1. HadenoughBS says

    This ad is hilarious. What a wonderful indictment of the Romney campaign’s small thinking when it comes to controlling the federal government’s purse strings. OTOH, Romney would send the Pentagon’s budget (and the federal deficit) through the stratosphere so US armed forces can, what, invade another country (or two or three) under his watch? This man and his neoncon advisors are not to be trusted. There are so many things wrong with today’s GOP that I really hope VP Biden can help steer the Obama re-election campaign back on course during this Thursday night’s debate with Ryan.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    I agree that the ad is hilarious. However, how long before Sesame Workshop forces the Obama organization to pull the ad?

  3. i could go on, but I won't says

    OMG, that ad makes an association between Romney and Wall Street corruption!

    In the mean time there’s a certain bird that needs to be put in its place, no more government bird feed for you!

    And as to regulation: We don’t need no stinkin’ regulation!

  4. mikeflower says

    If PBS were a Chinese company using outsourced jobs & working against American interests, Bain/Romney would be heavily invested in it. At issue is the fact that there is no profit motive for Bain/Romney in supporting PBS.

  5. says

    Sesame Street brings in 200 million a year to its owners – and PBS does not get that money. Since we are talking about a total federal stipend of 444 million, a couple of shows could easily make up the deficit. That is not even 15% of its total budget. And did you know the executives of PBS and NPR are making about a million for one and 600+ K for the other? That is a lot of birdseed babies… definitely 1%ers

  6. BETTY says

    TED: please check your facts. Sesame Street and it’s parent company are NON-PROFIT!!!!! From Wikipedia: “Although it was originally funded by the Carnegie Corporation and the United States Office of Education, the majority of the Workshop’s funding is now earned through licensing the use of their characters to a variety of corporations to use for books, toys, and other products marketed toward children. This ensures that the Workshop has reliable access to funding for its programming without depending on unpredictable grants.”

    This is EXACTLY what Republicans want PBS to do to fund itself. You know who gets the majority of the money from Sesame Street products? They toy companies. The money Sesame does get from licensing goes right back to produce the show. This is EXACTLY what Republicans have been advocating PBS should do and you should be using Sesame as an example. Now you are demonizng the exact example of how it should be done!!

    It’s Romney’s own fault he didn’t do his homework and went after Big Bird and now he looks like a fool. Maybe he should spend more time actually getting educated with Sesame Street. Today’s Sesame Street was brought to you by the letter M…M for morons.