1. woodroad34 says

    I feel bad for Matt Lauer, but NBC has been steadily going down hill for more than a decade now. Once Jeff Zucker left the News Division to take the helm of NBC everything started deteriorating. I worked for them and left at the beginning of the decline. The whole mentality at the place was to “manage up” and not to manage business.

  2. MarkRocks says

    Disgusting. A fame-seeking whore on TV, instead of remembrance or coverage of the President of the United States.

    Aside from the banality of these trollops continuing with publicity, the reality is the number who died – and who were effected – by September 11 still changes this nation.

    NBC “News” should be embarrassed.

  3. I wont grow up says

    They can’t spare 1 minute of airtime, they have to advertise there own programing. I remember when the Today show was considered a mostly a news broadcast not The Matt Lauer show. ALL tv news is a disgrace.

  4. JauntyJohn says

    It’s jarring to watch the whole thing and see such a dramatic, wtf moment in our culture/media/whatever.

    I’m not quite following the idea in a few comments that there is some kind of expiration date on taking A MOMENT out of a year to acknowledge what happened.

    What is it — are you not entertained? Constantly, constantly entertained?

  5. Luke says

    @MarkT, we still hold pearl harbor memorials every year. I think most of us still hold pain in our hearts from 9/11, and we should absolutely keep having memorials.

  6. Malaysian Ho says

    Looked more like pageantry and celebrations to me. You can have moments of remembrance anytime and it can just be all taken place in your heart. It doesn’t have to be at the same day of the incident with all gun-plays and dress-ups.

  7. SamIAM says

    From an entertainment perspective, I’d rather watch paint dry than Kris Jenner. That said, I agree with the sentiment that it’s time to start loosening the hold those events have on that day a little. I felt the news overall didn’t focus on it nearly as much as in prior years. And I liked that. We haven’t forgotten, but it’s time to move on. I certainly think stopping during those two hours in the morning is probably still the respectful thing to do at this point. But I was honestly glad to have the day focus on other things after that.

  8. jaragon says

    The Kardashians are the royalty our shallow culture deserves. I live through 9 11 and it’s a memory I will always have- a moment of silence for all those who died should have been the least that the Tooday show could do- the Mama-pimp selling her whores could have been saved for a later time.

  9. Pommie says

    I think as in I know, it’s been 11 years and people are still sad about it. However, we should not stop from moving forward. We should learn from what happened and let go the past. It’s okay to remember but making it compulsory such that non-remembrance would be unpatriotic is just ridiculous. They should also understand that it’s not always a good think to remember a sad event with this intensity. With all the respect to everyone, one should strive to be more happy each and everyday. It’s already been long enough. Why don’t they observe silence over the death of thousands and thousands of civilians who died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s just a matter of how one sees it. Some screw head destroyed two towers and in return the US almost destroyed two nations.
    It’s a matter of humanity for which one should observe silence and not just for the heck of it. Let the bygones be bygones. Learn, Love and Live to move forward.

  10. CD says

    I’m not debating the fact it was a bad idea to do a Kris Jenner interview at that time, but this video is misleading. Did the other morning infotainment programs on ABC and CBS run the moment of silence? Side note: two of the three networks that did run the moment are owned by NBC Universal. Also three of networks featured are cable news networks. While cable/satellite usage is high it’s not 100%. So for the other two broadcast networks, did they run the moment?

  11. TANK says

    It’s hard for Tank to have to admit this, but I used to think that Bruce Jenner was hot back in the day. But now, he looks awful. That hair, that overdone makeup, the whole package just looks tacky. And that Savannah Guthrie dude looks like she could benchpress Bruce now, and that’s just sad.

  12. luke says

    bad form maybe, but there would be plenty of people (i guess?) who would want to channel switch because they’re not interested in the silence or 9/11 thing. a better choice of person might have gone better, but the kardashians have a large presence for potential viewers /shrug

  13. jsb says

    Not a fan of the whole Kardashian enterprise thing, but, it has been 11 years since that 9/11 tragedy, maybe we need to let it fade into the background. Those who care to commemorate it every year are welcome to do so, but don’t drag everybody else with you as if it is mandatory. All this hollow rhetoric is embarrassing, makes us look as silly as Mittens did this morning with his charges blaming President Obama for the killing of 4 Americans in Libya.

  14. MaddM@ says

    is the point tha tthe news should have been reporting on the hundreds of thousands around the globe dying every day instead of Kris Jenner or the nation’s big pity party for 9-11? I know the whole thing was a shock to the nation since we’re incredibly isolated from the international conflict we stir up, but we should really be thankful that it’s been over a decade since we had any major domestic loss of life when in some places it’s much more frequent. If israel decided it was going to have a national day of mourning for every domestic loss of life they’d never get anything done.

  15. Rita says

    Seriously? If one of your kids, parents, or loved ones ever pass away,would you go visit them by going to the cementary to show how much you care or loved them every Year? These people had families that at least care for them, loved them and that lost them in that time. Do show some respect at least, its only once a year that these people get to shared their loved ones. Why show entertainment at a time like this?

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