Pakistani Girl Arrested For Blasphemy Released On Bail

Rimsha:MasihThe Pakistani Christian girl named either Rimshah or Masih, who was arrested near Islamabad three weeks ago for allegedly burning pages of a Qur'an to start a cooking fire, has been released on bail.
The release comes nearly a week after a cleric from the girl's town, Imam Khalid Chishti, was arrested for framing the girl. From Haaretz:

A judge in Islamabad had granted Masih bail on Friday, but her release was delayed due to a procedural delay in the processing of surety bonds totaling 1 million Pakistani rupees (10,640 dollars).

… a Muslim cleric, Khalid Jadoon Chishti, was arrested [last] weekend for allegedly planting pages of the Koran in a bag containing burnt papers to frame the girl.

Imam Chishti has rejected the allegations by members of his mosque as "fabricated." But his accusers allege the cleric himself desecrated the Koran in an attempt to drive out the Christian minority from the neighborhood.

Last week, I speculated that Masih/Rimsha's release from prison may be delayed due to authorities' concern for her safety. (After her arrest, many of Masih's Muslim neighbors publicly called for her to be burnt to death.) Indeed, Masih/Rimsha has not yet returned home. She, her family, and numerous other Christians from her neighborhood have sought refuge in an "undisclosed location."

Haaretz notes that Masih/Rimsha is "believed to be" less than 14 years old, and that a doctors' panel has declared that she suffers from learning disabilities, and has a low IQ for her age. 


  1. kafantaris says

    Seeing the pious Pakistanis enforce antiquated blasphemy laws in the 21st century should give us pause.
    Reflecting that the same Pakistanis have threatened to use their country’s nuclear bomb on their populous neighbor should interrupt our sleep.
    Why then are we preoccupied only with the prospect of a nuclear Iran?

  2. Tanoka says

    @ kafantaris

    Pakistan is an ally, dontcha know? Just like Afghanistan once used to be… It’s not about moral or democracy, it’s about what they can do for us. (Us as in the US/west.)

    I can’t fathom how these people can justify this behavior. Shame on them all! (Except for the people who ratted out the imam.)

  3. Marc C says

    What the F@CK is wrong with you? You’ve no reason whatsoever to regurgitate this photo and further put her life in danger. None whatsoever.

  4. andrew says

    During the last week when some posters on this site went ballistic over teenagers holding up a sign saying the color purple is gay: they have remained mostly silent on the Moslem atrocites

  5. andrew says

    come out, come out: Sean collins, Dallas, Art…, 2 Dads,Dan and Little Kiwi.I have said something not P C. And I still have two testicles and am not self loathing. You people or person are so f*cked up.

  6. Socal says

    Does anyone know how to reach out with meaningful assistance to this girl and her defenders/protectors? It seems that it’s financial assistance that she needs.