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Prominent SMU Student Arrested for Sexual Assault on Male Classmate: VIDEO

John David Mahaffey, a 19-year-old Southern Methodist University sophomore whose great-great grandfather was on the university's founding committee and whose grandmother, father, and two aunts are also alums, has been suspended from the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and banned from campus after SMU issued a crime alert with regard to a sexual assault at 3 am last Sunday morning that Mahaffey later admitted to in a phone call recorded by police. Mahaffey, of Springfield, Mo., is a Hunt scholar, a student senator, a scholarship committee chairman, and an officer on SMU's Inter-fraternity council, NBC5 reports.

JohnDavidMahaffeyThe Dallas Morning News reports:

According to the affidavit, the other man, who is also an SMU student, said Mahaffey forced him to give oral sex. He told Mahaffey “no” and “stop” several times, but felt intimidated and was afraid Mahaffey would get violent. He said Mahaffey told him “you better not tell a soul,” the affidavit said.

The next day, the student met with SMU police and agreed to record a phone call with Mahaffey. During the phone call, he told Mahaffey “you know I did not want to do that?” According to the affidavit,  Mahaffey replied, “I know you didn’t, but we have to say it was consensual or lawyers, parents, and the school will be involved.”

NBC5 Dallas reports: "Debbie Denmon, a spokeswoman for the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, said Friday that the case probably will be referred to a grand jury in the next few weeks. Mahaffey was released from the Dallas County jail on $25,000 bond. He did not return a phone call seeking comment."

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  1. LittleKiwi: Sorry you are such an angry person. I just meant to defend a friend of my kids that seems to be convicted before given due process.

    Yupp: You are right. Just frustrated by all the anger against what I have always seen to be a good kid. Thanks.

    Posted by: Brent | Sep 30, 2012 9:44:50 PM

  2. If a not very physically intimidating looking 19 year old Mahaffey, who is unarmed tells you to blow him and you do instead of punching him in the mouth and fighting him off, you are part of the problem. I would say that you are a pussy, except the PC crowd would go nuts.

    Posted by: Andrew | Sep 30, 2012 10:40:56 PM

  3. The guy is a sexual offender! He forced himself on another person. Some of you here need to learn how to separate the reality of sexual assault and rape from consensual fantasy.

    Posted by: zoeymoggard | Oct 1, 2012 5:17:48 AM

  4. Rape is wrong, you idiots. This is real life, not a porn. He's a predator, no matter his other issues. And he violated a person. The victim (who is obviously very brave) in this is going to have years of stigma and who knows what other problems. Grow up, guys.

    Posted by: Grant H. | Oct 1, 2012 9:27:01 AM

  5. Some of you people really crack me up. The deepest fantasy of many gay men (I dare say most) is to be manhandled and dominated by another man......and then you turn around and act all puritanical when it comes to "sexual assault" as in this instance.

    Just another example of the absurd contradictions that characterize so many of believe in "gender-non-conformity" and worship women as "icons", regarding traditional masculinity as belonging to "Neanderthals"......even as you long desperately to be dominated by such "Neanderthals" as evidenced by your jock fetish.

    Yes, this culture is all screwed up when it comes to men being able to relate normally to each other socially, emotionally, and sexually.......but "gay" culture is generally part of the problem, not part of the solution......and is no healthier or natural than straight male culture, being, in fact, every bit as screwed up if not moreso....

    Posted by: Rick | Oct 1, 2012 10:56:32 AM

  6. This is an accusation. There is not a conviction yet. It's crazy this is a national story if it really is. Maybe it's just a national story in the gay press and blogs.

    Caliban states close to what I was wondering. It seems like someone saw or caught them and maybe the victim was not as into it as the aggressor. The victim sets up this guy with the phone call and he is not the gay one. Of course, if this guy is a pledge of the fraternity its another story and this guy is toast.

    A good defense lawyer wins this case and this guy will become the republican governor of Mississippi in 25 years.

    Posted by: Dan | Oct 1, 2012 11:48:32 AM

  7. You idiots screaming "He's a sexual predator !" should consider all the facts of the case (that we know, such as the alleged victim going back to the guy a second time) and also consider how much of the case we don't know about. Accusations of rape don't necessarily mean there was a rape. Plenty of false accusations. Once DNA evidence came about, tons of innocent guys have been released after spending years in prison.

    Posted by: Yupp | Oct 1, 2012 12:11:08 PM

  8. I used to wait on this kid all the time at the country club his parents belonged to. I hope this kid goes to jail and gets pounded in his ass til his eyes bleed.

    Posted by: Matthew Cheek | Oct 1, 2012 2:07:11 PM

  9. As someone who was intimidated into forced sex by a person who had power and prestige (he was a priest, I an altar boy) it saddens me when I read so many people jumping to defend the accused in this situation and assuming the victim must have 'wanted it'.

    He confessed on tape, you morons.

    Posted by: Ray | Oct 1, 2012 3:30:12 PM

  10. @Brent, i'm not an angry person. I'm a happy openly-gay liberal. :-)

    One of the perks of being a Liberal is that I get to, you know, date guys. Because I don't have any reason to hide who I am to appease the people I choose to align myself with.

    Kudos to your coward of a friend. One more closted-homosexual Gay Republican @sswipe who needs to get his kicks by...well.... the tape speaks for itself.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Oct 1, 2012 3:44:14 PM

  11. Ray : That tape is....a confession? Or further roleplay between consenting partners? (And even in its worst scenario I'd hardly compare this case with a horrid priest molesting an altar boy).

    Posted by: Yupp | Oct 1, 2012 3:49:49 PM

  12. @Littlekiwi...thought you might be amused to hear that a certain poster with whom you've had exchanges here detonated my gaydar long before I heard his overly-nellified intonation of "hellooooo, nancy" at a PTA meeting. In the midwest the self-loathing closet cases immerse themselves in lifting up the republican party and fundamentalism (in his case Assemblies of God). So, no mystery how he found his way to a gay website to defend this kid, representing the latest generation of a long line of rather cruel and always "entitled" clan. Yeah, I knew them too.

    Posted by: Hmmmm... | Oct 2, 2012 1:58:07 AM

  13. It was just a BJ, it's not like he tampered withe guys Potty Place!

    Posted by: Pooh Huffy | Oct 2, 2012 3:42:07 PM

  14. Thats one hot guy for-sure, That old lady took way to many happy pills that day.

    Posted by: Gay Daddy | Dec 8, 2012 10:51:17 PM

  15. GODDAMN! I wouldnt need to be forced to blow this stud...and i'd DEFINITELY keep it under wraps just so I could KEEP sucking his cock!

    Posted by: Timmy! | Jun 20, 2013 6:33:49 PM

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