1. M. O'. says

    M. Scott Hernandez — what do you mean? Obama is shown at the end of the animation, finishing the speech. Starting at 3:14 (or so).

  2. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Yes, I meant the screen shot. My Republican friends would call this speech rhetoric without a visual aid (bar graph). My partner and I (with our two adopted kids) are the life of the gossip party. “Piss off!” is our response. Our kids wrote a letter to Mutt supporting Bird Bird and his friends. They made their dads very proud. We never asked them too. They can read and watch the news.

  3. cjr says

    I’d like to see the job growth bar for President Obama’s time in office on the chart too. I’d rather it not be perceived as hiding something about job growth since he took office. If it really is less, then this is disingenuous. If it is more, why not clearly show that in the chart?

  4. Dback says

    It’s no secret that Seth Macfarlane hates–and I mean HATES–George W. Bush. Like, loathes with every fiber of his being. He may not classify himself as a Democrat, but his contempt for W. knows no bounds; it’s unsurprising that “Family Guy”‘s peeps would have developed something like this, considering what the show has done to Bush in the past. (Clinton gets a sort of begrudging admiration, mostly due to his sexual magnetism and powers; even Peter succumbed.)

  5. Redebbm says

    @CJR Because not even his first term isn’t over yet. Those job growth bars reflect full terms. Showing Obama’s as it is right now wouldn’t be able to compare with equal time. (Though they should have citations in the cartoon, that I think is important) Remember it’s only been 3 1/2 years since Obama took office. In that time, he has recovered the jobs we lost from the 08 crash. Unemployment is at 7.8%. For recovering from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and I say that to remind everyone it was that BAD. Anyone who says we aren’t better of than four years ago is lying. From loosing hundreds of thousands of jobs back to creating private sector jobs each month is an accomplishment on its own. Trust me, if Romney wins, you won’t hear about deficits or jobs from the right anymore. It’ll be back to cutting taxes and restricting people’s rights as the main agenda. Any arguing and you’ll be branded “unpatriotic” again. This party is the same party as Bush, only further to the right.

  6. pitluver says

    interesting video but it will sadly be ripped apart. why? maybe i’m just being too picky but there are some stupid spelling mistakes that make the animators look less intelligent. “corpopate” (at 1:36) and “insurence” (at 1:39) shouldn’t be in the video. i know they aren’t major mistakes and they could be easily overlooked but this video will be picked apart by the other side and the animators should have carefully edited the final product so it doesn’t make them look stupid. and i know i shouldn’t focus on the mistakes and more on the actual content…but i can’t help myself.

  7. RHR IN TN says

    @pitluver…you use six sentences to explain to us how stupid mistakes distract you from the content fo the clip. None of those six sentences begin with a capital letter. Should we even read what you posted, or will it all just be nonsense?

  8. RHR IN TN says

    And, true to form, being my own worst enemy, in the above post, “fo” = “of”. LOL :)