Obama and Romney Debate Foreign Policy in Florida: VIDEOS

The attack on Benghazi, and Syria and Assad:

Obama mocks Romney's retro perspective, and Romney tells Obama "we can't kill our way" out of the "mess" in the Muslim world.

Obama blasts Romney on the makeup of our military, and Romney explains why he accused Obama of going on an "apology tour".

Romney claims he loves Detroit, and a cut of all the countries mentioned at the debate.

Romney changes the subject to the economy, and Obama talks about his commitment to Israel:

China and trade:

What is America's role in the world?

Obama and Romney closing statements:


  1. ***** says

    If Romney approves of the Obama administration’s foreign policy so much, and the jobs record shows a 25+ month (more than 2 years) increase, and we are working on getting health care functioning, why do we need to change presidents? Apparently the foreign policy debate was not important enough to delay a large number of voters from casting early ballots. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the changing out of our failing Congress than changing out presidents.

  2. says

    Speaking of Reversable Mittens – I had a pair once. They were made in China, didn’t fit worth a damn, didn’t keep my hands warm, the thumbs were an inch too long, and they fell apart the first time they got wet from shoveling the snow out of my driveway… metaphor?

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    Does anyone remeber Romney’s Palin line? He claimed that Syria was Iran’s link to the sea. Two problems: Iraq is in the middle between the two. Iran has its own seacoast. Someone this ignorant about Middle East geography shouldn’t be elected.

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