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Illinois Catholic Bishop Warns Voting Democratic Supports 'Intrinsic Evil' Because of Abortion, Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois isn't instructing you "for whom you should vote" but warns that voting Democratic is supporting "intrinsic evil" and putting your soul at risk, Right Wing Watch reports.

Says Paprocki in a video:

Certainly there are "pro-choice" Republicans who support abortion rights and "Log Cabin Republicans" who promote same-sex marriage, and they are equally as wrong as their Democratic counterparts. But these positions do not have the official support of their party.

Again, I am not telling you which party or which candidates to vote for or against, but I am saying that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote, because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.


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  1. Their tax exempt status remains intact as long as they don't endorse or condemn a particular candidate.

    Consider that Latinos are likely the only group still active in the Khurch. And they mostly don't identify w/ Rethuglicans. It won't be long til they start leaving the pews as well. In fact, in Boston, they closed a well attended churche b/c the parishioners (latin) weren't coughing up enough cash.

    The Episcopalians really need to step up their marketing.

    Posted by: Pete N SFO | Sep 27, 2012 8:15:42 PM

  2. They are condemning 1500 particular candidates. They all happen to be Democrat.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Sep 27, 2012 8:25:26 PM

  3. Report these anti-gay Christians to the IRS for violation of their tax exempt status if they get involved in politics and these anti-gay Christians need to start paying taxes like everybody else for violating that law.

    Posted by: Bob | Sep 27, 2012 8:26:12 PM

  4. Paprocki's soul was in jeopardy the moment he became a Catholic priest.

    Posted by: Robert K. | Sep 27, 2012 8:46:55 PM

  5. Intrinsic evil? Pot, meet kettle.

    Posted by: Evan_LA | Sep 27, 2012 8:48:27 PM

  6. Intrinsic evil? Pot, meet kettle.

    Posted by: Evan_LA | Sep 27, 2012 8:48:28 PM

  7. If you support same sex marriage, feel free to withhold any tithing or donations to the church, since they don't want you to take the sacrament.

    Posted by: bkmn | Sep 27, 2012 8:57:44 PM

  8. Back when body language was studied more formally, it was believed that someone steepling his hands as shown in the still is expressing through his body language his opinion that he is greatly superior to you. This man looks so very special in his purple and black and gold. Intrinsically evil, in fact.

    Posted by: SC David | Sep 27, 2012 9:20:47 PM

  9. what is he doing with that Isis & baby Horus picture on the wall behind him

    Posted by: Moz's | Sep 27, 2012 9:31:43 PM

  10. "Well,isn't that special!"

    Posted by: greenfuzz | Sep 27, 2012 9:39:10 PM

  11. If only there actually existed a place like hell, so that people like Thomas Paprocki and scores and scores of his fellow Catholic bishops could burn for placing tens of thousands of children's innocence at risk by pedophile priest they secretely moved around to avoid detection and prosecution. The Catholic bishops are lucky that hell is a myth because it would be their final destination.

    Posted by: Andrew | Sep 27, 2012 9:45:43 PM

  12. 1615 West Washington
    Springfield, IL 62702
    (217) 698-8500
    email page link

    Posted by: Bob | Sep 27, 2012 10:06:06 PM

  13. @Rodney Wallam: THE politically active Catholic church keeps its tax exemptions for the same reason that politically active African American Churches and politically active White fundamentalists and evangelical churches keep their exemptions. American politicians know that it is political suicide to touch them. The majority of American voters still believe in the silly myths of the Abrahamic religions. Religious leaders know this and they enjoy their free ride.

