1. juan says

    I hate how the logic never adds up….and people never seem to talk about that aspect.
    If homophobic conservatives think being gay is a choice and that they need to stop that behavior and marry a woman….then by their own rules he could say ‘i’m not gay anymore’, get his badge, and then say hes gay again….his ‘choice changes. (Of course, not that he should deny who he is, but rather play the logic came of their belief system).

    so if they think being gay is not a choice and he can’t just change his mind to get the eagle award, then they admit that being gay is a born trait and therefore all rights should be honored.

    either way its discrimination and I don’t know why we’re a country that still puts up with that.

  2. Matt says

    In my opinion, it is self-evident that anyone affiliated with the Boy Scouts who actually cares about children should immediately leave the group and work to create an alternative to replace the BSA. The Boy Scouts’ poisonous policies of homophobia and compulsory religion denigrate American ideals of individual dignity.

  3. RxR says

    What a wonderful guy, I am so proud of him and his mom… stand strong. You and we all shall overcome :)

  4. ratbastard says

    Good for him and his mom. And nice all the other scouts want to give him their medals in protest.

    I was a Cub Scout, Webelo, and briefly Boy Scout myself.

  5. ratbastard says

    And seriously, no offense, but how did the scouts not know Ryan was gay? I mean my gaydar is needs recalibration, but it went into the red when he started speaking.

  6. Michael in Toronto says

    Does my heart good.

    On another topic, dear Yanks: is Romney really winning? Jeez.

  7. Keppler says

    Hopefully Andresen has thanked those 170 scouts offering up their eagle pins, but has come to realize that being an eagle scout is an achievement without merit. The reality is, this kid is clearly too good for the scouts.

  8. bandanajack says

    to throw out the baby with the bathwater makes no sense. scouting is an invaluable experience, ESPECIALLY for the freaks and geeks, and i mean that in the best way. the guys who do so well in scouting are often those who don’t fit in in most other settings, and might never otherwise have the experience of camaraderie that scouting provides, not to mention the one on one attention from adult scouts, of which molestation is a tiny percentage, and easily preventable. there is a far greater chance that a child will be groomed and molested by a coach or teacher.

    scouting’s weirdness is a direct function of the LDS decision to disband their young men’s program and make scouting mandatory for mormon boys. they even created their own book for scouts with separate responsibilities and badges, all training for mormon priesthood, something almost all mormon men achieve. their investment of funds and adult male participation became so prominent they were able to hijack the organization completely with the tacit collusion of the roman catholic church.

    the reason the BSA continues to have members, even though their is grassroots disapproval of this policy is that a, their simply is no other organization that can provide a similar experience, and b, the LDS have made it clear that they will clear out lock stock and barrel, taking with them a disproportionate number of members and financial support on a scale that would bankrupt scouting as it is currently known.

  9. bandanajack says

    ps: their are far more scouts who have returned their eagle badge and other eagle paraphernalia in protest. this discrimination is antithetical to boy scout principal, and the eagle rank is the creme de la creme of scouts.

  10. Valerie says

    You would think in this day & age, there would be acceptance for ALL mankind no matter what. Ryan, keep holding your head high & stay true to yourself. You are a beautiful person!

  11. Mitch says

    Fortunately the support he is getting outside of the scouts can counteract the devastation of achieving his scouting goal but not being recognized for it.

    I wish him the best – and I hope that the scouts will abandon their policy of bigotry and hatred sooner rather than later.

  12. Bob says

    FIRST = the morholes and conservative catholics rule the BSA BOARD,It is satid that they threatened to pull out 40% of the troups.
    SECOND, notice that the Scouts who can pass get their badge anyhow. For Ryan not to acknowledge his gayness to people would be dishonest, as it’s conspicuous. Those of us who are less obviously guessed are no better or worse, and must stand up

  13. Patric says

    I agree with David Ehrenstein that Romney isn’t winning, though his campaign and the press have their distinct motivations for wanting to push that narrative.

    It’s closer than I’d prefer but there is a 95% likelihood that the winner of Ohio will win the election and polls show us consistently with a small lead there. If the President can take Nevada, Wisconsin and Ohio, then he’d almost certainly prevail even were Romney to win North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire. If we get people on our side to the polls (including young voters), we’ll be OK.

  14. GregV says

    “And seriously, no offense, but how did the scouts not know Ryan was gay?”

    @Ratbastard: Did you bother to warch the video before posting your question? Anderson asked him if the scout troop and well as the scout leader knew he was gay and he said that yes, they all knew. He said that the leader knew Ryan was gay but never talked to him about it. It became an issue when he was refused the Eagle Scout badge because of the leadership’s homophobia.

  15. Caliban says

    You know what? I’ve watched several videos about this and Ryan Andresen is a great kid with a great mom.

