1. Icebloo says

    What EXACTLY has Lady Gaga done for gay equality ? She SAYS she supports us but that’s just to get our money.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. She hasn’t even recorded an “It get’s better video”. She doesn’t reTweet online petitions for the Human Rights Campaign. She hasn’t recorded a TV ad to be shown in the states battling for gay marriage online. She didn’t even record anything for her own state of New York when we were fighting for gay marriage.

    Lady Gaga is all about money. She doesn’t care about gays – she cares about our money. She actually done anything for us.

    The straight person who is out there almost every day fighting for us is Cyndi Lauper. She has done the most of any straight person I know. We should save our awards for people like Cyndi who deserve it.

    Lady Gaga is a fake.

  2. bill says

    Enough GAGA PLEASE.

    I agree with the above, her true talent is exploitation and working the media.

    She said she won’t wear fur – she now wears fur and calls it ART.

    She swore she never lip syncs and never will – and now she lip syncs to backing tracks and amazingly, when she vomits on stage you don’t even hear her heave. MICROPHONE OFF OR SO LOW IT DOESN’T MATTER.

    She will say or do anything to get her name in front of people.

    She uses the gay community to feed her bank account. She swears she doesn’t care about money or popularity. A band does a video about her getting eaten by a lion and her response is “I’m more popular”. She sold $20 SUCKERS with her image on them. Suckers is right! She obviously cares a great deal about her popularity and money. A GREAT DEAL!!

    Her fanbase of lil monsters attack and bully anyone who dares say anything critical of her. This is totally against her supposed message yet she sits silent as they trash Adele, Madonna, Perry, Osbourne…

    But don’t worry, she will be trying to sell you her line of Gaga Water real soon and I am sure she will say portion of the sales will go to a charity. All I can say is read up on those Japan Earthquake bracelets of hers and where that money went.

    She pretends she wasn’t raised a little rich girl and she says in interviews that she doesn’t tell the truth, that fiction is better than fact.

    She is an embarrassment to the gay community and also to hard working musicians who actually play live music when someone pays them money to come to their shows.

  3. says

    stop being upset that Lady Gaga is doing more for the LGBT communities than your own families are. Seriously.

    Hating Gaga won’t make her life worse, nor your own life better.

    She’s a woman whose specific message has truly empowered millions of young people. Her work doesn’t negate the work of anyone else. I was a Cyndi Lauper boy growing up – that doesn’t mean I need to go out of my way to angrily freak out about Gaga, whose music and words are utterly reaching the younger generations.

    If you need to hate Lady Gaga to justify your own misery. Keep it up. Just know you’re drinking poison and waiting for it to kill someone else. Helpful Hint – it won’t.

  4. Lance says

    “Pryer freely admits that she and her lab are big Gaga fans.”

    No way, I would have never guessed that.

    Casts into doubt this entire research team, to be honest.

  5. jason says

    I am so fed up with this obscene obsession with Lady Gaga. She is NOT a symptom of greater gay acceptance. In fact, she’s a symptom of the fact that we MEN will never be accepted in the music industry if we did what females like Madonna and Lady Gaga do.

    Think about it: why have all these females proliferated in recent years? It’s because we men – gay or otherwise – would NOT be accepted if we did what these women do.

    Women like Madonna and Lady Gaga represent a barrier to our progress. Whether you realize it or not, they are effectively getting in our way. They are HINDERING, not helping, us. There will be no male equivalent of these women if we continue to worship them.

  6. Bill says

    Typical little monster response- nonsensical.

    You start off by saying we should stop being upset because gaga is doing more more for lgbt than our families. Did either poster say anything about their families? Do you know either families and their levels of involvement in lgbt affairs? No of course you don’t. Instead of addressing a point you decide to talk about our families. ( and just a hint- adding “Serious” after making a garbage statement does’t make it more relevant or true)

    I didn’t say I hate her. You decided I hate her and that way I am a “hater” so my opinion doesn’t count. Wrong again.

    Then of course at the end you say our own misery is why we are attacking her. Wow! How would you know this? Of course you don’t, again. You can not dispute the points that were made and you take them as a personal attack on you, then turn around and attack and try to bully. You didn’t address any points, you just tried to blindly defend by striking out.

    For the record, I agree that she may have empowered but she did so with full knowledge it was padding her bank accounts.. She HAD a decent message that has now been reduced to her fleecing her little monsters for all she can get them for. Again, she had a good message that she watered down with her over-selling herself. She is a huckster at this point and it wasn’t always this way.

    Please address the points at hand and try not to pigeon hole people because you disagree .

  7. SKOC211 says

    I’m just going to ignore the nonsense above and point out that the DNA of these particular ferns all had G-A-G-A sequences, while similar ferns did not.

