1. Tom says

    Oh and by the way, the church of LDS excluded black people until 1978. Mitt Romney was an adult at the time. I really wish someone had the balls to ask him to his face what it was like being a member of a racist organization and was his church wrong to be racist.

  2. BETTY says

    @YUPP: For the record, gays are a minority. So are African Americans. She is trying to say racism ended in 64. As if. We are fighting a similar fight. These right wing windbags just live in another world and don’t want anyone other than them to have rights. Get it? Would you like it simplified any more?

    Btw: Towleroad regularly features stories that aren’t gay specific. You know that so stop trying to start something.

  3. says

    As if she would know what was happening anywhere in the country from her very sheltered life in New Canaan CT, I’m not sure in what year it became acceptable to sell to Jews in New Canaan.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    Coulter isn’t even interesting as a provacateur anymore. Years ago she was infuriating, but her schtick has grown so tired it just sort of sits there now like a loaf of stale bread (she even seemed really bored with it last night. Even her attempts to taunt Maher’s audience just came across like she was half-heartedly trying to wake them up from falling asleep at her snooze-worthy “shocking” material).

    She’s majorly phoning it in, and its hard to see how she can trump anything she’s done in the past to get a rise out of people from the conservative angle. If I were Coulter’s agent, I’d advise her to reverse course and become a big liberal for a few years. THAT would be shocking, and she could probably sell books and appearances to the other side for awhile by viciously attacking the right. It’d be cynical and phony, but when has Coulter ever been anything but?

  5. jason says

    Ann is dressed very inappropriately. It’s not the beach, Ann, so put some clothes on. Look at how modestly Bill Maher is dressed in comparison.

    Ann is also wearing her hair like a 17 year old floosie. Grow up, Ann – you’re getting older.

  6. Yupp says

    Hey…uh, “Betty” (lol), I’m just tired of Belonsky trying to pull his racial junk. And I’ve been tired of it ever since he joined the mob trying to send the Duke lacrosse boys to prison (in THE case he hides from now).

  7. Polyboy says

    What Ann needs to admit is that the movie “Species” is actually based on her conception and early life before she went into psychological cannibalism.

  8. BrokebackBob says

    Ah, Ann Coulter, the ultimate fame whore of the Republican Party. Emphasis on the “whore”.
    The sexy Michelle Bachmann, the alluring Sarah Palin, ah yes, Ann Coulter, who has slept with nearly all of the….oh I digress. The poster girl for vacuous blonde Connecticut privileged debutantes who really really needs to hold an aspirin between her knees and go back east and become what she really is, a brainless housefrau (and that’s not a snipe to stay-at-home spouses) She sicken me and makes me throw up more than a little in my mouth.

  9. Miguel A. Mendoza says

    I love Ann Coulter. I don’t agree with anything she says, but I get a kick out of her defiant, misguided, right-wing arrogance…and her knack for infuriating (or at least irritating) the ultra-left. As wayward as she is, she’s entertaining as hell.

  10. jamal49 says

    I read your book, Ann. Always a tough read, as are all your books, but you are funny in a comical sort of way. In fact, you are probably the best conservative stand-up comedienne around. Better than Greg Gutfield, at least.

    But, Ann, I can assure you. Those of us who live boot to ground and travel by bus and train or on foot and not in a FOX limousine can tell you that racism is not dead.

    It did not disappear with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Voting Rights Act or Title IX. It definitely did not disappear with the election of Mr. Obama.

    Racism is still here, Ann. You’re white. How the hell would you know?

    Have you been “stopped and frisked” here in NYC simply for walking with a friend in a Queens public housing project?

    Has your nephew been slammed up against a building wall by two NYC cops with one sticking his hand in each trouser pocket, looking for contraband (and, according to the nephew, lingering just a little too long feeling around in the pockets)?

    Have you been shoved against the same building wall by the third NYC cop for protesting that your nephew (a straight A student, obedient and well-behaved) has been slammed against the building wall with too much force?

    Ann, you’re a silly woman. It’s OK to earn a living being a provocative comedienne. It’s OK to generate controversy to sell your books.

    But, it’s a crime and a disservice to the truth to say that racism in the USA in 2012 is dead. It is not. I guarantee you, Ann, should Mitt Romney win, it will get worse. Police brutality will increase. Neighborhood vigilantism will increase. Attacks on people of colour by disaffected, emboldened white racists will increase.

    Meanwhile, Ann, you will continue to drink and party with your GoProudGirlfriends, rich from book sales and talking-head appearances, oblivious to the racism that surrounds your palace of delusion.

  11. John Freeman says

    I agree we should not care what this whore for the Republican party says. I suppose that’s why she is in her underwear on TV – to show us that she is a political trollop. It does not disguise that she is a hate filled, altogether nasty person.

  12. Diogenes Arkots says

    Anne also repeats the Religious Right’s tired lie that it was the conservatives and not the liberals that supported civil rights. She should at least be honest (!) and admit that she’s confusing today’s stands of the two parties with their opposite stands of the early 1960s.

  13. says

    she doesn’t actually believe a word she says or writes.

    but she knows there are legions of complete idiots and bigots out there who will pay to have the lies they tell themselves reaffirmed by her.

    just like Trump knew Obama was born in America. By pretending he felt otherwise he garnered the Bigotty Nitwit vote.

    it’s pandering to the lowest of the low. typical conservative tactic.

  14. ratbastard says

    HATE will NEVER go away. Hate, love, jealousy, envy, pride, etc., are all part of the HUMAN CONDITION. SOME people just need to grow the F up and stop endlessly whining and finding offense. And stop using the old, tired race card when sh*t doesn’t go your way or stranger doesn’t smile at you on the street. Stop acting like PMS-ing teenage girls. EVERYBODY, REGARDLESS of ‘race’ has to deal with irrational hate directed at them. It’s a part of life.

    However, we have had laws that legally entitled some people [based on their ‘race’, skin tone, etc.,] to more than equal status under the law. Not ‘equal’ status, but MORE THAN EQUAL. This has been the case for 40 years. How many other countries in the world grant special legal status to some ‘oppressed’ so-called minorities that gives them more than equal status under the law? VERY FEW, in fact the U.S. is probably the only nation that has done this for almost a half century now.

  15. ratbastard says

    @Diogenes Arkots,

    The Democrats traditionally OPPOSED civil rights for black folks. They were the preferred party among the white southern elite class up until well into the 60s, even the 70s. JFK had to have his arm repeatedly twisted to act on civil rights legislation. Even LBJ said about his Great Society and civil rights legislation that, quote: ‘It’ll keep the [N-word] voting Democrat for the next 300 years.’ He was sure right about that, and should have included homosexuals, if it wasn’t for the fact ‘progressives’ in the 60s, even into the 70s, couldn’t have cared less about homosexuals and in fact were just as ‘homophobic’ as anyone else.

  16. Onnyjay says

    Why do you give a fraud like Annthrax any publicity? Obviously she has a new book to pimp and a pathological need to be noticed, but no need at all to be truthful or sane. Ignore her and all willowy blonde wingnuts.

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