alienate as many as they could: women, gays, lower and middle class, senior citizens and people of Color. Instead of working to clarify their honesty and integrity, they tried to sneak laws past the public that would keep them from their one inalienable right as an American.. the right to vote. In doing this they lost respect even in the eyes of their own ranks and became a joke or curse-word to the rest of the world. We are watching them slip their head in a noose…in November they will kick their own chair out from beneath themselves.

  17. Peter says

    Mitt and the GOP are total scum. Yes, there are a few good GOPers, but their number is quite low. We are all doomed if they win, really.

  18. Mary says

    How do we know Romney isn’t in the 47% who paid no taxes? He won’t reveal any but the most recent two years of his tax returns. Maybe he’s hiding the fact that he’s one of the 47% who expect things from the government — things like massive tax breaks. Talk about government dependency, millions of “welfare” for the super-rich.

  19. Mike says

    Even Republicans, surely, would agree that Americans are entitled to food. Right? In the 21st century? Or do they actually think people should starve in our streets?

  20. says

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