    Calm down, people. A bunch of scientists who are Gaga fans named a plant after her.

    As for Gaga’s support of the LGBT community these are the first that come to mind…..

    -She actively campaigned for the repeal of DADT, through YouTube videos instructing people how to contact their representatives in Congress and during her live concerts
    -Has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for LGBT homeless youth
    -Has visited the White House to speak with Obama Administration officials about dealing with bullying
    -Has spoken to President Obama at a fundraiser about bullying
    -Founded the Born This Way Foundation to empower LGBT youth and bully victims in general

  8. says

    actually, Bill, the venom in your post proves that you do hate her. Why else would a grown man get his oversized panties in a twist about a young woman whose songs and message have empowered millions of young people to love themselves?

    I get it. Hating Lady Gaga today provided a much-needed distraction from the misery of your own life.

    But to a kid growing up to bigoted parents in Topeka Kansas, Gaga’s message and music may be the only source of hope and happiness in their lives.

    The investment of your disdain for Lady Gaga proves me right. So keep it up. Won’t make her life worse, won’t make your life better – as I said before.

    I actually don’t listen to her music, but I’m glad she exists to empower all those young people. Young people finding hope and strength in her music in no way casts a negative light on my own life.

    Ah, yes. And she’s just in it to pad her bank account. RIGHT. Keep telling yourself that. Like I said before, stop being angry that Lady Gaga has been a more outspoken and visible advocate for LGBT Equality than your own families have. It’s obvious from your dedication to spewing venom about her that what she represents is something you never got from those who approval you sought.

    So keep it up.

  9. John says

    I don’t fault Lady Gaga for exploiting the LGBT movement and various self-empowerment movements. After all, we all gotta pay the bills somehow.

    But her “born this way” drivel isn’t revolutionary or great. It’s just the logical progression of the feel-good “You are special and you can do anything” mantra that she and I and other members of generation were spoon-fed from birth. She goes beyond the notion that we are all unique and that those differences and achievements should be celebrated. She twists that message into we should be celebrated simply for being.

    If you think Generation Y is entitled spoiled, just wait until this next generation comes of age. It will only be worse.

    Besides, I think the “born this way” argument, like the immutability argument in equal protection jurisprudence, is a dangerous one. It gives license to hate anything we categorize as choice.

  10. says

    you show me a gay man that says Gaga is an “embarrassment to the gay community” and i’ll show you a cowardly troll whose caper-sized testes have yet to drop.

    the only embarrassments to our community are the grown adults who refuse to stand up to be counted, and are angry that Lady Gaga’s fans don’t live with the same fears that currently cripple them.

    And I guess some just are adamant about becoming their own parents: “I don’t undestand this new music! I call it CRAP music, not rap music! I don’t get this hippity-hop! When I was a young man and dinosaurs ruled the world, we had artists like ______!”

    yeah. i know. i get it. you’re my grandfather and you don’t approve of The Beatle’s shaggy haircuts. thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    John, you’re taking her message in that particular song WAYYYYYY too literally. She’s not singing “you were biologically and genetically born a homosexual, baby, and that’s the sole reason you should be accepted” – so chill a bit.

    it’s “born this way” – as weird, unique, glorious or strange as you wanna be. it has nothing to do with concepts of choice or innate anything. at all. you’re reallllyyyy stretching to find a reason to gripe with that one.

    it’s so funny – the adamantly-anti-Gaga crowd are actually the ones who’d benefit most from her music. take a lesson from her little monsters, that you’ve chosen to have such disdain for, stop living each day worrying what Others Are Thinking About You.


  12. Bill says

    Again you address no points of contention about lady gaga but instead deem my points venomous and me miserable and thus can write me off as a hater.

    What you call venom are what we adults call facts.

    Then you say if someone doesn’t like lady gaga they must be old, which I take it is supposed to be insulting. So with out knowing anything about someone, if you disagree, you result to name calling and bullying. Do you
    Not see the hypocrisy defending a non-bullying message by being a bully?

    And someone being old is no different than someone being gay, bi or transgendered…born this way baby, just a few years earlier than you.

  13. says

    nope, not at all. it has nothing to do with disliking her. it has everything to do with how that dislike is expressed, and why.

    you used this as a way to project your misery about your own life onto her and her fans. keep it up, won’t make your life better.

    if you believed a word in the tripe you’ve written you’d have moved on from this story, and not ready about a woman whom you’ve chosen to dislike, rather than come on to, frankly, enjoy a hate-wank over her.

    facts. hmmmm. she writes songs. plays multiple instruments, and sings like a bird live as any cursory search on youtube or other sites will show.

    but you’re adamant about being right about her and what a Bad Example she is.

    like i said, keep proving me right. but hating Gaga won’t improve your own lot in life 😉

  14. Bill says

    Defending someone who has a non-bullying message by attacking and attempting to bully and alienate those with whom you disagree is beyond ironic.

