1. says

    I say the same thing about Palin as I do about Ann Coulter. Why even give her space on your website? She is not relevant at all.

  2. 99% says

    Oh, just wait, all the media whores are about to float up like the bloated corpse that they are. Donald Trump is up next with some “SENSATIONAL!” exposé on the President.

    And the cable news will just SUCK IT UP, I’d like to say like kids in a candy shop, but even kids know when to puke and cry “NO MORE!”.

  3. Gigi says

    @Kevin I agree. While I do feel we need to know what our enemy is up to, this sad and pathetic woman I could do without seeing each and every day. What’s her claim to fame anyway? She couldn’t hack it as Governor of Alaska so she quite halfway through her term. Failed VP pick. Failed reality t.v. show. Failed mother. Must I go on?

  4. woodroad34d says

    Trash talkin’ trash….somewhere a trailer is missing it’s owner. If only she had an actual thought.

  5. candideinnc says

    I know that the first person I always tune to when needing foreign policy advice is the woman who can see Russia from her kitchen window.

  6. Mikey says

    They’re not actually having a conversation so much as taking turns espousing anti-Obama talking points. It’s actually quite remarkable how they – Hannity, specifically – can use just a few seconds to insert another bizarre accusation as if it were a natural flow of the conversation.

    I can only marvel.

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    Lies? Childish? Have these two looked in a mirror? Does one even have time to refute the lies of these two? Have they ever listened to Romney? Especially the flip flops? In particular, just what would Palin know about anything?

  8. Disgusted American says

    Hannity just likes to have Palin on – so later on he can Jerkoff thinking about her…

  9. Butch says

    Can I just agree with Kevin? What’s the point of showcasing these two idiots on your website?

  10. NwYrkr says

    ..and what does Palin think of Coulter’s use of the term retard ? Enquiring minds want to know.

  11. Jim says

    Romney spent the whole night agreeing with Obama and he didn’t have enough time to call him out?

  12. misael says

    It’s a good thing Bristol lost on Dancing with the Idiots. IF not, Sarah would’ve never made it to Fox.

  13. Frank Butterfield says

    LOL! NOW I know where the guy in the booth next to me this morning at breakfast got his talking points from. He quoted Hannity verbatim, including the sarcastic “Mr. Community Organizer” and “vast array of experience” bits.

  14. says

    It’s hilarious that Hannity is still going with the “community organizer” line–he simply can’t accept that, unlike Mitt, Obama has been, um, Commander-in-Chief for the past 4 years.

    Equally hilarious that the woman who knows nothing of the world and will do anything to stay in the spotlight long after her 15 minutes are up would accuse the thoroughly controlled and confident President of “desperation.”

    Ah, surreal life on Planet FOX.

  15. walter says

    let them have their murdoch is in trouble in england maybe the whole corrupt empire will end up in jail. if he isnt playing by the rules over there you know he isn’t here.

  16. Caliban says

    As much as I hate both of them I guess it’s good to know exactly what Fox News is saying, though there was never any doubt about what the general message was going to be.

    On Bullsh*t Mountain, Obama is always wrong. ALWAYS. I swear to god that if he said the sky was blue they’d trot out “experts” to proclaim it’s more of a periwinkle shade and only Communist Muslims say it’s blue.

  17. says

    I’ve seen asylum patients that are less delusional than those two.

    Nothing more than a political jackoff session between a pair of brainless morons.

    I wonder how much fish it takes to keep those trained seals happy?

  18. Moz's says

    @ 99

    supposedly Gloria Allred is also about to pop up with a client that will sink romney

    Gloria always wins her cases, trump is a laughing stock

    the possibilities include

    1- a jilted sister wife from amongst 5 + Ann suing romney for support with evidence

    2- a female with mitts tax returns

    3- a mistress of romney

    4- a rape victim of romney

    5- a woman sexualy harrased by romney

    6- a bunch of undocumented maids gladly hired and paid by the romney family to clean their toilets

    Alred always represented females and always wins

    supposedly repubs are already quaking in fear at what Gloria is about to drop

  19. Bob Hope says

    She looks oddly shiny.

    Perhaps if she supported gay marriage, she’d get a decent make-up person.

  20. Baileys dad says

    I think the word Hannity REALLY wanted to use was not “arrogant” but “uppity.” Anyone who thinks the right’s perverse hatred of President Obama isn’t laced with hefty a dose of racism isn’t paying attention.

  21. Javier says

    Palin…. really? What was she watching that was so “untrue”. Did she watch the same debate that everyone else did? LMFAO. Romney took almost 99% of Obama’s foreign policy positions. False Charges? What is she saying? We need a translator for Mama Grizzly Tweek.