1. PixelWizard says

    Ditto. This is a *great* book. Well researched content, a fresh viewpoint, prose that frequently sparkles with humor and heart.

    I know very, very well the damaging dynamics of being presumed, expected, and indoctrinated to behave like an extrovert. Unfortunately it’s all awfully similar to the covert demand that gay people stay in the closet.

    How I wish this idea and this author had been around when I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s.

  2. graphicjack says

    She’s dead on right. Creative types in any field, whether artistic, scientific, or whatever, tend to be naturally introverts. Only those few who have learned traits of extroverts (like me), or who partner with extroverts, seem to get noticed, but that’s a shame. What else miught we have achieved in the world if we listened to introverts more?

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