    Someone CAN think she is an embarrassment and not be a cowardly troll who is closeted.

    I really don’t understand this rage to defend her that you have. Just like on gaga daily, if someone doesn’t think she’s god’s gift, than there is something wrong with that person.

    Gaga had 5 songs in the top ten songs that people deleted from their play counts on lastfm. The monsters convinced themselves that it was a good thing that this was happening and it meant there were lots of closeted fans out there. Simply delusional.

  15. Bill says

    What I’m adamant about is getting you to address points that were made by others about gaga.

    But still you want to reassure yourself by calling me names ( old, troll cowardly) and by trying to classify me as someone miserable who is trying to make myself feel better by hating.

    At this point, the non logic of everything you say leaves me no choice but to leave you rolling in the deep (ha) dark place that seems to be your mind. I wish u well nd hope you learn to have the same tolerance that you want to demand for yourself.

  16. says

    if you believed a word of that you’d not have come onto this thread to give a laundry list of diatribes against Lady Gaga, who last I checked was putting a name and face to supporting the LGBT Community, which you’ve yet to do yourself. Feel free to make yourself just as visible as her, sugarpie 😉

    Yes, you convince yourself that you’re being “bullied” by coming on to anonymously, like a true coward, complain and rant against her.

    The Good News – her fans aren’t the pissant miseryguts you are.

    She empowers millions of young people. If you believed even an ounce of your own “anti-bullying” words you’d have left not one negative message on here, and let her go on empowering them.

    which she’ll do anyway. and it will continue to make you miserable.

    so that’s rad 😀

  17. Bill says

    You have no idea what I have done for the lgbt community and for you to accuse me of being a coward, miserable pissant who doesn’t support the community is so far off base it s just sad and pathetic. All of this to defend a woman from valid criticisms. What you forgot them cos you got so worked up and were name calling? Here are some again…

    She swear she wouldn’t wear fur and now cals it art. That is being a hypocrite. Do you know about the fur industry? This miserable pissant knows and has acted out for its cause.

    She swear she would never lip sync and now she has a “live element” to her shows. In other words large potions of her show are not live. This after calling out lip synced. That is being a hypocrite.

    Her Japan charity also padded her pockets.

    Enjoy those? There are plenty more examples.

    You want to tear someone down because you can’t debate points of logic and fact go right ahead, it makes you look like a real intellect.

    I am no more anonymous than you. If we were face to face I am sure you wouldn’t choose the same words, you wouldn’t dare. You wouldn’t call me names to my face either.

    You came on here and attacked my points of logic with anger, name calling and nonsense, then claim I am the coward.

    But I am glad she has empowered you to be what you are. The world obviously doesn’t have enough gems like you!

  18. Caliban says

    I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga’s, but I don’t have anything against her either. And having something like this named after you is pretty d*mn awesome no matter who you are.

    By getting sidetracked onto what Gaga has or hasn’t done for gays you’re missing the REAL story here- that a group of scientists are honoring GAY EQUALITY and DIVERSITY by choosing those names. Whether you agree with them or not about Gaga, THEY certainly see her as representing those qualities, which is why they chose her. And that’s great.

    One question though. She says “These independent little organisms can be female, male or even bisexual.” Wouldn’t the proper word there be “hermaphroditic” instead of “bisexual”?

  19. Ted says

    Wow Cat Fight extraordinaire!!! I’m not young, I’m not old, I’m in the middle. And I appreciate any positive attention anyone with such media presence brings to any of our issues, be it marriage equality, DADT, DOMA, etc. She’s only been a help. You should have been there during the Grammys when my teenage son and I saw her emerge from the egg and sing born this way, and watch us talk about it afterward.

    Don’t tell me she is in it for the money. Her expenses are huge, she’s in it for the art and the experience. I’m richer for having someone speak such a positive message to my kids. We are all richer for it. And if you don’t get that, it’s OK. Just stop bitching!!

  20. luminum says

    Yes, she certainly empowered all those Orientals and Cholas. We should be grateful she even mentioned us in the song! As ethnic minorities, we desperately needed to know that we were born that way.

    Sorry, even as a liberal gay man of color, I find Gaga to be a media manipulator and transparent fame whore who only incidentally finds herself in agreement to our civil rights struggle. She has no sense of humility, her own privilege, or desire to learn from her errors. Only egoism and barbed defensiveness.