    But while achieving the BSA’s Eagle pin was clearly an important goal to him, in the past several months hundreds of Eagle Scouts have sent their Eagle medals BACK to the Boy Scouts. Over 100 have sent their Eagle pins to HIM.

    So you get a little older and that medal isn’t that big a deal. It’s a hard lesson, but being denied this medal will end up doing better things for him, making him a stronger, better person than getting it would ever have done.

  16. millerbeach says

    He reminds me of the “Justin” character on “Queer As Folk”. Hot, smart and handsome…a winning combination if I’ve ever seen one.

  17. tommyboy10T says

    now, I was a boy scout a long time ago … so forgive me, but all of the reports that I have read the boy scouts always state that they don’t discriminate against anyone who wants to be a scout, but leaders cannot be gay. This kid earned that badge … biggotted assholes need to stop now and get with the program!! More power to this kid for taking them on, I hope he wins!!

  18. DC Arnold says

    Hate to interject reality here but if the lad had butched it up a bit we would have been spared the end of video spectacle of him wanting to jump in Anderson Cooper’s lap. That being said, Ryan was unaware of a very public purge of suspected homosexuals a few years back which sparked the investigation now coming to light about the rampant molestation in the BSA? My he has such a lucky lisp.

  19. Matt says

    Why isn’t Ryan’s father there to support his son?
    Mom is front and center, where the hell is Dad?

  20. bill says

    Boy Scouts….you should be ashamed…here is a young man who seems to embody everything you claim to stand for…without the ugly prejudice which lies beneath your moral code. Way to go Ryan…you soar like an eagle!!

  21. Diogenes Arktos says

    @TommyBoy10T: “but all of the reports that I have read the boy scouts always state that they don’t discriminate against anyone who wants to be a scout, but leaders cannot be gay.”

    Absolutely not. NO ONE can be gay and be connected in any way with BSA. Same for atheists.

    Supposedly Romney has been against the homophobia of the BSA. If so, where was he on this case?

    @GregV: I think you totally missed the point in RatBastard’s post. Of course he viewed the post. That’s precisely why he made his comment! (Or are you offended that we use stereotypes to poke fun at ourselves?)

  22. RJP3 says

    The Mormon Church has developed a vice-like grip on The Boy Scouts of America organization and were instrumental in the recent re-write of the Boy Scout Manual to institutionalize anti-gay policies.

    This is not the same youth organization that existed in the 60’s to 80’s …

  23. andrew says

    Ryan is such a positive and upbeat young man that no institution, not even the homophobic Boy Scouts with all their secret pedophile scout leaders, will be able to dampen his enthusiasm. I got a kick out of seeing how happy he was at being interviewed by a successful and out gay man.

  24. Diogenes Arktos says

    BTW – If everyone knew he was gay, and that being gay would mean he would be denied Eagle Scout, why the f*ck didn’t anyone say something earlier? At the latest, when he presented his Eagle Scout plan for approval??

    Since his leader has shown cowardice and other behaviour not in keeping with scouting, he should be kicked out. If he has an Eagle, it should be stripped. I’m afraid, unfortunately, he’ll be given a special medal by BSA for his efforts to promote “good morals”.

  25. GregV says

    “@GregV: I think you totally missed the point in RatBastard’s post.”

    @Diogenes Arktos: If there was a point, I’m still missing it. Ryan said in the video that EVERYONE was well aware that he was gay. He did not lie about it and discussed it with those who were open to addressing the topic.
    Ratbastard asked why the troop did not know about Rysn’s sexual orientation. The question makes no sense as Ryan never suggested that even one person among the scout troop and leaders did not already know. They kept him in the scout troop anyway, right up until he had earned his Eagle Badge, and then they suddenly used it against him.

  26. Diogenes Arktos says

    @GregV: RatBastard was playing off a gay stereotype that Ryan perfectly fit. In other words, RatBastard would say that Ryan didn’t have to tell anyone he was gay – it was that obvious. I had the same immediate non-PC reaction.

  27. grego says

    It’s unfortunate that Ryan’s eagle badge was yanked a week before his 18th birthday. I resigned my assn’t Scoutmaster position rather than sign a str8 pledge, along with several experienced leaders in my Council.

  28. Chuck B. says

    It’s because of the anti-gay stance that BSA has, that will keep me from putting money into their program or into any other program that donates money to the BSA.

  29. Will Cate, III says

    I am an Eagle Scout, and have served as Troop Quartermaster and member of the Order of the Arrow. Andresen, if you ever read this, know that I think that if you completed all the requirements for the rank of Eagle, you deserve it no matter what your orientation, and a few myopic dinosaurs on some BSA committee be damned.