1. mikenola says

    The real question in all of these ‘revelations’ about Mitts positions, changing as the do every interview, is will talking about them actually make any difference?

    The “swing” voter count is very small this election cycle. The estimates are 6% to 8% are truly undecided.

    can you really imagine an “undecided” voter who doesn’t know about the flip-flops? who doesn’t know about Mitts previous claims of being LEFT of Ted Kennedy (to try and win a different race) versus his “i’m Right of David Duke” to win this race?

    I have yet to meet a ‘swing’ voter who doesn’t know where they stand on Obama. That doesn’t know/admit they wouldn’t vote for him unless he dyed himself white. Those swing voters just don’t want a Mormon as President and working up the ability to pull the lever for Mitt against their gut feelings of dismay and disgust.

    Frankly at this point I really think that those who support Obama, really need to consider keeping an eye on Gary Johnson and his standing in the swing states.

    Lets be clear, Johnson cannot win.
    What Johnson can do is be the Republican’s Ralph Nader. His presence on the Ballot, particularly in the swing states, will not hurt Obama, but will Peel off Voters from Mitt.

    Right now in all 50 states Republican lawyers are busy trying to get third party candidates off the Presidential ballot. This along with their attempts at voter suppression is their best shot to get Mitt elected.

    Remember, minorities and poor people tend to work during ‘normal’ voting hours. Old white people don’t.

    Poor people are less likely to pay DMV for a new Id just because they moved. When you are poor, 15 bucks for a new ID is a real expense.

    Minorities and poor people tend to turn out heavily in areas the have extended voting hours and weekend hours. Notice all the areas that have Republican Secretary of State office holders are trying to do away with extended hours and weekend hours.

    The GOP is hoping that both of those tactics will reduce Obama’s voter base and protect Mitt from candidates who are actually committed to be being (ultra)-conservative instead of pandering to conservatives.

    Let’s keep Gary on the Ballot, it will keep mitt on his toes.

  2. says

    The determination of voting hours by a politically appointed functionary is an affront to democracy. The very idea of seeking to attribute more weight to one vote over another by manipulation of either voting opportunities or electoral districts is anathema to the Constitution.

    I’m astonished that this use of “Secretaries of State” to gerrymander constituencies hasn’t already been struck down by the courts and an independent Electoral Commission appointed to determine sizes of districts and methods and hours of voting.

    It is the courts which should be mandating the operation of the electoral system, not those with a vested interest in winning.

  3. Canadian Observer says

    Maybe I am just being cranky this morning, but:

    “The less people who understand how he’s going to screw them, the better.”


    It is either “The fewer people who understand how he’s going to screw them, the better.” or “The less people understand how he’s going to screw them, the better.”

    Yes, I must be particularly cranky this morning.

  4. says

    yup. if your little niece has cancer, and it comes back, Ol’Mittens doesn’t want the rich white men to have to lose a dime to help her beat it again.

    plus, he thinks that when y’all die you’re gonna be his servants on his own celestial star-planet. just sayin’….

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