1. Pommie says

    Why? Won’t ppl like you still be spreading bigotry and hatred. O yes I know, you might get tempted to marry a guy.

    Just don’t understand what is so wrong with Christianity and Islam? At least I used to think Christianity a bit better than Islam but really you just can’t choose.

  2. RyanInWyo (formerly RyanInSacto) says

    “To suddenly change the God-given and time honored understanding of marriage would be a very harmful thing for our state and for the world.”

    If the understanding of marriage is God-given, then how is it possible that marriage has meant different things over the course of history? If God has been here since the beginning, just cold doling out “understandings” of things, then marriage should have been the same in all places and in all times. The historical record does not support such a conclusion, however. So, either God has been changing his/her mind over the centuries or there is no God-given understanding of marriage. Pick one, bishop.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    So, I ask again (and again and again): how will society be harmed beyond repair by allowing gays to marry? Where’s the proof from those countries as well as those US states and DC that allow SSM?? Can no one provide proof to back up these sky-is-falling warnings from the Papists et al???

    It’s the same tired canard used by the pro-DADT crowd before that heinous discriminatory law was rescinded last year.

    It’s time to put up or STFU. Crying wolf when no wolf is present has become very tiresome.

  4. Joe in CT says

    Catholic Bishops said that same thing when they believed the earth was the center of the universe.

    Wrong then. Wrong now.

  5. Dearcomrade says

    Papist Swine!

    Nothing says “I love you god” more than taking a swig of wine and putting a piece of a mans body in you mouth.

  6. kp05 says

    It’s really a shame “harm beyond repair” is a strong enough talking point for society’s derps. At least 95% of the people who will vote against us this November will do so with no more “evidence” than “harm beyond repair.” WHY are we still letting society’s least educated dictate rights?

  7. Hollywood, CA says

    Yeah, but not by the systematic raping of little boys and cover-ups by Catholic officials… but keep the gays form marrying.

  8. david says

    I hope the gay community produces a Simon Wiesenthal kind of person who goes after the guilty—not out of revenge, but out of justice. Once our rights have been won, we should never forget these kinds of comments, and the perpetrators should feel pressure to make amends. They should feel the shame they deserve.

  9. Gigi says

    The Gays have been allowed to marry since 2005 in Canada and – wait for it – we’re doing fine. We’ve not been “harmed beyond repair.” If anything gay marriage has been good for us as we’ve had thousands of gay Americans come here to get married. $$$!

  10. says

    There was similar nonsense in Canada a decade ago and the response from our then-Prime Minister was “I wasn’t elected to be a Catholic and lead a Catholic country”

    Personal religious beliefs are just that.

    Let’s remember: this lame-@ss priest believes that all the Jews exterminated in the Holocaust went to Hell. He believes Gandhi and Anne Frank are burning for eterenity, together.

    He believes all non-Catholics are doomed to Hell.

    They have no logic, they have no facts, they have no reason. All they have are desperate attempts to control people with fear. Because without fear, people wont’ keep sending their young children to these pathetic men. Who will then totally rape the children.

    It’s moments like this I consider myself so lucky to have been raised in the United Church of Canada.

    The UCC – “Not Raping Your Kids Since 1925″

  11. Maguita NYC says

    “Society Would Be Harmed Beyond Repair’ if Gay People Can Marry.”

    Newsflash padre, society has already been harmed beyond repair by pedophiles hiding behind the Catholic Church’s dirty black robes.

    Forgot there for a minute that sex between CONSENTING adults was acceptable, and raping a child wasn’t. My apologies.

  12. Maguita NYC says

    “Society Would Be Harmed Beyond Repair’ if Gay People Can Marry.”

    Newsflash padre, society has already been harmed beyond repair by pedophiles hiding behind the Catholic Church’s dirty black robes.

    Forgot there for a minute that sex between CONSENTING adults was acceptable, and raping a child wasn’t. My apologies.

  13. Rev. Verdon Coleman says

    You know what really “harms society beyond repair?”

    Raping boys and covering it up.


  14. CPT_Doom says

    Apparently “God’s plan” for marriage includes Newt Gingrich and his third wife. Of course, the church conveniently had to ignore his first two marriages and his adulterous behavior with his current “wife.”

    To recap, deliberately undermining a legal marriage through adultery is a-OK. Icky relationships between TEH GAYZ is wrong. Thanks padre.

