1. Moz's says

    3 snap polls

    CBS of undecided voters 53% O to romney 23%

    PPP poll of voters, not sure whether undecideds or all voters Obama beat romney by 11%

    CNN was all voters and +8 Repub sampling vs the actual percentage of repubs vs democrats in the general population but even then
    48% Obama beat romney who came in at 40% and the poll was heavily skewed republican

  2. Randy says

    Romney looked too squirmy in this one. His mouth was dry, and he was always trying to swallow every time Obama pointed out one of his lies, flaws, or inadequacies.

    Can you imagine this guy as president? He couldn’t handle it. His wife is right.

  3. simon says

    CBS poll gives Obama a decisive victory. Mitt compared his experience in running a bussiness to running a country. It would be a disaster since he likes to fire people and the big bird.

  4. "The Gay" says

    This wasn’t so much a debate as it was a humiliation for flip-flopping, lying Mittsey…

  5. i could go on, but I won't says

    Mitt is a smart and hard working hedge fund manager whose huge success is largely luck. It is no qualification to run the foreign policy or defense policy of the USA.

    He is just like Bush — a millionaire son of a millionaire with no real interest in world events, no geo-political experience, a simple-minded view of the economy, the exact same plan — lower taxes for the wealthy and increase the cost of government.

    However, having said all that, the American voters are split in half because they too have no real insight into running the government as evidenced by the people they send to Congress. So anything could happen.

    I hope the USA gets lucky again. We can’t afford another president just like George Bush.

  6. Bill Perdue says


    Who cares who wins the debates or the elections. Workers here and around the would will be screwed if either Obama or Romney wins.

    Either way beginning on November 7th we’ll see more austerity. Obama has already said he’ll gut Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid and Romney is just as bad.

    If Obama wins we’ll have at least two more years of mass murder by Americans in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and by US armed and paid IDF thugs in Palestine. Romney will be just as bad.

    Democrats like Obama. Emanuel, Cuomo and Brown will continue busting unions. That’s the central focus of the attack on the standard of living of workers by the .01%. If Romney wins he, Walker and other Republicans will pursue the same goals. We’ll get poorer and the rich and their political deputies will get richer.

    If Obama wins he’ll continue to run concentration camps in Cuba, Afghanistan and elsewhere and will continue to kidnap, torture or murder on a whim. One of his latest victims was a sixteen year old boy from Denver murdered on Obama’s command. Obama signed NDAA provisions allowing him to kidnap and detain Americans on a whim and will again. Obama supports FISA (massive internal spying) and the anti-Bill of Rights Paytriot Act. Romney will be just as bad at gutting the Bill of Rights.

    Nothing begins to approach the importance and necessity of building workers parties who can, when the time is ripe, create a workers state and put an end to all this madness and prosecute those responsible.

    1776 again, please.