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Bishop Of Green Bay Calls Equality 'Instrinsically Evil'

RickenDavidConservative pastors are really laying on the histrionics ahead of the election. First there was Maryland Rev. Robert Anderson using scripture to say that people who support equality are "worthy of death". Now we have David Ricken, the Catholic Bishop for Green Bay, Wisconsin, claiming a vote for equality is a vote for evil.

Here's what he had to say in a letter to parishioners sent on October 24th:

A well-formed Christian conscience does not permit one to vote for a political program that contradicts fundamental contents of faith and morals...

Some candidates and one party have even chosen some of these as their party’s or their personal political platform. To vote for someone in favor of these positions means that you could be morally ‘complicit’ with these choices which are intrinsically evil.

This could put your own soul in jeopardy.

Yeesh. That's some strong stuff.

Ricken justifies his letter by claiming the church has a duty "[to] speak out regarding moral issues, especially on those issues that impact the 'common good'."

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  1. So who is the fat gay guy in the pic who obviously needs to get laid?

    Posted by: Michael | Oct 27, 2012 3:16:08 PM

  2. Two facts about Bishop Ricken:

    1. His first bishopric was as Coadjutor Bishop of Cheyenne under (and later succeeding) Bishop Hart, who in turn was accused of child molestation both as a priest in Missouri and as a Bishop in Wyoming. Bishop Hart was one of the clerics for whom the Dioceses of St. Joseph/Kansas City paid $10,000,000.00 to 47 accusers. Bishop Ricken never said a word publicly about the scandal surrounding his predecessor (and former boss), much less apologized.

    2. The Vatican rewarded Bishop Ricken (for sweeping that scandal under the rug) by translating him to the Diocese of Green Bay. A little over a year later he lobbied the Wisconsin Legislature heavily to shorten the statute of limitations for child molestation victims to sue. His lobbyist of choice was a businessman on his diocesan Financial Council. That man was Ron Johnson who ran with Bishop Ricken's pastoral letters of support against Senator Feingold and won.

    In short, Bishop Ricken is a right wing Republican in clerical garb. He demonstrably cares more about the Church as an institution than he does about punishing child molesters or seeking justice for their underage victims. Woe unto ye hypocrites!

    Posted by: nolaramie | Oct 27, 2012 3:30:35 PM

  3. This coming from a representative of the kidfuckers? Hey dude, you know what is "intrinsically evil"? Child molestation. You know what is even more evil? Covering it up. I'm not Catholic, your views are meaningless to me, and have no precedence over my "intrinsic" rights as a US citizen. So you can take your "Christian conscience" and shove it up your ass.

    Tax the churches!

    Posted by: SoLeftImRight | Oct 27, 2012 3:40:14 PM

  4. Note to Bishop Ricken:

    Right back at ya slime ball!

    Posted by: Jonathan OZ | Oct 27, 2012 4:04:32 PM

  5. btw, Christians & Catholics, the GOP's platform includes healthcare and fiscal policies that are a DIRECT CONTRADICTION OF THE ACTIONS AND WORDS ATTRIBUTED TO CHRIST.

    So if you vote GOP thinking it'll keep your soul clean, you're fresh outta luck.

    You'll be contributing to a modern day Sodom, and by Sodom I mean as it's described in the Bible - Ezekiel 16 - the hoarding of wealth and a refusal to share all that you have with those who have nothing.

    sorry. you can't be a bible-based Christian and vote republican. Jesus would have hated the GOP's fiscal and healthcare policies.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Oct 27, 2012 4:11:46 PM

  6. I honestly haven't seen a clearer explication of just how, not only un-American, but anti-American the Catholic hierarchy is. All of our foundational principles -- equality under the law, freedom of speech, freedom of (and from) religion -- are, to them, "intrinsically evil."

    Posted by: Hunter | Oct 27, 2012 4:53:35 PM

  7. Oh no! Every time a gay couple gets married, a white Christian baby dies!

    Oh wait...no, it doesn't. Nor does anything else bad or "evil" occur.

    Just another ignorant bigot using a 2000 year old book to justify his hate.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Oct 27, 2012 4:58:10 PM

  8. Ain't nuthin more evil than that toupee on his head.

    Posted by: Tessie Tura | Oct 27, 2012 5:20:37 PM


    Posted by: jamal49 | Oct 27, 2012 5:24:08 PM

  10. I wonder what other letters this man has written to his parishoners. Something about treating others as you'd like them to treat you, perhaps? Or maybe more specific, like, oh, I don't know... DON'T MOLEST CHILDREN!

    Is it not inappropriate pressure to tell religious people that they'll go to hell if they vote for the 'wrong' person/party?

    Posted by: Tanoka | Oct 27, 2012 5:38:43 PM

  11. I hope the good bish knows where his soul is headed... He can go straight to hell, along with the rest of those pious idiots.
    It's no wonder the catholic church is fast becoming irrelevant here in the US.

    Posted by: cbhermey | Oct 27, 2012 6:07:06 PM

  12. I fail to see how love can be "intrinsically evil".

    Posted by: Rob | Oct 27, 2012 6:55:45 PM

  13. Some foolish gays are still attending the Catholic Church giving money thinking that it's going to change

    Posted by: Bob | Oct 28, 2012 1:34:43 AM

  14. @ERIC- you da man.

    Gotta love it when some a***oles across the US declare themselves as God's mouthpieces. I find it SO ironic that the "apostle" Paul never met Jesus. How can one be an apostle of Christ never having met the man???

    Posted by: SAYWHAT | Oct 28, 2012 8:28:12 AM

  15. There is a definite up side to this stance of the catholic church's leadership against the gay marriage. The more they speak out the less relevant they are shown to be. They display no inclination to serious dialogue with the gay community. Rather they come off as quite dictatorial and intellectually constipated, closed to any expansion of their own thinking on the issue of human sexuality. Recent history shows they could really use some new ideas about sex. Gay people of faith can be really good for them; it's their loss.

    Posted by: Tim | Oct 28, 2012 9:14:17 AM

  16. Every time I see the rantings of "Religious" Leaders, all I can see are worried old bigots who are seeing that their livelihoods are in danger of ending because the "Faithful" are coming to realize that they have been hoodwinked with all of this "God" stuff all of their lives.

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Oct 28, 2012 2:47:23 PM

  17. Lucifer just added another name to that Condo in hell for this guy.

    Posted by: DC Arnold | Oct 28, 2012 7:28:46 PM

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