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Watch the Season Premieres of 'Dexter' and 'Homeland' in Full: VIDEO


Those of you who missed the Season 7 premiere of Dexter last night can watch it in full online, along with the Season 2 premiere of Homeland, since Showtime posted them in full on YouTube yesterday. I'd highly recommend both series.



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  1. Yesterday I watched the entire 1st season of Homeland --- WOW. Totally deserved Emmys for both leading actors!

    Posted by: topher | Oct 1, 2012 9:39:45 AM

  2. Topher - I watched the entire first season on Saturday. I agree. I was skeptical at first since Claire Danes will always be Angela Chase to me (and it does not help that she is basically the same character in everything she does - angst ridden and always on the verge of tears). But it's a fantastic show. I'm just mad that now I have wait a full week between episodes.

    Posted by: Sanderson | Oct 1, 2012 10:52:45 AM

  3. @Sanderson You nailed it w/your Angela Chase comment. And she still has an obsessive thing for the bad boy--Nicholas Brody is Jordan Catalano all over again.

    Awaiting references to a mysterious secret agent named "Tino".

    Posted by: bcarter3 | Oct 1, 2012 11:29:43 AM

  4. I watched the Dexter premiere! Oh man is it messed up. This is going to be a GREAT season.

    Posted by: Lucas H | Oct 1, 2012 11:30:51 AM

  5. Pretty much locked myself in the room and turned off the phone for Dexter and Homeland last night. LOVED THEM!!!

    Posted by: C.J. | Oct 1, 2012 12:02:13 PM

  6. how nice to watch the new DEXTER on YOUTUBE!!

    Posted by: mattsy | Oct 1, 2012 12:25:09 PM

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