1. Lee says

    I guess its a true sign of equality – if straight people can have over-the-top, excessive, borderline insane weddings, so can gay couples. Give me a simple backyard ceremony any day.

  2. endo says

    Wow, 10 years from now when you look back at your wedding videos, how embarrassed will you be that you had Psy perform “Gangnam Style”?

    Even deaf people can tell that’s going to be right up there with “Macarena” and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” in what-were-we-thinking hits.

  3. DB says

    Congratulations to the happy couple and God bless your family! My husband and I just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, our thirteenth anniversary of dating, and our son’s second birthday.

  4. johnny says

    OK, not everyone’s style, but at least they could do what they wanted, right?

    I’d be happy simply standing at the justice o’ peace if it was legal here (Indiana).

    Someday we’ll all look back on this and wonder how the hell we all dealt with the fact that some states made sure we’d have our basic rights denied.

  5. Ken says

    It’s the same thing for the NY Times wedding listings. the sons of doctors or rich people get listed. I got married last weekend too, and it made someone’s Facebook page. That’s about it, but we’re still as married as any of the hoity toity A-gays.

  6. Larry says

    Who are you people and what happened to make you so incredibly bitter about the happiness of others?

    I was at this wedding. Along with about 400 other people who had so much fun! It was a celebration of an amazing couple surrounded by friends and family from all over the world.

    Were parts larger than life? Absolutely. Is this what Danny and Aaron wanted? Absolutely. Your jealous and nastiness was abundant when Andy posted Danny’s video a while back. I defended him then and here I am again because this is ridiculous. Danny and Aaron are not mean spirited people. They’re incredibly kind and they made sure everyone in attendance had a night filled with pure joy and laughter.

    As for the comments about money…the musical acts are clients of Aaron’s or were gifts from others in the Industry, most likely donated time. Was a lot of money still spent? It sure seemed like it…and it employed A LOT of people in the process. Good stuff all around!

    Endo, ten years when they look back…they aren’t gonna be embarrassed. They’re going to remember the smiles and the hugs and the overwhelming amount of love felt in that room. 10 years from now, that’s what I’ll remember, too.

    Come together and celebrate the beautiful. Don’t disparage it. It’s not for you? Totally okay. But if you’d been there that night, you’d have felt the love and had a smile plastered on yor face the whole time, though.

    I wish there were more people like Danny and Aaron out there. The world would be a better place.

  7. Frank says

    Larry- thank you for your great comments and personalizing their joy for us. I think it was a blast. I was just surprised the trolls here weren’t mad that one of the grooms was making all gays look bad by trying on a wedding dress. HORRORS!!

  8. endo says

    You know what’s really ironic about Psy performing his one-hit-wonder at this weeding? The song is actually poking fun of A-lister’s lavish lifestyle in an area of Seoul.

    I wonder if Psy was chuckling on the inside.

  9. karl says

    Isn’t this kind of outsize budget the reason Gay weddings are going to save the economy. And really, who’s getting hurt? One man’s “tacky” is another man’s (or two other men’s) joyful celebration. I say, weddings for all! And every one to their own style.

  10. Caliban says

    Look, Larry, maybe they are really great guys, salt of the earth or whatever, but I don’t care WHO it is gay or straight but at some point weddings, gay or straight, cross a line of ostentation and conspicuous consumption so they become grotesque and repellant. The word “gawdy” was coined for a reason.

    Obviously that’s opinion, but it IS my opinion and I don’t care if the happy couple is Jonas Salk and Mother Teresa. That isn’t bitterness, it’s a matter of personal taste.

    Now, that said, I hope they have a long and happy life together, albeit with a little less showmanship.

  11. Jonathan says

    OK, I’m happy for them, but for many people this seems a garish and ostentatious display of over-the-top tacky. Larry, I’m glad you had a good time but seriously, this is vulgar.

    I’m sure they’re wonderful people, but this seems Hollywood tasteless if you ask me.

  12. darin says

    OMG. It appears I need to move about 34 miles north of the Orange Curtain. This is totally fun, memorable and delish. Mazel tov! (and I ain’t even Jewish!)

  13. unruly says

    Congratulations on the ceremony but still not a wedding in CA. They should have taken all that money and helped an economy that does support the weddings of gay people.

