1. John says

    He’s upset that they “forced” him to admit it in front of a studio audience, and he’s also upset that they DIDN’T broadcast it nationally. I’m a little confused…

  2. Steerpike says

    EEEeewww. Have some dignity, dude. I feel all slimy with cold, stale, synthetic emotion now.

    I am not against gay men adopting feminine qualities but can we please adopt some POSITIVE feminine qualities? Not just shopping, bitching, fussing, neurotic anxiety and a desperate need to placate others?

  3. jason says

    The Fake Factor is ghastly. Having Britney on as judge simply ups the fakeness. How embarrassing is it that a hack like Britney got mega-rich by miming to songs on a stage? It’s an indictment on the music industry and us gays in particular.

  4. Pommie says

    Nobody needed to out him. It was very apparent from the start. I have an unedited link so, if anyone wants to see it here’s it. It was just ridiculous. He should be proud and give his self some respect. Did you look at Britney’s eyes. Come on. Nobody cares and you should also better take care after yourself instead of worrying about her soulless eyes. Stop using DRUGS.

  5. AJ says

    That was the first ep of The X Factor I watched (The BF is a huge Britney fan) and will probably be the last. The show made me feel slimy and disgusting. I thought his segment was so uncomfortable I wanted to run screaming out of the room. Him coming out (which was unnecessary dude. Everyone knew) would have pushed it over the top. What a horrible, unpleasant show. The audience was booing his terrible performance partway through. They really put Britney on the spot too. Just a terrible mean-spirited show all around. I will be further embarrassed for this country if it’s a huge hit. And his segment was one of the least uncomfortable ones.

  6. AJ says

    As usual, though, Towleroad sees a homophobe behind every bush. Him coming out would have made his audition segment absolutely unbearable. It was bad enough the way it was.

  7. Remote Patrolled says

    Wow – where do we start with this guy!

    You can’t complain that Fox is ‘uncomfortable’ with gay issues when you’re not willing to be out and proud yourself.

    Besides X Factor had a gay guy last night was talked about his boyfriend and had the whole crowd and judges on his side (plus let’s not forget that Fox also airs the incredibly gay friendly Glee)

    As for that performance… well the bullied girl at the end of ep 1 was also emotional and still held it together and delivered! Find another excuse!

    I have issues with the fakeness of some parts of the X Factor which for me undercut the more real aspects of the show – but I think Don got a fair shake.

  8. Francis says

    Yes, people, he’s pretty obviously gay. That doesn’t mean his coming out is less important to him or less important than others. Anyway, you can question why Don would come out on X-Factor the way he did but if what he’s saying occurred the way it did, then he has my support, because of FOX’s history regarding the gay issue on American Idol (and SYTYCD also).

    X Factor said they edited out Don’s coming out because it had nothing to do with the performance. What we do know is American Idol has definitely intentionally closeted gay performers in the past, so FOX has track record on doing things like this. Wouldn’t be any surprise to see them pulling this stunt again, especially given what Nik said happened on last night’s episode.

  9. Patric says

    Wow, Jason, I didn’t think it was possible but, for the first time ever, I agree with you (assuming you’re the same Jason who posts on this site regularly). This is awkward, so you should probably now go back to defending Willard and other Republican homophobes who want to write discrimination against us into the U.S. constitution.

  10. Lance says

    I heard the audio when the show was being filmed. The guy literally went on for another ten minutes about how he’d been keeping secrets and had finally come to accept himself over the ten years since he’d seen Britney. But any time one of the judges would ask what he was talking about he would avoid answering, which got the audience booing before he even started to sing. It was very uncomfortable just to listen to. He accused the judges of bullying, but they were just trying to get him to clarify what he wouldn’t stop talking about. And then his admission came in the form of accusing Britney of not thinking his being gay was okay. What?! This guy was a trip.
    Also, why is upset that they didn’t air it if he didn’t want anyone to know…? Creep.

  11. epic says

    if he sang with britney “back in the day” i can assume they are similar in age so around thrityish…he has a boyfriend, frosted hair and is seems a tad fey(no judging,yet) and while technically he’d be coming out on national TV, what South Beach queen is traumatized by “coming out” at his age? Xfactor is tired, after what the producers made steve jones do last season, I was done with this shoddy mess. It might make good TV, but there are more important things in life. Like not get all bent out of shape when your national debut as fellatio expert is considered not the most interesting thing about you.

  12. justin says

    I think they did him a favor.No one liked his singing and you can clearly see they were not on his side. Adding the gay thing is a moot point.

    There was another guy on the show that was amazing. They didn’t cut that he was gay.

  13. Craig says

    Dude, you didn’t need to come out, we all knew. Maybe Fox was trying to save the rest of us from being linked to you in any form because, frankly, you came off a bit “stalkery.” Finally, Fox afraid of gay? Maybe you haven’t seen a little show called “Glee.”

  14. TampaZeke says

    This poor guy is a hot mess! First he complains that he was “forced” to out himself even though he wanted to keep that part of his life “private” and this “forced” outing upset him so much that he considered suicide but then he goes on a voluntary national internet campaign to complain that Fox didn’t show his coming out for the world to see and he feels it should have. He first tells us that HE didn’t want to broadcast his sexuality to the world but then complains that Fox didn’t show it because THEY were ashamed of his sexuality.


    Man, you are one confused mess. Please get help!

  15. Perspective says

    Can I just say that I’m so happy to read 20 odd responses that didn’t take the “gay victim” bait. Yes, whatever was happening went far and beyond him being a victim. The poor guy is a mess and the last thing he should be doing in his life is appearing on reality TV. And also thought it was an attempt at manipulating Brit Brit. I do hope he figures out a way to help himself. I wish him well.

  16. huh? says

    No mystery that he was gay and the heavy set dude with the dark hair that was awesome was clearly gay so Fox doesn’t give a crap if someone is gay or not. The music industry is loaded with gay. Embrace your sexuality dude and accept the fact that your voice is shot.

  17. Lucas H says

    I saw this. I felt bad for the guy, I think everyone did, but he really only scored points in pity and awkwardness.

    I was curious about what his “struggles” were that Britney referred to, frankly I was assuming it was drugs.

  18. Mikey Dallas says

    My issue with the show is that it seemed pre-planned from the beggining in every aspect. Found the entire thing worthless and will not be tuning in again.

  19. Sam says

    Don’t care for the show but the guy clearly has issues. People took the gay bait on that footbal player.

    The guy can’t sing and is clearly off balance so let’s give him a $5mil contract? He’s not jailbait so that ain’t happening.

  20. Yawn says

    Nobody cares what Sh1tney thinks and ratings prove that – both The Voice AND America’s Got Talent left them in the dust in the ratings. The Flop Factor barely got 7 million viewers.

  21. meow says

    That guy was obviously mentally deranged (“I SUNG BAD AND HURT BRITNEY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”), in additional to being hypocritical.

    I’m not disappointed that Fox edited out more crying. The premiere episode was 90% crying already.

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