1. Fruit-for-Peace says

    My Mom has always done the same thing whenever she’s in her recliner trying to read the newspaper. Of course she’s just “resting my eyes”. “-)

    No, Ryan’s not coming with a gun. Remember – he’s the “bow-hunter”! Regarding Ryan, bugs would say, “What a maroon!” :-)

  2. Michael in Toronto says

    JACKFKNTWIST: I didn’t think it up, but I wish I had.

    (ah, I still think of Jack and Ennis)

  3. jamal49 says

    I confess. I love blogs that show cute animals in content. Reminds me always that all living things should be respected. Especially if they weigh 600 lbs and I weigh 150 lbs and they’ve got claws as long as my feet. Not into, uh, bears so much but for those I’ve seen here, I’ll make an exception, especially the polar bear.