Today on Towleroad: Libya, Shakespeare and Transgender Activists


The fallout from yesterday's attack in Libya continued today. Sean Hannity voiced his opinion and it was very predictably anti-Obama, he went so far as to call the President a "wimp". With Anti-American protests appearing across the Middle East, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton condemned of the anti-islamic film that may have sparked the attacks

As the press has probed into the film, entitled Innocence of Muslims, it has been discovered that the actors were kept in the dark about the film's content — and those actors included a gay adult film star

A new episode of Anderson Cooper's new show has trans activists up in arms. Today on Anderson Live, Cooper spoke with a man who claims that hair loss treatment caused him to identify as a woman. Check out what transgender activists had to say about the episode

There has been much written about William Shakespeare's possible homosexual tendencies. Check out scholar Stephen Greenblatt's take on the the chances that the Bard dabbled in same-sex love

Apple's new iPhone 5 was revealed yesterday. Last night Jimmy Kimmel gave everyone a sneak peak. Take a look

The new season of The X-Factor also premiered last night and it already has a potential fan favorite in Jillian Jensen. The contestant knocked it out of the park last night and detailed her struggle to overcome bullying


  1. Bill Perdue says

    As expected, the racist and murderous policies of the US inevitably, continuously spark outrage from Morocco to Indonesia. Violence in these struggles is almost all one sided, and it arises from decades of US criminality, including genocide in Iraq and mass murder across north Africa and South Asia. There’s a clear pattern from US support for zionist ethnic cleansing to Clinton’s mass murder of children to Bush’s genocide in Iraq and the mass murder of civilians and GI’s in Afghanistan due to Obama’s policies.

    Many Egyptians and Libyans carefully point out that working people, feminists, students, farmers, and the GLBT communities in their countries are enemies of the US government, but not the enemies of working people in the US. The Egyptian and Libyans governments are led by Quisling, neo-colonial clients of the United States and are the enemy of Egyptian and Libyan working people, feminists, students, farmers, and the GLBT communities.

    Defensive actions in opposition to US attacks are entirely justified. Most such actions are political, not military in nature. Sometimes theytake a religious form and often they mix politics and islamist cultism. The vast bulk of the violence in the region is the direct and sole fault of US governments under Democrats and Republicans, with a little help from the zionist ethnic cleansers. So was the inexcusable anti-worker terrorism of 9-11.

    One example of defensive violence is that attack on the Embassy in Benghazi. These were an armed militia, not islamist rioters. “CAIRO — The attack Tuesday on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was the climax to weeks of rising insecurity in Libya that saw assassination attempts against government officials, standoffs between militias, car bombings in the capital and threats against diplomats, including Americans. The increasing instability caused the U.S. State Department in late August to warn Americans against all but essential travel to Libya. It’s unclear whether that warning led to any change, at least outwardly, in the security procedures at the consulate, which was as much the seat of the U.S. diplomatic presence in that country as the embassy in Tripoli.” KC Star 09 12 2012

    Far from being innocent, neutral bystanders, US Embassy personnel have as their primary duty the organization of operations to undermine the democratic impulses of the workers movement misnamed the ‘Arab Spring’ and to deflect attacks against the zionist bunkerstadt. They’re paid agents and enablers of Murder Inc, i.e., the Obama administration.

    What happened in Cairo and Egypt is spreading like a prairie fire and the cause is well known. A Gallup poll taken in May this year showed “At least a plurality in all nine Arab countries surveyed and the region of Somaliland opposed NATO intervention in Libya. Residents in several North African countries, including Morocco (12%), Egypt (13%), and Algeria (14%) were the least likely to say they were in favor of NATO intervention. In Tunisia, where the region’s first successful revolution was publicly denounced by the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, attitudes were significantly more mixed (33% in favor vs. 40% opposed).” Obama and his NATO and zionist subordinates will never be able to put out the fires ignited by genocide in Iraq and mass murder in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere.

  2. millerbeach says

    Gee, nice cut and paste from Aljazeera’s website. Guess what, Bill? Most of us have no idea what this stupid film is about, let alone why it has half the Arab world up in arms, but it seems they are CONSTANTLY up in arms over something…worse than some drama queens I know. It was a movie, you know, make-believe, pretend, not real. Kinda like that stupid Danish cartoon that caused death threats. Honestly, is their idea of reality so fragile that a silly comic or movie warrants riots? I am a Christian, they have made movies about Jesus Christ that were not exactly flattering (Last Temptation Of Christ) and we certainly didn’t riot and kill people. If I recall correctly, the movie didn’t do so well and was quickly gone from the theaters. I think I can speak for most Americans in that none of us even HEARD of this movie a week ago, none of us has even SEEN this movie. Get over it. It is a movie, not reality.

  3. Bill Perdue says

    Millerbeach is an idiot. He has no clue. The point of my comment is that this is not about a movie, it’s about Obama’s racist wars in the region and the fury they ignite.

    I like Al Jazeera. They’re ten times more authentic and honest than MSNBC or Fox News. But I didn’t quote them, I quoted he Kansas City Star and Gallup.

    Learn to read, mikey. RIF.

  4. Sean Collins says

    IT is very difficult for 21st century nations in the Western World to live on the same planet with Muslim Nations whose minds are trapped in the 8th century. I realize that our President and Sec of State have to make nice with Islam, in order to try and stop their madness, but we all know that Islam is the most backward of the Abrahamic religions. Christianity and Judaism, once warrior religions have largely been defanged. Islam not at all. Still primitive and barbaric.

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