News: Battle Bears, Clark Kent, Queen’s Head, Honey Boo Boo

RoadBishop Gene Robinson to speak about marriage equality in Portland, Maine.

RoadActivists campaign to save one of London's oldest gay pubs, The Queens Head.

Horse_romneyRoadDan Savage's caption contest: "Apparently you can stick a round peg into a square hole."

RoadVIDEO: Honey Boo Boo "falls asleep" to avoid a Dr. Drew interview.

RoadFocus on the Family President Jim Daly says gays are in "pain" and are at battle with "the creator of the universe."

RoadEllen DeGeneres on the possibility of a Romney presidency: “Well, I am certainly hoping our president stays put,” DeGeneres said on the red carpet before the Kennedy Center event. “If you’re a woman, you should be very, very scared of that, for many reasons,” she said. “And obviously as a gay person he doesn’t believe in me having the same rights, so of course I’m not happy about that.”

RoadPolitico: The battle for 7 states. "The main battlegrounds: Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida and Wisconsin. The late inclusion of Wisconsin on this list reflects a bet by Romney — buoyed by some polls showing an opportunity for him there — that he can turn a state that has not voted for a Republican presidential nominee since 1984."

RoadClark Kent quits the Daily Planet to start a blog.

RoadBeyonce and Jay-Z's request to trademark the name of their daughter Blue Ivy denied.

BattlebearsRoadBattle Bears peddling thinly disguised homophobia to preteen boys?

RoadBoston Globe endorses gay Republican Richard Tisei over pro-LGBT Democrat John Tierney: "Had US Representative John Tierney not been weakened by a controversy that grew out of his brother-in-law’s illegal offshore gambling operation, voters in the Sixth District might well have returned him to Congress term after term without feeling much dissatisfaction."

RoadCheck out this list of ugly anti-gay tweets from Cardinals fans after the SF Giants won the pennant last night.

RoadSkyfall premieres in London.

GraberRoadKansas church keyboardist Chad Graber booted for being gay.

RoadPhoto: Obama greets Romney's grandson.

RoadPhotos from the NYC Halloween dog parade.

RoadSign war happening in Hutchinson, Kansas over a gay rights ordinance: "Raigoza says some members of the New Harmony Baptist Church have reported their yard signs missing as well. He blames gay community. 'Oh, no way,' says Jon Powell with the Kansas Equality Coalition. Powell says his group has been too busy putting up their own signs, urging people to vote yes to extended rights for the gay community. 'We are swamped. We are busy. We have placed over seven hundred signs in the city,' explains Powell. 'And we have had our yard signs go missing too.'"

RoadDirector Tony Scott had anti-depressant in his system but no cancer: "The LA county coroner's office also confirmed yesterday that Scott's death was suicide, though his motive remains a mystery. A number of suicide notes reportedly contained no details of why the Top Gun director chose to kill himself. The report said Scott's immediate cause of death was blunt force trauma and drowning. Non-toxic levels of the antidepressant mirtazapine and the prescription sleeping pill Lunesta were in his system."


  1. "The Gay" says

    mirtazapine and Lunesta are what Tony Scott was prescribed. Yet another “adverse reaction” in the form of suicidal thoughts induced by antidepressant treatment that obviously didn’t include the therapy and monitoring that’s supposed to accompany treatment.

    It’ll be interesting if we ever find out just why he was prescribed mirtazapine – was if or depression, withdrawal, or another use, or an off-label use ?

    What role did Lunestra play when combined with mirtazapine ? Neither are entirely benign treatment options. Somehow I doubt Mr. Scott was informed of the potential problems these drugs alone, much less together could induce.

  2. Rex Mundi says

    Battle Bears doesn’t look remotely homophobic. It looks like a twist on cute and cuddly cartoons like Care Bears, which, coincidentally, involved a lot of rainbows.

  3. Jeff says

    Andy Towle, here’s news for you: gay men are men. We aren’t pink teddy bears. When you suggest otherwise, you are the homophobe, not the creators of Battle Bears. There is absolutely no reason why gay boys shouldn’t identify with the Battle Bears and go out and enjoy the game just as any other boy.

    Gay boys are not “queer” and they do not have gender identity disorder, despite the persistent efforts of people like you to lump them in with transsexuals and crossdressers. Don’t drag (no pun intended) them down to your level.

    No, this is NOT Rick.

  4. Fenrox says

    @Jeff, thats more for the original blogger. Andy has included it in his daily rundown. He literally just posts links to others thoughts. I would like to read a column that Andy writes but I am pretty convinced that he is a horrible dude so I like living in limbo and continuing to go to this site.

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