Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1201

BARNEY FRANK: In crisis time, Dems worked with Bush, but GOP shuns Obama. "George Bush came to us on the Democratic side in late '08 and said, we're in a crisis, we need your help — and we gave it to him, very openly, very fully. Then Obama comes in to try to deal with the terrible situation he inherited from bush and the republican media went into full partisan attack."

TWILIGHT: The Bad Lip Reading treatment.

CARTER, OBAMA: GOP tries to equate the two Presidents in web ad.

LET'S HAVE A KAIKAI: Drag Race's Willam & Rhea Litré's latest (warning: work-unfriendly).

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  1. says

    Frank’s comment strike true – during 8 years of Bush I didn’t hear “liberals” hoping he and his administration would fail. AT ALL. It was more of a “let’s hope for the best and things get too f***ed up”

    and all i’ve heard from Republicans for the last few years are hopes that Obama will fail. Because that makes sense.

    Republicans first, Americans second. It’s the wrong way to be.

  2. disgusted american says

    I admire president Carter – and although I was only a teen – I remember he was decent man….religious, but Never used it to Judge Others,tried to get our country into Energy saving….could you Only Imagine IF America WoULD Have adopted his energy policies..? Where’d we be now……BETTER OFF!!!!…and to this very day – he works for peace,and Habitat for Humanity. The Man is a National Treasure!