  14. Ruddigore says

    So they have a huge wedding celebration in Los Angeles where they are not legally allowed to be married? Personally, I would spend all that money fighting for marriage equality so I could have some sort of legal standing if my husband were in the hospital and of course the tax benefits would be nice, but if they want to spend their money on a unicorn they can have a unicorn. If that’s where their priorities are I’m not one to judge…

  15. peterparker says

    I don’t understand all these over-the-top, highly public marriage proposals, complete with flash mobs, choreography, and, in this couple’s case, a professionally produced music video. Nor do I understand the need to have any marriage ceremony–lavish or not–videotaped and sent out into the blogosphere for strangers to watch. I think it reflects a level of narcissism that bodes poorly for a lasting, intimate relationship.

    (The one exception I’ve seen so far is this highly emotional, stunningly beautiful video that Andy posted a few days ago:

    Having said that, I am glad there are places in the world where a gay couple can have a ceremony to celebrate their relationship without the interference of government or hostile crowds. And I agree with the person posting above who thinks the money would have been better spent fighting for marriage equality.

  16. Lee says

    I am happy for the couple but honestly I view over the top weddings like this, regardless of whether the couple is straight or gay, to be like those parties featured on My Sweet Sixteen. They are “Look at Me, Pay attention to Me, This is All About Me” events that value spectacle and showiness over what the wedding is actually supposed to be about – two people finding each other and vowing to spend the rest of their life together.

  17. says

    @ TED: the New York Times tends to favor public server over wealth in whom they choose to feature.

    I agree that this was an expenditure was gratuitous and a major chunk of it should have gone to, say, making marriage legal in CA, or helping LGBT youth, or roasting the unicorn and feeding it to the homeless. Hopefully, they WON’T be making it into the NYT.

  18. finkles2000 says

    Well, count me among the naysayers. I’m glad they got their dream wedding, but:

    A.) This wedding makes the over-the-top, eyeball-inducing gay wedding in Sex and the City 2 look like a trip to the courthouse.

    B.) NOM, AFA, Focus on the Family are going to use that unicorn photo for years. YEARS.

  19. Tristram says

    Just in case anyone was wondering. I was serious about my star-studded wedding plan. After all, if a wedding is a straight person’s chance to feel famous for a day, why shouldn’t that apply to gay and lesbian couples?

    Anything less would be a double standard.

  20. StevenX says

    See? Homos can be tasteless a-holes too! You get marriage equality and it’s a cartoon to you? This is what straight people will point to as a reason why gays shouldn’t marry, and if this is all the reverence for love you two can muster, I agree in your case. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the divorce.

  21. jw says

    this is why rich people need more taxes levied on their asses
    these dudes have way too much money
    they pray at the temple of more
    when so many have so little
    these two inhabit a world where this is OK
    what does this cost?
    over the top, over burdened and a show of bad taste in the fullest sense of the word
    and then they receive gifts ?
    why? so that they can have more stuff
    something tell me that they didn’t request charitable donations in lieu of gifts
    proves that queers are just as awful as straights

  22. Joe says

    I’m sure they love each other…but seriously. In these times when people are living with their parents because they can’t afford a home…this kind of excess from…well anyone…is bad form.

  23. Peter M. says

    Congratulations! I hope your life together is filled happiness and love!

    I loved the clip, hope there’ll be more of them soon.
    And to all those who posted bitter comments: jealousy is an ugly thing.

  24. Lee says

    @ Joe: Sure they paid a lot of money on things that strictly speaking were totally unneccessary, but guess who they paid? PEOPLE!! Weddings like this easily employ hundred people, if not more: party planers, cateres, waitors, musicians, interior designers, lights and sound people… If it weren’t for weddings like this, there would be even more people with no job, living with their parents… This is the reason why studies show that gay marriage, leading to gay weddings like this one, boost the economy!

  25. endo says

    “something tell me that they didn’t request charitable donations in lieu of gifts”

    Afraid not. They’re registered at Bloomingdales. You can still buy them the Waterford crystal wine glasses!

  26. Bart says

    If gay men having a wedding can’t be over-the-top, silly, and yes a bit tacky, who can? This grousing smacks of political correctness which is simply a bore. We are gay. We have a tradition of flaunting it. Celebrating it. Decorating it. I want equality but not conformity. Much happiness.

    I’m so looking forward to my wedding taking place in a New York cabaret spot, with entertainment by some major name singers who also happen to be dear friends. A Jewish/Russian Orthodox ceremony with grooms from two generations and two continents and a very mixed wedding party. Party!

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