  15. RHR IN TN says

    So, the fate of society hangs on man marrying woman. Isn’t then, by his own logic, he doing just as much to chip away at our fragile foundation by staying single?

  16. nick says

    The pedophile enabling Holy Roman Catholic Church needs to tend to their own business- rape and abuse of children and keep their mouths shut about politics unless they want to pay taxes. You have no moral ground to stand on.

  17. Caliban says

    You know, it’s really kind of ironic that those who claim they want to “protect marriage” seem to think it’s such a fragile institution, so easily broken. Gays actually seem to have MORE faith in the institution than they do. And NONE of them has ever explained how allowing MORE people to marry, making it a desired ideal for a larger segment of the population, weakens it instead of strengthening it. That makes no sense.

    But then “sense” has never been the strong suit of religious ideologues.

  18. Rovex says

    We have data now from other countries, so please, provide evidence and a mechanism for that ‘harm’. Its called the scientific method.. No? Thought not, facts arent the churches strong point.

  19. Hue-Man says

    These American princelings have to be extreme or Joe Rat. will let loose his German Inquisitor Müller – who has also been accused of protecting child-molesting priests. A threatened posting to Nigeria keeps these weak-willed wusses in line.

  20. says

    This fool and the others don’t even realize that it is God who makes Gay people for His own reasons….maybe birth control for an overburdened planet? The Church has no moral authority whatsoever. Tax the churches…all of them.

  21. Diogenes Arktos says

    The blindness of the Roman Catholic church never ceases to amaze me. Remember they once said that condoms cannot prevent the transmission of HIV – their evidence was their theology dictating their science. As pointed out above the history of marriage does not show one unchanging definition. (BTW: how does he explain polygamy in the Bible?) As pointed out in many comments, gay marriage is a real phenomenon – even in the US. Other countries have plenty to say about it. (The Religious Right tries to spin these positive results beyond belief.)

    The Episcopal Church [TEC], the province of the Anglican Communion in the US, has been supportive of LGBT rights. Many bishops have come out in support of civil marriage equality. The General Convention this past summer approved a Rite to Bless Same-Sex Unions. The policital reality of the Anglican Communion is that TEC cannot go further at this point. After all, another province of the Anglican Communion is the Church of Uganda. Remember Uganda? It’s the country where outside agitators of the US Religious Right inflamed Ugandans to try to pass a kill-the-gays bill.

    @Little Kiwi: while I laughed reading your line about the UCC not raping your children since 1925 – don’t be too sure. Pederasts are everywhere.

  22. says

    Dear Archbishop,
    We have seen what you are.
    We know what you are.
    We now what you have done.
    Every time I see one of you it makes my skin crawl.
    You live for your own comfort and power.
    The very idea of you telling people people who should marry and who should not, is revolting.
    You obviously have not an ounce of self awareness or shame.

  23. Matt N says

    Well, given that it’s already legal in 11 countries and 6 states, I’m pretty sure the world is already “beyond repair”. So why are you still at it, Bishop?

  24. jexer says

    “for the good of the Church”. That says it all right there. They’re supposed to be infallible, and since they can’t admit they made a mistake they’re doubling down on it instead.

  25. topdawgbombadil says

    When the Catholic Church is consistent in its teachings that sexually abusing children and covering it up is wrong, then perhaps it will have a moral leg to stand on. Until then, mind your own damn house Archbishop.

  26. says

    So two men in love getting married will completely ruin the nation…but grown men molesting boys is no big deal and should be swept under the rug, right Archbishop? RIGHT?

  27. KZ says

    “…harmed beyond repair.”

    How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How?

  28. Bob says

    FOLKS, IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF CATHOLIC, are you speaking up? Are you asking everyone to stop donating until the bishops feel the pinch?


  29. Former Catholic Seminarian says

    The next time marriage equality comes up when talking to a Catholic ask them if they think it is strange that Mary and Joseph, whose marriage is held up by the Church as the “perfect model” of a Christian marriage, would in fact have grounds for an annulment today.

