1. Billy Crytical says

    Terrible. This post has been on here all day and I’m the first one to comment on it. You guys wanted him out now you don’t support him. This is why many don’t come out.

    I’m looking forward to the show. I’m watching it just for Adam. I’ve never watched the show before.

  2. randy rantypants says

    I have to like him because he’s gay?
    I simply don’t care for him, gay or straight.
    And I particularly don’t like having him jammed down my throat (that’s what he said) at every turn.

  3. testington says

    Good luck Billy Crytical, I must admit the show has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a while but the plot is insanely complicated. So just be prepared to have a level of understanding as if you just jumped into the middle of season 4 of Lost and tried to follow what was going on.

  4. Sucks says

    I really wanted to like him when he first came out, but I simply do not like his music at all. Plus, he seems kind of snotty in interviews.

  5. Randy says

    I think Adam’s great. But on the basis of this clip, I’m not going to start watching Pretty Little Liars. We’re not all great all the time. It’s a burden… πŸ˜‰

  6. Olivia says

    I wasn’t in favor of Adam doing this ludicrous show with its tween/teen fanbase – but he might capture a new audience for a few seconds & it gets his name out there. With that said, the fangs are dreadful, he’s supposed to be playing himself but doesn’t appear comfortable, and the costume just reinforces every negative impression. I’m hoping this isn’t a final take & he comes off with at least a little more believability. To the poster who said he was “snotty” in interviews, that’s simply not true, and to the poster who said he’s being jammed down our throats – he’s one of very few gay artists in any genre who’s actually out! And one of only very view artists of any sexual orientation who’s actually talented. If you don’t like his songs, fine, but you can’t deny his voice. Talented & driven LGBT out artists need our support!

  7. randy rantypants says

    I agree that he’s snotty in interviews. I’ll like who I like. And I won’t support him just because he’s out. In the same manner that I don’t support politicians based on race.
    Also, I smell stans.