Robbie Williams Flaunts DILF Status: PHOTO


Robbie Williams showed off his newborn baby girl Theodora Rose on Friday, and is already becoming an expert diaper changer:



  1. hugo says

    he’ll need a bit more practice, that diaper looks rather loose and messy. The baby looks rather smooth – did Robbie go for a Cesarean?

  2. Walter says

    I think people are forgetting what the “D” in DILF stands for. He’s a dad – of course he’s gonna look like crap when he’s got a newborn! But he’s still freaking adorable – bags under his eyes or not!

  3. Lindoro Almaviva says

    Well, if while Teddy naps daddy needs a diversion, he can call me anytime of the day or night. I would not mind taking inventory of every hair on that chest.

  4. shiroko says

    probably wont be long before the bigots on the right manipulate this touching family photo and make it look like some kind of sick sex thing

  5. cam says

    he kinda looks like elton john. not looking so good anymore. why do so many brits get beat up with the ugly stick when they hit their 30s???

  6. Walter says

    Martin: He’s FAT?!??! OMFG, what are we gay men coming to? “I won’t date anyone with more than 4% body fat” may be the mantra of some, but that doesn’t make it right.

    Seriously. I really don’t like what society – from models who are “fat” if they’re not a size zero, or gay men being cast off if they have a waist size greater than 28 inches – is doing to our values as human beings.

  7. Ugly says

    DILF? Please. He’s an ugly ape who looks uglier as he gets older. I also still don’t believe he’s straight, even if he’s married.

  8. Yawn says

    Not good looking and sloppy body. Likely one of those gay guys who knows he’s past his prime, so he runs out and gets a baby to keep him busy.