  30. Bruce Davidson says

    This gentleman, like many of his colleagues, appears to have forgotten that marriage is nowadays a civil institution. Priests and other ministers of religion perform marriages by permission of the jurisdiction in which they work. The people who perform marriages in a religious context may imagine, or more accurately delude themselves, that they perform these rites by some sort of divine mandate. Let a clergyperson who labours under this delusion fail to get the proper licence to perform marriages, and he or she will quickly find out just how far the imaginary divine mandate runs. Nobody is asking Roman Catholic priests to perform equal marriages. Nobody has ever asked ministers of religion to marry people who according to the tenets of their faith are not eligible to marry. People who aren’t Roman Catholic, and many people who are, wish that these tired old men would stop trying to impose their narrow-minded outdated beliefs beyond their own community.

  31. cbhermey says

    Let him keep his comments to his own flock of mindless sheep and stop trying to convert the rest of us. Even most of his ‘flock’ doesn’t buy that crap.

    We’ll see who gets to hell first…him or the rest of us…

  32. Andrew says

    Where does Sartain get the idea that his god, Yahweh of the bible, ordained marriage as the union of ONE man and ONE woman? Certainly not from the bible. The judeo-Christian bible tells us that yahweh’s chosen leaders like Abraham, Saul, David Solomon et al had many wives and concubines, all with Yahweh’s blessing. Search the bible for a marriage rite and the only thing that you will find is that a a man purchased a woman, took her to his tent and f*cked her and they were married. The Catholic Church teaches that Christ raised marriage to the dignity of a sacrament. How did he do that? He went to a marriage feast at Cana and changed a lot of water into really good wine. Thats it. There is nothing else. Their whiole marriage is a sacrament B.S. is based on a party where Christ changed a lot of water into wine to be served to people who had already consumed a lot of wine. Its all B.S.

  33. Andrew says

    Fairness compels me to say something positive about the Catholic Bishops. They have big balls! Can you imagine any other group who for decades covered up the crimes of sexually abusive priests in their ranks, and thus endangering thousands of children, to have the audacity to lecture people on family, marital or sexual ethics and morals? You would think that they would go into hiding in shame for their gross crimes.

  34. Bob says

    tells a lie in the first 20 seconds, so I closed the video.


  35. acd says

    “society would be harmed beyond repair.”

    This is perpetuation of a homophobic, people phobic and love phobic mythology, at best. Some objective facts that support the statement: “society would be harmed beyond repair” would lend some credibility to your screed, but these facts do NOT exist!
    So go away.

  36. jamal49 says

    Dear Archie Bishop of Washington:

    ALL marriages are civil contracts. Marriage has always been a civil issue. It has nothing to do with “god”.

    Church weddings are ceremonial and carry no legal validity. NO marriage is recognized as legal unless a marriage license is issued and signed by the civil authority.

    Further, you cannot prove and have no evidence to support your contention that same-sex marriages would “harm society beyond repair”.

    Your opinions are your own and as any citizen, you are free to express them–even publicly.

    However, to encourage citizens to vote against (or for) any ballot issue regarding civil equality based on your strident, hysterical advocacy of your church’s theology is a violation of your church’s tax-exempt status.

    Continue to proselytize politically at your own peril. Concerned citizens might just rise up and demand an end to your tax-free incivility.

  37. MCnNYC says

    Remember there is more scientific and anecdotal evidence to support that RELIGION is a Lifestyle Choice and sexual orientation is not a choice.

  38. Grant says

    Either keep your traditions within the confines of your house of worship and don’t force them on us


    Pay taxes.


  39. millerbeach says

    Society is already being harmed beyond repair…by the pedophile priests which remain sheltered by others in the church. This is the real crime. This is the crime to which they constantly look away.

  40. Diogenes Arktos says

    “The results of more than a century of anthropological research on households, kinship relationships, and families, across cultures and through time, provide no support whatsoever for the view that either civilization or viable social orders depend upon marriage as an exclusively heterosexual institution. Rather, anthropological research supports the conclusion that a vast array of family types, including families built upon same-sex partnerships, can contribute to stable and humane societies.”

    American Anthropological Association 2004
    as part of their opposition to Bush II’s call for a constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage equality because it is a threat to civilization

  41. Jonathan Oz says

    Feed the poor. Heal the sick. Comfort the afflicted. If the church made one tenth the effort to follow Jesus’ clear commands to his disciples in these areas that they claim to make in the very narrow area of sexual morality, people might take them a little more seriously as guides of how treat one another in the world. As it is, the Catholic bishops are clueless Pharisees

  42. says

    Just like at primary school! Everyone sits down, I climb on a chair/table and talk about how Black Milk started and all our exciting adventures up to the present moment.