1. Bill Lundy says

    The new generic GOP message appears to be, “we don’t care if public opinion is shifting fast, we can still hurt you, faggots.”

  2. Francis says

    Disappointing. But this show of homophobia is something that can easily backfire badly on the Thompson campaign. Let’s hope that it does.

  3. Mike says

    I was at the event where Tammy danced with Wonder Woman. The band VO5 plays at a lot of local summer events and is really quite quite good. The whole thing was quite tame. But of course, they want to get the gay angle in there.

    But maybe we should talk about Tommy’s “heartland values”, like his public drunkenness when governor at a morning event in Green Bay, or the fact that his wife refused to live with him for all but two years of his three terms as governor, or that she didn’t go with him to Washington when he got a cabinet position from W… or how about when he tried to appoint his mistress as the head of a state department when he was governor. Yeah, that’s the family values crowd for you.