1. Chuck says

    This story, if true, is awful. However, something about it doesn’t pass the smell test. Like why are the brothers banned for life??? Most owners of bars are not going to ban victims of hate crimes. It’s just bad for business and bad publicity in this age of instant news and Internet.

  2. Clay says

    “I got into a guy’s face about it…” that’s not a beating. that’s a fight. That’s why they got banned. Fights happen all the time, this is not headline worthy. Next…

  3. Francis says

    Sad. I’m guessing they were banned because the bar owners either assumed they started the fight or the bar owners are friends with the attackers. The lack of response from the media in Omaha is disappointing but unsurprising, given this is Nebraska, after all. Going to YT is a way to bring attention to what happened to them as well as alert others from potentially suffering the same fate.

    Hopefully the four punks are caught.

  4. Chuck says


    There is alot of guessing and assumption in your opinion. May I suggest an alternative to your theories? The media did investigate and discovered what Clay stated that it was a common fight and not a gay bashing.

  5. Francis says

    Well, Chuck, if you’re verbally denigrated with gay slurs then there is clearly an anti-gay element to the situation. The brothers responding to the homophobia doesn’t wash away what the attackers did and their apparent motivation, which was antagonizing guys they assumed were gay/using gay as a means to insult.

  6. Frank says

    So, let me get this straight, no pun intended. If the guys in the bar were using racial slurs instead of gay ones, and the two guys who confronted them got beat up, would you two still be as unsympathetic as you are being now? No one should be harrased for being who they are, and this incidence of harrasment shouldn’t be any less credible because the two chose to stand up instead of back down against bigotry.

  7. Chuck says

    I am not being unsympathetic. I am an openly happily partnered gay man and as I stated before if the situation is indeed true, it would be awful. However, I know several bar owners and this story just doesn’t sound right to me. It just sounds like a routine bar fight and he is using the sensitive topic of gay bashing to legitimize or justify why he got into a fight in the first place.

  8. says

    they were supposedly banned for demanding reentry to the bar after the attack (and after the bar had closed) – bar owners say they were kicking the door and peed on the building. IF that’s true i could see why they’d be banned.

  9. OmahaGay says

    I live near McFly’s and am openly gay and frequent the bar. I’ve never had any issues with anyone -the owner, the staff, other patrons – never a problem. I know people who were at the bar that night and the guys that were “attacked” had been previously kicked out for drunken antics on St Patrick’s Day. The owner wasn’t even there that night.
    Idiots need to stop calling fights hate crimes when they aren’t justifiably hate crimes.

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