1. Mike says

    He’s a professional dancer and choreographer, but he’s dancing like everyone else in the club? He’s cute, but he’s no Cazwell.

  2. jason says

    I know this might sound harsh but this is hideous. It’s the equivalent of those ridiculously sexist and sleazy videos that rap stars put out featuring women in bikinis. There’s no real talent there, and it reeks of corporatism in terms of the designer undies, for instance.

    Honestly, I sometimes yearn for the day when gay men were massively oppressed and repressed. At least then, we didn’t subscribe to horrible stereotypes like we do today. We mingled in with everybody else and made some damn fine music.

    Today, we seem intent on allowing ourselves to be corporate tools or stereotype pushers. Stereotype pushers don’t sit well with men. In fact, they make my toe-nails grow inward.

  3. Mike says

    You know how every Andrew Christian underwear video looks like every other Andrew Christian underwear video? These Wil Sabin videos are like that. Only worse.

  4. marks says

    Crap muzak. He needs more showers than growers in his video since he obviously “needs” the attention.

  5. paul says

    there was a time (quite a while ago now) when gay men where seen as the arbiters or taste and style. The gays knew good music and straights wanted to get into our clubs. Not anymore. Judging by the comments here we are collectively starting to admit that we lost our cool. If this is an example of what our community is putting out there, and buying into we are starting to become naff. Andrew Christian Underwear, Hells Kitchen, Matinee Parties, Hi tops and muscle tees, Slick It Up T Shirts, American apparel undies ??? What on earth happened to us ? Maybe its true..the less you have to struggle the less creative you get. We are starting to copy the straight community and thats NEVER a good idea. Look at the mess they made of marriage.

  6. iawl says

    just …YUCK. Not sexy, not catchy– just disgusting. I am all about celebrating the positive side of our sexuality– but this is just lame and tacky. Horrible “rapping”, inane “lyrics” and just self-satisfied, stupid vapid crap. Now let me tell you what I really thought of it…

  7. Jedward says

    The comments posted here are unfair. You have all missed the point, or rather been taken in by a prank. It is highly unlikely that this was seriously intended to be a real ‘music video’. It is surely intended to be a send-up. To fully appreciate my point, watch Wil Sabin’s other video ‘Wear Me Out’. Taken together there can be no doubt that Wil Sabin is more Chris Lilley than Usher. The videos are replete with irony and banality – cheap plastic crowns, fur coats, junk jewellery, terrible lyrics, fluro paint, over-weight ‘pop stars’ in skimpy lyrca, and other clichés drawn from the urban gay scene and pop culture. It is a commentary on the disposable output of the modern music industry. It is an exaggerated caricature of the narcissism prevailing in the modern gay psyche. It challenges us to consider how we, as gay men, project our image and maintain our identity in a society that is accepting of our sexuality. It prompts us to question the roles of fame and celebrity in the internet age. It celebrates the victory of views/hits/likes/follows over talent/ability/achievement. As a dancer who has worked on the nightclub circuit for many years, Wil is uniquely positioned to comment on these important issues. The video reveals Wil Sabin to be a symbol of rationality and an emerging modern public intellectual for our generation.