    Posted by: Andrew | Sep 27, 2012 10:16:23 PM

  14. Think about this for a minute... A woman is beyond 19 weeks pregnant when the woman's cervix is dilated, and an abortionist grabs the baby's leg with forceps. He then proceeds to pull the baby into the birth canal and delivers the baby's body, feet first, all but the baby's head. At this point, the abortionist inserts a sharp object into the back of the baby's head, removes it, and inserts a vacuum tube through which the brains are sucked out. The head of this tiny baby collapses at this point and allows the aborted baby to be delivered lifelessly. How is it possible that we live in a world where people think that this is okay? Our president sees no wrong in this sick procedure...In fact, if a baby is "accidentally" born alive after having this procedure done, Barack Obama believes we should deny treatment to that child as well. How can we vote for this Nazi when he goes against one of our fundamental beliefs? Good job, Bishop Thomas John! Way to stand up and call the cafeteria Catholics out! I am Christian first, and my votes will reflect my Catholic beliefs!! I am very proud to be a part of the Springfield Catholic Diocese!

    Posted by: Erin | Sep 27, 2012 10:25:52 PM

  15. Excuse me, why aren't we taxing these pedophiles again? This is clearly a political ad.

    Posted by: Winston | Sep 27, 2012 10:27:54 PM

  16. @Erin
    You are an ignorant sheep if you think anything that you just said actually happens. By the way, the Nazis outlawed abortion, and you support a church that allows pedophilia. You have no moral high ground.

    Posted by: Alan | Sep 27, 2012 10:49:23 PM

  17. @Alan What do you think a partial birth abortion is??? Unfortunately our president has voted that it should be a legal procedure... Also, the Nazis had no problem putting pregnant women in gas chambers- what's the difference? I'm sorry if you are blind to the fact that we live in a sick world, but unfortunately this procedure does happen... Let that lie in your conscience on election day.

    Posted by: Erin | Sep 27, 2012 10:58:47 PM

  18. hahahahaha. Intrinsic Evil is made up Catholic BS. If you vote for the Democrats Satan will have your soul and you will be damned to hell! Come on! You think adults are really going to listen to this horse crap. Pope Rat Face really has laid down the crazy.

    Posted by: Rob | Sep 27, 2012 11:03:49 PM

  19. The Catholic Church in the U.S. should soon go the way of Ireland's Church, where they hold no moral authority whatsoever anymore, and Catholic Church attendance is down around to only about 20 percent of what it was forty years ago. When they weren't covering up for child molesters, they were still a mean bunch beating children in schools (both priests and nuns). So it was inevitable that people would, eventually, say enough-is-enough. What amazes me is people like this Paprocki actually believing it's still 1950 and that he, and the Church, has some kind of right/authority/credibility to actually go ahead and tell his church members how to vote!

    Posted by: Yupp | Sep 27, 2012 11:08:18 PM

  20. I work in a hospital delivery room and have for 12 years. I have never seen nor heard of a procedure as described by Erin actually being done...NEVER!!

    Posted by: PAUL B. | Sep 27, 2012 11:12:41 PM

  21. Erin, in response to your question, "How is it possible that we live in a world where people think that this is okay?" People think it's ok when the mother's life is endangered and pretty much only then. A horrible solution to an unthinkable problem. For you to bring that up in this context shows you to be a propagandist and nothing more.

    Posted by: David | Sep 27, 2012 11:16:47 PM

  22. Erin : Anyway, some people, like myself, are anti-abortion (I find it offensive and could never be involved with it myself) but still pro-choice (I don't want women going to quack doctors in "back alleys"). And it's only one issue out of so many in my deciding who to vote for.

    Posted by: Yupp | Sep 27, 2012 11:16:49 PM

  23. But aside from the abortion issue, the same-sex marriage issue should have NOTHING to do with Paprocki. He himself isn't being forced to perform those ceremonies, nor is the Catholic Church (which is how it should be).

    Posted by: Yupp | Sep 27, 2012 11:19:31 PM

  24. That kiddie-diddler wants the Catholic Church to have it's say in politics, but it still wants to be tax exempt. Sorry, Bishop Pop Rocks, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. You want to dictate law, then you better start paying your share for it.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Sep 27, 2012 11:22:11 PM

  25. Bishop thinks he's King, white-Knights for the church, Rooks the public, tells Pawns to vote Romney, pisses off Queens. Checkmate.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Sep 27, 2012 11:27:33 PM

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